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   Chapter 16 Did You Beat Me

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Arvin lowered his head and looked at Angela. He could not believe that she was kissing his...... Shirt. It was just some time ago that they were sort of enemies.

"You steely-eyed big wings, your arms were so warm. Let me check if there was a stove in it......"

She was about to unbutton his shirt with her hands, and wanted to touch his skin. Arvin could not bear it anymore. He pushed her away and threw her to the bed again.

Angela grasped her back and whined because she felt a little pain on her butt. Arvin looked at her with an authoritative air and warned her in a cold way. "Angela Si, if you dare to do this again, I will throw you out from the 9th floor......"

The room instantly became quiet because Angela suddenly jumped out of bed and let out a giggle. Then she jumped towards Arvin and kissed his lips!

Wow! It felt so warm! Angela closed her eyes and enjoyed every bit of it.

Yummy, yummy...... It's so delicious!

"Ouch! Why don't you kiss me back?" Angela screamed and was thrown back to the bed again.

If Angela was still not sober, he should just... Eventually, Angela came to her senses and laid on the bed, looking at the man who was standing beside it with a gloomy face. She felt so confused and bewildered. "Arvin...... Arvin... That's you, right? Arvin, why were you here?"

She suddenly sat up from the bed and looked around her. She still felt dizzy. Jesus! Why was she in the hotel? And why was Arvin in her room?

And, why does she feel pain in her butt? She realized something as she checked on her clothes. All right, she was well-dressed. She couldn't understand what was going on.

"You have sobered up, right?" His cold voice brought her mind to reality.

Angela nodded immediately. "Yes. But why am I here......" She should be together with Randal and his friends. That was the plan.

However, Arvin didn't answer. He turned around and made his way towards the door.

He didn't care about Angela's questions and confusion at all. "Hey! Arvin, what did you do to me? Did you beat me? Why does my ass hurt so bad?"

Arvin's answer was just the banging sound of a shut door. He closed the door and left abruptly. He didn't want any more trouble.

Angela felt so confused and dumbfounded. She tried very hard to recall why she and Arvin ended up in this room.

She could not remember anything after drinking. It was so annoying. It has always been her weakness.

Also she really wanted to know whether she did something bad to Arvin. Or whether Arvin did something to her...

Probably nothing happened to them because they were both still completely dressed.

Seeing her bag on the ground, Angela took out her phone and called Randal for several times, but no one answered.

She suddenly felt anxious. She felt so uncomfortable with all these. She had to rest first to ease her mind.

Angela was so stupid that she actually rushed into the men's room! Arvin never saw a woman as stupid as she was! She was really careless!

Her boyfriend was actually having a secret relationship with another woman and was kissing and embracing with that woman outside. She could get drunk in the room and be taken away by another man! She almost ruined herself!

She was not only stupid but bold! She even dared to hold his hands and kiss him......

Somehow, Arvin was able to breathe in easily even when he felt that the air in the car has become thin...... Damned woman!

Arriving at the garage of the family, he closed the door of the car with a bang. Then he strode into the old house.

Everybody was busy with their own business and there was no one on the first floor. Arvin directly went upstairs to his room.

He walked into the cloakroom and took out his pajamas. When he passed by the mirror, he unintentionally found something on his lips.

He looked at it carefully and realized that his lips had a wound on it. What's more,

blood had already clotted on it.

It was all because of that damned Angela! He remembered that when he pushed her away, she tried to bit him hard! Damn it!


Angela was on the afternoon shift the next day. She rubbed her painful temple and walked into the VVIP nurse station.

She saw Nancy as soon as she entered in. Nancy put down her phone and greeted Angela, "Angela, you came! You weren't at home when I went back, so I thought you came here! But when I got here, I didn't see you. I was about to call you! I was so worried!"

"It's so good that you came back!" Angela didn't have a good rest for she drank too much last night. She leaned on Nancy in a low spirit.

"What happened to you? I think you drank too much last night." She knew her. Angela will be so dull and tired only after drinking.

She nodded. "Nancy, you know me so well!"

"Gosh! Angela, who did you drink with? Tell me! Where did you sleep last night?" Nancy was so familiar with Angela that she knew she would get drunk easily. Nancy was worried about her.

There were still several minutes before they were needed back at work. Angela pulled Nancy to the staircase of the safety exit.

She looked around before she began to speak. She learned her lesson from last time and she was afraid that Arvin would show up again.

Angela was sure that no one was here, so she told Nancy what happened yesterday.

Nancy was shocked and covered her mouth in astonishment. "You mean...... Mr. Gu...... sent you to the hotel?"

Angela nodded her head helplessly. "At first, I asked him for help, but he refused me directly. Then I didn't know what happened. I only remembered that when I woke up, he was already standing beside my bed......"

When she checked out in the morning, she specifically asked the receptionist. It was really Arvin who checked in with her yesterday.

Nancy put down her hands and put them on Angela's arms. She had a sinister smile and asked, "Did he do something to you?"

Angela blushed, "No! That's not possible! Come on! Stop your imagination!"

The reason he sent her to the hotel must be for her brother's sake.

"Okay. All right. But, Angela, were you that silly? Were you tricked by Randal? You just settled with him for two days, so how could you send his sister such an expensive bag? Be careful around his sister, okay?"

Angela lowered her head again and mumbled, "...... She was Randal's sister. And it's a first time for me to give a gift. How could I give just a common and cheap present?"

At first, she was about to buy a bag which was not so expensive. But the guide recommended her this new bag, so she bought it.

"Angela, I warned you already. Randal is probably an evil man, so you should be careful when you're around him!" Nancy had to enlighten and alert her. She knew those types of men.

"He may not be that kind of person. I feel that he really has a nice personality." But she did not feel happiness. It may be because they just settled with each other for only several days.

Nancy patted her on her shoulders and warned her in a cold way, "Angela, if you treat me as your good friend, then don't do that again! Or else I would always be worried!"

Angela knew Nancy was angry. She was always gentle and tender. She seldomly spoke to her in this cold and hard way. She knew that her concern was for real.

Angela immediately came to her and reassured her, "Well, Nancy. Don't be angry. I won't do that again, okay?"

"Well, that's more I like it. Come on, it's time for work. We don't want to be late!"


When they went back to the nurse station, several nurses stood around and excitedly discussed something.

Angela liked lively discussions like this. After seeing her colleagues, she pulled Nancy and joined them immediately. "Lucy, Alice, what's up? What happened? What made you all feel so excited? Tell me, please!"

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