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   Chapter 19 Who Paid for the Dinner

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Arvin's face hardened, "Angela, you are a fool!"

Then, he immediately grabbed her tweezers in her hand, kicked a chair and sat next to her.

He pulled her injured hand and dealt with the wound carefully.

'He... He... He... Big wing! Arvin... is trying to get the thorn out. What a surprise...' Angela thought to herself. "Ah... too painful!"

"Hold back!" Arvin shouted harshly.

Angela gritted her teeth with tears in her eyes and dared not to say one more word.

Arvin checked her wounds carefully and managed to get the little thorns out of her skin. Angela looked at him and got lost in his handsome face.

No! Was it because she hadn't seen handsome guys recently?! Why was she attracted to this face?

At the same time, a scream came out from the door, "Oh, dear! My god!"

It sounded like a glass was dropped on the floor. Angela blinked her eyes and found that there were glass shards on the floor. It was from Alice's liquid medicine bottle.

Alice looked at Angela and Arvin with her eyes wide open. Her reaction looked like a wife who caught her husband cheating with his mistress.

Arvin stared blankly at her and said nothing. He just continued mending Angela's wounds....

Somehow, Angela felt a little guilty and wanted to pull her hand away from him. However, she wasn't able to do it because Arvin's hand was firmly placed on her as he tried to heal her injury.

She felt so embarrassed that she had to say, "Alice, are... you finished? My hand... is injured. Don't misunderstand what we are doing!"

However, the explanation was not helpful. Arvin was the vice director of the hospital and he dealt with a nurse's wounds! That was so unbelievable!

Alice was still in great shock when Arvin was finished.

"Disinfect and dress the wounds by yourself, " Arvin commanded. After he said those words to Angela, he immediately threw the tweezers and left the nurse station.

He walked straight out of the door without saying a word to Alice as if she wasn't there.


tly at Angela. "He is a man. He should have paid for the dinner. Why did you pay for it?"

"He forgot to bring his wallet." Actually, Randal was going to pay for the dinner, but when the waiter came, he found out that he forgot his wallet.

Nancy frowned and said, "Angela, don't be silly!"

"Nancy, it was only 200 bucks! No big deal!" Angela decided not to hug Nancy because the smoky barbecue smell had clung to her clothes.

"It's not about the money. Do you understand, Angela?"

"Okay. I understand. I will watch out next time." Angela was not an idiot. She understood Nancy's words very clearly.

"That's right. Angela, do you really like Randal?"

Angela got herself some juice and carefully thought of the words that she was about to say. "To be honest, I don't like him so much. I can't feel the love in the relationship."

Actually, she even couldn't feel her heart beating whenever she was with him.

"Then why can't you just break up with him?" Nancy didn't really like their relationship.

Now, since she knew that Angela didn't like Randal so much, she would try her very best so that the two will break up.

She didn't mind to be a bad person as long as her dear friend Angela was not hurt.

Angela was very decided, "No. I want to give it a try because we have only been together for only a short time."

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