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   Chapter 17 He Will Always be My Dream Guy

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Alice whispered, "It's Doctor Arvin..."

Arvin? "What's the matter with him?"

Alice was also a fan of Arvin. He was really popular with the girls. She felt really frustrated when she saw the scene this morning. Therefore, she said sadly, "He has a girlfriend already!"

Angela was shocked, "You must be kidding! That emotionless guy has a girlfriend?! It doesn't make sense!"

Alice angrily looked at Angela immediately. "Doctor Gu is so handsome that many girls have a crush on him! It's perfectly normal for him to have a girlfriend! What do you mean by that Angela? Is our Doctor Gu ugly? No!"

... Fans were so frightening, indeed! They would do all things just to protect their idol. Angela shook her head heavily. "I'm not saying bad things against Doctor Arvin. But did you really see his girlfriend? Maybe you were just mistaken?"

Arvin had a girlfriend? Angela felt uncomfortable with it and bit her lip.

Why did she suddenly feel strange about it? She was even trying hard to breathe.

"Many people have seen the trace on the lip of Doctor Arvin. It must have been kissed hard by a woman!" Lucy told her in a mysterious tone.

Trace? She tried to recall what happened last night. There was not a trace on his lip last night... Maybe, after leaving the hotel, he went to see his girlfriend!

Alice cried and said, "What should I do if Doctor Arvin already has a girlfriend? There's no point in working here anymore!"

Angela asked her in a low voice, "Why? What's your relationship with Arvin?"

"We have no relationship! I have worked in the hospital for a long time, but Doctor Arvin still doesn't know me! Angela, am I really a loser?!"

Angela was speechless! What was it that they see in this man? Women even doubted their beauty because of him so she answered, "No, you are not a loser! There are so many people in the hospital. Of course, he can't remember everyone! Don't think too much!"

Alice wiped her tears and answered, "Maybe! I really wonder how Doctor Gu's girlfriend look like! She must be as beautiful as a fairy. After all, Doctor Gu is really a charming man!

left by a woman! The bite on his lip was a little deep. It couldn't be caused by just mere heat.

It wasn't really expected that the emotionless Arvin could do something romantic like kissing.

Ah, her hands were so sore now...

Arvin glanced at Angela. Because of her, two women in his family caused an uproar this morning.

Lily held Arvin's face excitedly and was so happy to see that her grandson was finally in a relationship.

Teresa ponderously asked him whether he had a girlfriend or not.

At first, they had different opinions on the marriage of the three brothers. Now, they felt even more uncomfortable.

Precisely, the reason why Teresa felt uncomfortable was that Lily supported careless love.

It seemed that Angela had forgotten everything that happened last night. Now, she even seemed a little.. disdainful about him? But why?

Arvin told Aron casually, "One more week then you can return home."

Angela was so happy to hear that. She would be free if Aron leaves.

"Angela, why do you look so happy?" Aron's curious voice echoed in the room.

Oh, no... Was I too obvious?

"No, no. I wasn't happy because you're leaving."

"I think I would not oblige to that, Arvin. I'm not in a hurry to go home. I'll stay here for two more weeks."

Arvin was shocked and said nothing.

Angela hushed in silence, too. It was like everything froze as Aron said those words.

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