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   Chapter 14 Dear Respectable Mr. Gu

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"Yes, Angela. He is the youngest son of the chairman of Jiang Group! He is well-known in the Shine Empire!" A man, who might be Anthony's friend, spoke to Angela. Just like Anthony, he looked like a rascal and he was a little...... sissy.

Angela forced a smile and answered," Thank you, sister Ellie. I will ask for your help when I get into trouble in the future. I don't want to bother you, brother-in-law."

What she meant was easy to understand. If she really got into trouble, she would ask for Anthony's help through Ellie because she didn't want to ask him directly.

Ellie was impressed by this girl. She smiled and said," Angela, you're my sister-in-law! You can always ask for our help whenever you need, your brother-in-law will agree to that! Is that right, darling?"

Ellie smiled lovingly at Anthony and caressed his arms.

Anthony got a little annoyed, but he tried not to show it. "Of course, Angela. I am very glad to meet you. Come, let's have one more drink!"


Unconsciously, Angela has drunk half of the wine glass already.

When Anthony went back to his seat, Angela looked at Randal who was seated beside her. He didn't speak too much.

She could not drink anymore. If she did, she would get drunk.

"Ellie, you should all eat first. My mother called me when I was driving and I forgot to call her back. I want to give her a call now."

Ellie approved. "Come back soon."


Angela nodded her head to Randal. She took her phone and walked out of the room.

While walking in the corridor, Angela scrolled through her phone contacts to find someone who could come and pick her up.

Right at that moment, she saw a man who came out of the room. He was talking on his phone. She looked closely so she could recognize who it was. 'Well, is that Arvin?'

An idea popped into her mind. Why not ask for Arvin's help?

She thought about it for a few minutes and stared at him. When Arvin noticed her, he gave her a cold look. She was still not sure whether she should ask for his help.

She had always offended him whenever she was in the hospital, but there was still a little possibility that Arvin might not refuse her in private, right?

She interrupted Arvin, who was on his way back to the room," Dear..... Respectable Mr. Gu!"

Arvin looked at her in a shocked and terrified way. The way she have called him definitely drew his attention.

The red wine that she just drank gave her a red blush on her cheeks. Just like when she got drunk at that night, which happened a long time ago.

She knew that he would look at her with a blank expression. Out of embarrassment, she rubbed her hands, then asked," Did you arrive here just now?"

"So, what is your point? What do you want from me?"

"...... Can I ask for your help?" For her own sake, she tried her luck and asked him.

However, Arvin refused her. "No!"

"......" Angela felt so upset because of his ruthless behavior. "For the sake of my brother, can you help me?"


Was she too thick-skinned and insensitive for asking help from him? Angela felt awful for asking help. She looked down and took a deep breath. "Okay. It's fine. Sorry if I bothered you."

Then, she fixed her eyes on her phone and continued to search for someone in her contacts. Because Arvin refused him, she had to call other people.

Just when Arvin decided to head back inside, he heard Angela's voice behind him. "Arnold, I'm in Venus International now and I drank so much wine. I might drink more later if you don't come here. Can you pick me up?"

"What? When did you go to America? Nancy has returned home."

"All right. You don't need to ask other people to come here. Please, just continue what you are doing. I will ask Benson instead. I've always known that I can't drink too

much, but today is my boyfriend's sister's birthday. I can't refuse it!"

"...... Yes, I settled with him yesterday. Ha ha! You want to see him? It is unnecessary! All of you know him already. I won't tell you now. I have to call Benson. Well, bye!"

After her call with Arnold, she called Benson immediately. "Benson, where are you? D City? Oh! You told me last time but I forgot it. Ha ha! That is okay."

Arvin turned the door handle and opened the door. Then, he strode in the room and walked away from Angela.

Angela didn't want to make another phone call. Craig was the only one she could call but he was an unreliable one. What's more, he had no sense of time. She had to give up.

She also had some girls in her phone contacts whom she could contact, but none of them learned Kungfu. If they came here to pick her up, they might be in danger.

When she went back to the room, Ellie stood up from the chair. When she saw Angela, she smiled and said," I was about to go out and look for you. What happened? Is everything okay?"

"Yes. My mom kept on nagging me, and I couldn't hang up the phone. Ha ha!"

Angela pulled out the chair and bowed her head to conceal the guilt in her eyes.

After she had eaten something, Angela whispered to Randal," I get drunk easily. You can't leave me alone here!"

Randal tried to smile. He picked up his chopsticks and gave her a squid ring, which he placed on her plate. "Don't worry. I will never leave you here alone."

Because of his promise, Angela had the courage to drink a little more when Ellie's friends urged her to drink.

In the men's room.

Two men, who were hooked up in each other's shoulders, walked unsteadily towards the toilet. "Angela seems a little drunk. Later, we can look for an excuse to take her to KTV."

"Do you really want her to sing you a song? Ha ha!" They talked while they relieved themselves in the toilet.

Anthony never concealed his thoughts. Of course, who is he? He is the youngest son of the chairman of Jiang Group! He can do whatever he wants! "Certainly not. Angela looks innocent and pure. According to what I heard, she is still a virgin and she is definitely clean. So, I want to have a try.."

"Haha! I have never thought that you like her! Aren't you afraid that Ellie would get mad if she'll find out?"

Anthony shook his head. "Certainly not! That woman loves my money so much. Well, that is the reason why she wants to be with me. If she gets mad, I'll just give her a check and all of the problems will be instantly solved."

"Hahaha! That is a clever move! You taught me a lot!"


Once they were done doing their business, they walked out of the toilet.

When the two men was about to leave the room, one of the cubicle doors opened. A man walked to the sink and washed his hands, while he eyed these men suspiciously.

It was about 9 in the evening when Anthony suggested that they should all move to the KTV.

Angela bent over the table to relieve her dizziness. She continuously drank ice water and tried to keep herself sober.

The people inside the room had walked out one by one. Ellie was about to go to Angela, but she was surrounded by Anthony's friends and they all walked out first.

What Angela didn't know was that Randal and Susie were having a chat in the corridor.

"Look at her, she is so drunk!"

Randal lowered his voice and said," I really don't want to take care of her right now. We can just spend some more time together."

Susie felt delighted by his gesture, but she thought of Angela," What about her? Is it really your plan to leave her alone?"

Spending this intimate moment with Randal was such a sweet triumph for Susie. However, deep inside her, she could not bear to see that her old classmate was left there alone.

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