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   Chapter 18 A Devil Pretending to be an Angel

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With a confused look on his face, Aron said, "What's wrong, Angela?"

"Mr. Gu, my hands are sore. Can I have a break?"

Before Aron could speak, Arvin answered, "I've heard that you are skilled in taekwondo. How can it be so easy for you to feel sore? Brother, look at her. Is that the kind of person you've chosen to take care of you?"


Aron disagreed and shook his head. "She's just a girl. No matter how skillful she is in taekwondo, she's still a little girl..."

Angela Si nodded in approval. "Exactly, " she said.

"It's quite normal for a girl to be cute. Don't be picky, my little brother!" Aron replied.

Angela Si was speechless. Cute? Her? Angela Si? Finally, her stiff upper lip moved a bit, "Are you kidding me?"

Aron turned back and asked the man operating a machine. "Hey, are you okay? Anyway, which woman actually made your mouth hurt like this? It looks quite serious."

Arvin stared coldly at Aron, "Isn't it normal?"

The other two people in the ward got stunned by what Arvin said. It took them awhile to realize what he actually meant.

Aron nodded and said, "Yes, it's normal. Since you are in your late twenties now. It's quite normal for you to date a girl."

It turned out Arvin really had a girlfriend! But just like what Aron said, he was almost thirty years old now. It was absolutely normal for him to be in a relationship.

Thinking of this, Angela couldn't help but nod to show that she was supporting Aron's opinion.

"Angela, why are you nodding!" The coldness of Arvin's voice gave goosebumps all over Angela's ears. She immediately looked at his direction.

Arvin wore a sullen expression on his face. He stared at her with his indifferent but very attractive eyes.

Angela shook her head immediately. "No, no, I didn't!"

She should be grateful to him. After all, Arvin did a good thing for her when he sent her back to the hotel last night.

And the day when she fainted at the sight of blood, it was also Arvin who carried her to the ward next door.

When she thought of this, Angela suddenly looked at him with a smile on her face, and she tried to see through his handsome face.

It seemed that Nancy was right about this. Arvin was indeed more attractive than Randal. He's so handsome that every move of his was a manifestation of his high-class demeanor and masculinity.

Wearing the white coat, he looked extremely dapper and smart.

If it wasn't for the cold look on his face, Arvin could have been one of the most fashionable cool men nowadays.

"Angela Si, you are drooling!" Aron's loud voice has suddenly filled the quiet ward.

'Uhh...' Angela couldn't help not to cover her mouth when she found out that she was exposed.

When she made an eye contact with Aron, Angela blushed with shame. The two brothers were so mean!

She turned and looked at Arvin. She saw him while he stared at her with contempt in his eyes.

Hmph! To cover the awkwardness in the situation, she raised her head proudly as she walked towards the window and pretended to enjoy the scenery outside.

She touched her face with her both hands and felt that it was really hot like a boiled water... 'What a shame! How did I become addicted to that kind of face? Damn!'

Anyway, Aron kept asking her to stay with him in the ward, which was so weird.

She was not a pretty girl. Wouldn't he feel sick of her by watching her face all the time?

There were several succulent plants and cacti placed on the window. Angela was having fun with the plants. Absent-minded, she touched the stem of the cactus...

"Ouch..." She couldn't help crying out. It did hurt so much. "Ouch... It hurts!" Angela vigorously shook her hands.


Are you okay, Angela?" Aron asked with concern in his voice.

Feeling so embarrassed, Angela blushed again, "I was... was... pricked by the cactus."

Oh, yeah! Aron couldn't help but laugh.

Angela glared at him, "Mr. Gu, please have a rest. I'll go and take care of it."

After saying these words, she rushed out of the ward.

Seeing her leaving the ward, Aron shifted his focus to his little brother. "Now, you know why I asked her to stay here! She's spicing up my boring life! Angela is so adorable. She always make me smile whenever she is around!"

Arvin snorted at his brother. He never thought Angela was adorable. The only part of her that he saw was her loathesome behavior and stupidity!

It was dinner time, so there were only a few people in the nurse station. The only two or three nurses were busy working in other wards.

The thorns of the cactus hurt Angela so much that she was about to cry. She sighed and thought that she would feel much better if Nancy was here.

The thorns were on her right finger, so she had to remove with tweezers using her left hand.

Her right finger began to turn red. There were holes caused by big thorns, while small thorns were still stuck in her finger.

Angela had never done such work that required meticulous care before. She wept while removing the thorns, but it turned out to be more serious because of her unskilled operation.

Arvin walked out of Aron's ward, passed by the nurse station and heard someone sobbing.

"Ouch, it hurts like hell... Come on, please come out... Ouch..."

He turned around and saw Angela bow down with her back against the nurse station.

He was about to leave when Angela saw him and asked for his help. "Mr. Gu!"

Arvin suddenly felt something bad in the air! Angela rushed towards him and said, "Mr. Gu, can you help me?"

He turned around and saw the girl crying with her nose and eyes turning red. Arvin thought it would be better to leave her alone!

But Angela Si raised her injured finger and said with a pitiful look, "Mr. Gu, I know you are an angel..." A devil pretending to be an angel! "Please."

'I don't want to ask you for help if there is anyone else around here!'

"The thorns were getting deeper!" She had no choice but to turn to him for help!

She showed an awkward expression as she felt grateful but disgusted at the same time.

Without saying a word, Arvin strode off. Seeing the man's back, Angela was surprised. She cried out, "You have no conscience! I look down upon you!"

This made Arvin stopped in his tracks. He kept thinking how she could be so rude. Anyway, he had already helped her twice...

Feeling embarrassed, Angela lowered her head and said, "Sorry, sorry! I didn't mean it... I'll never say things like that again!" After saying the words, she dared not to look at Arvin anymore, and then she ran back to the nurse station.

She realized that Arvin would have every right to think that she was the one without a conscience. After receiving his help twice, she had not expressed thanks to him. Instead, she scorned at him. She felt so sorry for what she had done!

Right at this moment, she heard the sound of footsteps getting closer. She turned around and saw Arvin standing in the doorway.

Angela thought he was angry, so she flashed a nice smile and apologized, "Sorry, Mr. Gu. I was about to thank you... Please don't be mad at me..."


"Huh?" Angela was confused.

Arvin walked towards her and repeated, "I need tweezers!"

They stood not far from each other, so Angela could smell the mild musky scent of him. As she smelled deeper, her mind went blank. "What are you going to do with the tweezers?"

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