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   Chapter 21 You are a Fool, Angela

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Besides, it was pretty obvious Alice was still angry about the fact that Arvin got the thorn out of her skin.

"Oh! Well, how about my second son? Does he have good meals in the hospital? I'm worried that he doesn't like the food there." Teresa deeply thought about it. After asking the question, she lowered her eyelids and lifted her latte to cover up the emotions in her eyes. The truth was she wanted to know Angela's feeling towards Aron.

Speaking of Aron, Angela felt helpless and said, "Auntie, he eats well and sleeps well too. However, I want you to persuade him to leave the hospital because he needn't stay in it. The doctors have already said that he could be discharged. Besides, home is definitely better than a hospital!"

Angela's facial expression and reponses confused Teresa. She thought to herself, 'This girl doesn't have a crush on my two sons, does she?

Anyway, it's not allowed to get too close to them. She's working there and it would be unprofessional.'

"I will arrange for him to leave hospital in two days. Angela, I also have a question. Will that be okay to you?"

"Of course, please."

"Your father has a great hospital. Why did you leave your hospital and took on an internship in Yao Hospital? Isn't it easier to stay in your own hospital? Besides, you said so yourself. Home is definitely better!" Chengyang Private Hospital and Yao Hospital were of the same nature and stature. Both of them were accredited as level 3 hospital.

When Teresa blurted out this question, Angela felt a little awkward and embarrassed. She pondered if she should say the truth to her. She was going to scratch the back of her head, but it might be impolite in front of an older person. Therefore, she just put her hands on her lap.

'Should I tell Arvin's mother that I'm here for Randal? No. It's too humiliating!' Angela thought to herself. "Several of my classmates were also having an internship in the hospital. So, I'm here to be with them! Auntie, I'm definitely not a spy for my father's hospital. I'm just a student nurse. I will leave the hospital if some better opportunities come." Angela looked at Teresa intently as if she was trying to convince her. She was filled of anxiety.

Her response amused Teresa. She hid her face and laughed heartily. "Angela, you are so cute! Auntie knows that you are not a spy! You're a nice person. I'm just a little curious. Don't think about it too much."

Angela smiled innocently. Somehow, she thought Arvin's mother was really a nice and friendly person. "It's unbelievable that the emotionless Arvin and the hot-tempered Aron have such a wonderful mother." Angela wondered to herself.

"What do you think of Arvin and Aron? Are they gentlemen of good nature? What do you think?" Speaking of her two sons, Teresa felt very proud of them.

Angela nodded her head, "Both of them are very excellent. One is a CEO and the other is a vice director. Auntie, you really gave them a good education. You must be very proud!"

She sounded so sincere that Teresa could not find any flattery in it. Angela really meant what she said. She sighed. If Angela was a lady of stable personality, she might also consider her.

However, Angela had an active and outgoing character. She was not suitable to be the wife of a director or a CEO.

"If you have to select one of them as a boyfriend, who will be your choice? Come on. It's just a game!"

Angela was really surprised. Although Nancy had told her so many times to choose on between Arvin or Aron as a boyfriend, she never considered it.

"Auntie, I hope you won't mind but I'll tell you the truth... Doctor Arvin is too indifferent. I'm a little afraid. As for Aron... He is too irritating. He has been too demanding and wanted everything to be done for him. They also have good attributes, but I think we are not a match."

Teresa didn't get angry when she found out Angela actually didn't like her two sons. That was what she wanted. "You are right. Your uncle and I are two normal people. I don't know why those two brothers have very weird characteristics. My eldest

son is really not like them. He has a good character. People always like him."

"Auntie, don't worry. Everyone is not perfect. Both of your sons are so excellent. Many girls love them. It's just that, I believe they are not the type of men that I would love. You need not to worry about their marriage." Everything Angela said was true. When she thought about of Arvin's fans, she knew how many women love him.

There were 3000 employees in Yao Hospital, and 2000 of them were women. Most of them admired Arvin.

Angela's words attracted Teresa's attention. They were having a good and mature conversation.

They might even have a longer conversation if Angela didn't have to work that day.

As soon as she arrived at the hospital, Angela was pulled to the exit passageway by Nancy. She couldn't wait to ask Angela, "What did Mrs. Gu say to you? Tell me. Tell me!"

"Nothing. Just a chitchat. Nothing really unusual."

Nancy pushed her eyeglasses and looked at Angela contemptuously, "How is that possible? Mrs. Gu is the strong stock holder of Yao Hospital and the general manager of Xue's company. It's not possible for her to skip work today to just have a chitchat with you! She must have something in mind!"

"... No, seriously. It was just a casual conversation..."

"I know when you're hiding something, Angela. Tell me what she really said to you."

Angela was helpless and had to retell the whole conversation to Nancy. She really can't hide anything from her.

After that, Nancy patted Angela's shoulder and said, "I understand. But you are a fool, Angela! It's not just a chitchat. She's trying to sound out your opinions, okay? She must have thought of something important."

"What opinions?" She was unfamiliar with Arvin's mother. They both didn't know each other that well.

Nancy rolled her eyes in disgust. "Oh, you're still too naive! She was trying to find whether you have a crush on her sons or not. Do you understand? I'm so worried about you. Your wit and experience are not enough for you to inherit your father's hospital! You should observe more and experience more things."

"... Well. I..." Angela thought about the conversation. She didn't think she had said anything wrong, anyway. "She shouldn't be worried, though. I don't have a crush on her sons. I have a boyfriend already!"

"Ah. That's why you had a good conversation!" Nancy hugged her reluctantly.


"Fool! Since you don't have a crush on her sons and the fact that you are the successor of Chengyang Private Hospital, what could she have against you?"

"... Well, I really can't think of anything..." Angela immediately felt so worried. Why didn't Arvin's mother like her? She has always been a good girl.

Nancy comforted her and said, "Angela, judging from your encounter with their mother today, I don't think it's a good choice for you to love her sons. Otherwise, you will be dead!"

"... What! You're exaggerating things."

Nancy told her definitely, "Of course! Suppose you were together with Doctor Gu, and your future mother-in-law doesn't like you, your life with their family will be very tough! Your life won't be that happy anymore!"

"Yes, that's right! Oh, no no! You think too much. Nancy. That's not even possible. How could I love that emotionless being?" Angela had a boyfriend now, too! She had always took pride of her loyalty.

Nancy put her arms down hesitatingly and said, "That's for the best! Let's go to the meeting! Hurry up!"

"Oh, coming!"


The next day, Angela was sitting in a tea house and was obviously bothered by yesterday's events. 'What's wrong with Gu family? I just had a conversation with Mrs. Gu in a coffee shop yesterday. Why did Arvin's grandmother ask me out? I am confused, really.

It seemed like they were too afraid of me being with Arvin or Aron!" Angela was very frustrated.

When Lily Mei appeared, she realized something and said, "Please don't worry. I don't like Arvin and Aron. I will stay away from them!"

Lily stopped smiling immediately. "What did my daughter-in-law say to you? Tell me!"

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