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   Chapter 23 Psychiatrist of Our Hospital

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"Grandmother, is there anything else you want to say? If there is nothing to do, I want to go back to my room! I have more work to do." He didn't want to talk about his emotions at all!

"I have something to tell you!"

"Then tell me now, Grandmother."

Lily lifted her eyebrows and looked at her grandson. "Though Angela has a boyfriend, they have settled with each other for only several days. There are no deep feelings between them. You can develop and cultivate your feelings with her and let her be your girlfriend... Well, Arvin, don't go! Come back... Arvin..."

Arvin slammed the door behind him. He fiercely shut the door and left without no hesitation. He didn't want to hear more about Angela.

Lily was so sad. Arvin could not even understand that what she did was for the better. If she could not persuade him, Arvin and his brother would marry someone whom Teresa liked.

No! She could not allow her grandsons to marry someone they don't even like!

Though there were no feelings between Angela and Arvin yet, she could create opportunities for them and help them develop a good relationship.

She didn't mean Arvin must marry Angela in a rush. But Angela was a lively, cheerful and bright girl, while Arvin was somber and indifferently. They were a perfect match. They would bring out the best in each other. She thought they were really born to be together.

At the Yao Hospital

Angela and Nancy walked side by side on the wide road towards the dining hall. Nancy was shocked when she was told that Arvin's grandmother wanted him to be with Angela. She thought... 'Arvin's mother and grandmother were so strange. They stood opposite from each other!'

"Angela, I think you should accept Arvin's grandmother's advice and settle with him. You could have a better life, you know."


"Because that old woman is really wise! She knows a couple when she sees one." Arvin's grandmother thought they matched with each other and they should be together. That was something that they should really believe in.

Angela was so speechless and said nothing. She have emphazised many times before that she already had a boyfriend.

Why did it seem like they don't care at all? Nancy didn't like Randal, so did Arvin's grandmother...

She thought, 'Was Randal a really bad person? Was he really not the boyfriend type of man?' No. She had to stay loyal to Randal. She had to stay sweet and loving to him.

A man in a white gown walked towards them. Two assistants followed him and was reporting some work updates to him.

Nancy pulled Angela to her. She was too busy using her phone and sh

ake a fuss with her. He looked at her in a cold way and calmed down himself. "Will you go to that research institute for work tomorrow?"

Nancy has put her hand away from Angela now. Angela snorted, "Arvin! You listen carefully to me! I won't go! I, Angela Si, won't go! I won't follow your instructions! Unless..."

"Unless what?" Arvin asked impatiently. He never thought it will be so hard to deal with Angela! He still had a lot of things to do and he didn't want to waste time on her!

Angela took a deep breath and smiled, "Unless you beg me. If you are willing to beg me, I will go to that research institute tomorrow!"

It's the first time for Arvin to see a woman change her attitude in such a short time. It's quicker than turning a page of a book!

"Go straight for 300 meters and turn right. The outpatient department is on the 6th floor. Mr. Ren is on duty today. Go now." After saying this, he left and walked away.

Angela and Nancy were student nurses and they didn't understand what Arvin meant. They felt dumbfounded and looked at his back. Outpatient department on the 6th floor?

Soon after, they saw Lucy. Angela came to her and asked, "Cindy, do you happen to know Mr. Ren of the outpatient department on the 6th floor?"

Lucy looked at her with curiosity, "Why do you ask this question? But, you didn't know Mr. Ren? He is the psychiatrist of our hospital! A very good one at that! So many people come to our hospital to have sessions with him!"

...... Oh. He is a psychiatrist... Angela was so angry that she almost threw her lunch on the ground! How could Arvin disrespect her like this?!

Nancy firmly grasped her hands and tried very hard to stop her. "Angela, be calm. Calm down. Control your emotions."

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