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   Chapter 15 I Want to Sleep

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Randal pushed Susie against the wall and whispered gently into her ears. "I would get somebody to send her back later." He seized Susie's hand as he spoke to her.

Susie's cheeks blushed immediately. "Don't. Angela will see us here." Angela has mastered taekwondo. She could easily beat anyone who would upset her!

With his narrow eyes, Randal stared at Susie. "Don't worry. She is a wimpy drinker and she's probably be asleep now. I will call someone to escort her home. We can go to the karaoke."

"Okay." Susie nodded shyly.

As they both walked away, the two of them were unware that a man, who was playing a smartphone beside them, had heard their talk loud and clear.

Huh! Angela was such a stupid girl!

In the meantime, Anthony, the man who had once left the hotel, returned.

He and another man rushed back into the room. "No one is there except her. Hurry up!"

Soon, Anthony carried a drunk girl out of the hotel room.

He carried Angela to the parking lot. When he was about to open the door of his Audi, Angela suddenly opened her eyes.

Anthony, with his evil thoughts in mind, was shocked and nearly dropped Angela to the ground. Luckily, the car behind supported her.

"Angela, are you awake?" He tried to ask her.

Despite her drunken stupor, Angela still recognized him. He was Ellie's boyfriend. Why was she with Ellie's boyfriend?

Not knowing she was in danger, Angela looked around her surroundings in confusion. She suddenly noticed a man standing at the hotel door at a distance which was not far from her.

She jumped out of excitement when he recognized the man. "Hey! Big Wing! What a coincidence! I'm Angela Si!"

"..." Of course, he knew she was Angela Si! He was not blind. Why would he not see it?

Since she was awake and sober now, he could leave then.

Suddenly, Anthony grabbed Angela's wrist. "Let's go, Angela. Everybody's waiting for you!"

"Who are you? I don't want go with you!" Again, Angela got confused and couldn't figure out who the man was.

"I'm Ellie's boyfriend. Hurry up, we don't have much time now!" Anthony tried to push Angela into the car while he talked to her.

Angela's wrist got hurt because of his violent behavior. Since she couldn't get rid of his hand on her wrist, she deliberately kicked Anthony at his belly. "Let go of me!"

"Ah!" Anthony lowered himself to the ground and growled in pain.

Angela immediately jumped out of the car and rushed to Arvin. But where was he now?

"Angela, you little bitch!" Anthony was now full of rage. He got up and followed Angela. He was really determined to get that girl!

However, just before he could reach Angela, he was beaten down to the ground by her roundhouse kick.

"You're too weird. I don't want you to come close to me anymore. I hate you!" Angela just stared at the man who was in extreme pain.

Anthony was completely raged. "Six, take her with us!"

Behind Anthony, the dumbfounded man hurried to Angela. He moved forward and tried to catch her.

But Angela raised her leg and kicked his arm really hard. Six immediately pulled his arms away. He was in great pain.

"What is wrong with you? Listen! I will make you kneel down and beg for mercy if you dare to follow me again!" Angela snorted at his rude remark. Her crimson face was so obvious as she turned around and left the hotel.

Where was her car?

Angela had wandered for a long time but she still couldn't find her car. She didn't notice that her mini BMW was just in front of her. Was it because of her exhaustion?

She was so tired that she couldn't even stand st

ill. Angela leaned on the car and nearly fell asleep.

Right when she was about to sleep, she was suddenly carried on someone's shoulder. "What... Who are you? Can you just leave me alone? I want to sleep."

It was really uncomfortable to be carried on someone's shoulder.

Angela was put on the backseat of a car as she was about to throw up.

When she opened her eyes, she was dazed to see Arvin. "It's you, Big Wing... I want to sleep."

Arvin showed his usual grim expression. "Shut up! I will throw you back to the hotel if you call me like that again!"

He didn't expect that Angela would burst into crying. "Who the hell are you? Why are you so serious? I will go and tell my dad that you scolded me when I was drunk!"

She would tell her dad? "Are you a three-year old child?"

"I'm not three! I'm twenty-four!" Now that she found a comfortable position, she closed her eyes.

Arvin was not going to talk this absolute nonsense with her anymore. He closed the backdoor and sat on the driving seat.

However, after an aimless driving for about half an hour, Arvin still couldn't decide where to go.

It seemed like the sleeping girl on the backseat wouldn't wake up anytime soon. So, Arvin decided to drove the car to another hotel.

He booked a room and carried Angela over his shoulder.

However, she felt so uncomfortable that she started to wriggle herself free. Arvin had to put her on the ground and carried her with his arms instead.

Inside the hotel room.

Arvin tossed her on the bed. Right when Angela felt cozy in the bed, she turned around and... "Bang!"

It happened too fast and Arvin couldn't do anything but see her fall on the ground. He pulled out his outreached hand.

"Oh! Shit! Who did this? Did you hit me? I will definitely kick your ass!" Angela got up and taunted Arvin upon seeing him. "You, Big Wing. Did you hit me?"

Arvin, who was tired of talking nonsense with a drunk girl, stared at her coldly. Then, he turned around and left.

"Hey, don't think that I won't hit you back!" Angela rushed to him and grabbed his hand. They were both in shock when they looked at their two hands clasped together.

Angela secretly enjoyed his warm palm. Arvin's hand was not only in good shape but it also felt very soft and comfortable.

On the contrary, Arvin stared at Angela, who was fondling his hand. While his teeth were clenched, he said two words," Angela Si!"

He knew it! He should've just ignored her! He should have just let her take care of her own mess or whatever!

What Arvin would like to do right now was to wash his hands with a disinfectant for a hundred times!

He tried to pull his hand back, but Angela seized it and even put it on her face. "Big Wing, I didn't expect that your hand would be so warm like this because you have always looked so cold. I love your hand so much!" She said to Arvin, who was extremely annoyed with what he just heard.

"Fuck off!"

If Angela was sober, she would definitely be frightened by Arvin's fuming anger. She would have probably ran away as far as she could. However, in reality, she was not sober at all. Right then, she just knew that she wanted to keep holding his hand and to get closer to him.

"You smell good, Big Wing. Are you using a perfume? No way... Doctors are not allowed to use perfume!"

Angela was trying to squeeze herself in his arms. Arvin tried to hold his anger and closed his eyes tightly. He told himself that if Angela would not leave in three seconds, he would push her away!

One... Two...

Don't you dare, Angela!

How dare she...

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