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   Chapter 22 Arvin's Grandmother and Mother were Strange

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Well... Angela intently looked at Lily's face. Did she say something wrong? It seemed that she made her upset! "Hey, it's really nothing. Please don't get angry, Mrs. Gu."

It's really a shame to upset a woman of old age. They have very sensitive emotions. Angela hoped she could take back what she said. If only that was possible...

"Well, Angela, you don't even call me grandma anymore. My daughter-in-law must have told you something! Well, tell me!"

Angela shook her head immediately. "No, grandma. We just had a little chat, and it turned out to be a very nice casual conversation!" Angela forced a smile. What she said was really true, anyway...

Lily grabbed her hand. "Easy, Angela. I'm not angry. Can you make some tea?"

Angela nodded. She used to make tea for her grandfather. His grandpa had been an avid fan of teas. However, she said, "I can only make Tie Guan Yin. That's the only brew that I know."

"I'll drink Tie Guan Yin then!" Lily called the waiter to bring the tea leaves for Angela to brew.

The tea leaves was soon delivered. Service was really of high standard in this tea shop. Angela made a cup of Tie Guan Yin skillfully and placed the fragrant and aromatic tea in front of Mrs. Gu.

Lily nodded with satisfaction. She knew how a tea would taste just through its aroma. She drank the cup of tea made by Angela and got right to the point. "Angela, how do you feel about my two grandsons? Which one is better?"

'Which one was better? Did I hear that right?' Angela was confused. Remembering Nancy had criticized Teresa's behavior before, Angela answered Mrs. Gu carefully, "Both of them are very good in people's eyes, but neither of them is good for me. We just have our differences, I guess."

Lily's heart suddenly sank. "But, why? That's a shame."

"There's no reason why. It's probably because we just don't hit it off. They're both nice boys, but not my type!" Did she say it right? She didn't want to hurt her feelings. Angela was nearly getting mad because of Mrs. Gu and her daughter-in-law.

Lily sighed heavily. "Angela, both of my grandchildren are nice actually. I wish you liked them, though."

Her words reminded Angela of Arvin taking her to the hotel and helping her deal with the wound. Yes, they do have some good characteristics. She nodded unconsciously. "Right, Dr. Gu is a good person."

Mrs. Gu was relieved. They still had a chance...she thought to herself.

"By the way, what happened to Arvin's lips? Did you hear about that?"

... Why did everyone ask her this question? She really didn't know... Did they think that it must be because of her?

Hmmm... Wait a minute!

A picture flashed quickly through her mind. Angela thought about it carefully. Could this be true? Who was she kissing that night? She had a vague memory of kissing someone.

But did she really kiss someone?

Unfortunately, Angela couldn't remember anything concrete even she had tried so hard. "I don't know, grandma. You should ask Dr. Gu himself. Maybe he has a new girlfriend?"

"How could it be possible? Arvin would have told me if he has one!" Mrs. Gu was quite sure!

What? Arvin didn't have a girlfriend? Then what happened to his lips? That must be some work of a woman, right? Was it because of... A friend with benefits? Maybe a sex buddy? "Grandma, it is very normal for Dr. Gu to have a girlfriend. He just probably hasn't told you yet! Just wait for it..."

Lily drank another cup of tea, and then put the cup down. "I'm pretty sure Arvin doesn't have a girlfriend! I believe my instincts."

She had someone check it already. Besides, one of Arvin's assistants was her informer!

Well.... Okay then!

"I really have no idea now!" Mrs. Gu and her daughter-in-law should ask Arvin instead of an irrelevant person like her.

"It's all right if you don't know. Angela, I just want to tell you that I like you very much and I can be a matchmaker if

you take a fancy to my grandchildren! I can be the bridge!"

... Angela was choked by the tea. She couldn't believe what she just heard.

Arvin's grandmother and mother were strange! One suggested Angela to stay away from her son, and the other was trying to be a matchmaker for her grandson. What has she gotten into?

"Grandma, I don't know about that. I'm not really sure..." Angela didn't like both of them!

"Don't say no yet! You know I like you. Your brother also wants you to be with Arvin. You two could be together! I will be your matchmaker!" Lily pounded her palms on the table and made her decision!


Angela was dumbfounded. Her brother? What does that mean? "Grandma, what does this have to do with Sven?"

"Your brother also wants you to be with Arvin! Didn't he tell you already?" Sven actually used this reason to persuade Lily to let Angela enter the Yao Hospital.

... Her brother wanted her to be with Arvin? What has gotten into her brother? She can't understand the logic behind all these.

Impatient as she was, Angela was going to call her brother at once.

"In that case, let's follow your brother's wishes." Lily said with a grin on her face. Her anxieties and worries were all gone.

"No! I can't! Grandma, I already have a boyfriend!" Angela had never thought that one day Randal would be her excuse!

Hearing what she said, Lily's smile disappeared in an instant. "When did you have a boyfriend? How come I do not know anything about this?"

"Well, it wasn't long ago." Angela smiled awkwardly.

"Not long ago? Then your love is not so deep yet. Break up with him! For me, please?"


Why did everyone want her to break up with Randal? Weren't they a cute couple? Angela felt like she was about to cry.

Lily was still holding Angela's hand while they were leaving the tea house. "Angela, if you feel unhappy with your boyfriend, then just break up with him directly. Look at Arvin. He's a nice boy, isn't he?"

"Yes, okay then."

"Don't say okay then! Remove the word 'then, ' I need something sure!"

"Yes, okay, grandma!"


In the House of Gu Family

When Arvin came back, he saw Lily sitting on the balcony of her bedroom. She was looking at the dry herbs with a serious face.

"Grandma." He called her in a soft voice.

Lily turned around and stared at her grandson. "Arvin, aren't you a nice man? Why would Angela choose a poor boy rather than you? What's the matter with you?"

Arvin heard it and frowned. What was the meaning of this? Did she have a talk with Angela?

Why did it sound so.... uncomfortable? He felt a bit pressured.

"Grandma, did you meet Angela? How did you know about this?"

"Yes, I did. The first thing that girl said to me was that she didn't like either of you or your brother. You must have treated her coldly and your brother's bad temper scared her!" Lily felt so distressed as she thought that that was the only reason!

A leopard cannot remove its spots! How could she force her two grandchildren to correct these shortcomings?

Angela said she didn't like him? Really? Arvin sneered. "She's a heartless woman. Her attitude changes on whether you are useful to her or not! I don't care for her at all."

Thinking of the way Angela was like when she needed his help, Arvin hated her more.

"Why do you regard her as a heartless woman? I'm not scolding you, Arvin. You should smile from time to time. My granddaughter-in-law was scared away by your sinister face! Take it easy, okay?" She was his grandmother and she was even afraid of him sometimes! That was how Arvin had always looked. He was so serious about everything.

It was so embarrassing to let others know!

"I don't care if she was scared away or not. I have no intention of getting married yet! I have many more things to do."

Lily glared at him angrily. "By the time you're ready to get married, I will be dead already!"

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