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   Chapter 20 I Don't Always Come Across Arvin

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Nancy felt helpless and let out a deep sigh out of frustration. "Why are you so silly, Angela? If I were you, I would choose one of the Gu brothers! Aron is fine! He is rich, and good-looking! He has been following you around! I believe he really admires you."

... "He always treats me like a child, and he likes to make fun of me! I don't want to be with him! I need someone who is more mature." When Angela went to work these days, she had always been assigned to Aron's ward.

She had seen Arvin numerous times. As for his father, three times and his mother, five times. She was already acquainted with the family.

"Then you can choose Arvin! He's been very nice to you. Besides, he had cleaned your wounds too."

"Can't I choose someone outside the Gu family? Why are you pressuring me, anyway?" Angela really admired her. It was not that long since she worked in the Yao Hospital, but Nancy had told her to be with one of the Gu brothers countless times already.

If Nancy didn't know about Arvin's cold personality, Angela would really think that she was bribed by him.

"Of course, you can. My older brother hasn't married yet! How about introducing him to you?"

Angela covered her ears immediately. "I can't hear you! I'm going to take a shower!" And then she hurriedly ran to the bathroom.

Nancy laughed. At the last moment when Angela was about to close the door, she continued murmuring, "You just can't give up Randal. You're too close-minded. If you won't listen to me right now, you'll regret it someday!"

Keeping Nancy outside the bathroom, Angela was relieved. When she thought about the matter seriously, she realized that Randal didn't like her that much.

When he was with her, Randal seldomly took the initiative. Didn't he know how to treat his girlfriend, or maybe he didn't love her at all?

At Les Cafes De La Rive Gauche

After ordering a cup of Caramel Macchiato, Angela sat near the window.

Thinking of what happened last night, she was still a little surprised.

When she was about to get to sleep last night, she received a call from an unknown number. The one over the phone was... The mother of the Gu brothers—Teresa Xue!

She asked her


Angela immediately felt embarrassed. She was really not used to these types of questions. She looked down and pretended to sip on her coffee in order to cover her embarrassment. "Yes, I do. We have just started our relationship."

Her answer convinced Teresa. "Well, that's good. What does he do? You must like him very much!"

"He works at the Yao Hospital, too. We just graduated from the university, and we are both interns."

Angela was still too naive! She would answer every question honestly as long as it was raised by someone who treated her kindly.

"By the way, what's wrong with Arvin's mouth? Do you know anything about it? Can you tell me? I'm really worried about him! He does not say anything about himself that much." When she raised this question, she carefully observed every small reaction of Angela.

Angela was confused. How could she know about it when his own mother didn't know what happened? "Aunt, I'm so sorry. I don't always come across Arvin in the hospital."

"I see. I thought you were close. I have heard about Arvin cleaning your wounds..."

"Well. There are some things you don't know, anyway. When I was punctured by the cactus, I couldn't find anyone who can help me. I unintentionally saw Director Gu, so I asked him to do a favor for me. That was all. However, there were rumors about us ever since." Angela felt frustrated. Arvin just cleaned her wounds for her, and suddenly, she was the talk of the town!

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