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   Chapter 13 It wasn't His Business

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Angela followed him and said," I know about it. Leave it to me!"

"Okay. Thank you, Angela." When Randal smiled at her, Angela's heart began to beat fast...

"You're welcome. Let's eat!"


When Angela returned home, she patted her empty stomach and went into the kitchen. Actually, she hadn't had enough.

Nancy went back to her home today, so Angela was left alone in the house. She didn't want to cook, so she ate a cup of instant noodles.

The next day, Angela decided to buy a bag in the latest style, and asked the clerk to deliver it to the hospital.

When Lucy saw the bag, she looked at Angela," Angela, why do this look like this season's latest edition of Chanel bag?"

Angela placed the bag inside the locker and smiled at her," Oh, you know its value!"

"Oh my god! It must have cost you more than 20, 000 dollars! Did you bought it?" Lucy covered her mouth with her hand in surprise. Now, she was having a second thought about Angela's lifestyle.

Angela nodded," Right. It is actually a birthday gift for my friend's sister."

It was not a cheap bag. It was worth 40, 000 dollars. However, for a woman like Angela who didn't have any limits to how much she was spending her money, she didn't really care whether the bag was cheap or expensive.

"Angela, you are so extravagant! I couldn't believe my eyes!" Lucy was totally shocked. She remembered about the rumours saying that Angela got this job by pulling some strings. But Lucy believed that Angela was not that kind of person when she got to know her on a whole new level.

If only Lucy could observe more closely, it was not difficult to notice that Angela was raised in a wealthy family.

Upon hearing Lucy's words, Angela smiled and humored herself. "Actually, It's all my father and brother's money! I don't have that kind of money!"

If it weren't for her father and brother, how could she be so quick to change her mind and come to Yao Hospital to pursue Randal!

Lucy gently patted her shoulder," It's going to be fine. You have just started your internship. Once you are able to work here for a longer time, you can rely on your own efforts!"

Angela smiled with so much gratitude in her heart. Yes! Of coure, she can! In the future, she would definitely try to live on her own!

Ellie had booked a five-star hotel for her birthday celebration and invited some friends.

Angela parked the car and she immediately saw Randal who was waiting for her at the hotel lobby. When Randal saw her, he went to meet her.

"Angela, let's get in!"

"Am I late..." Suddenly, Angela stopped speaking because Randal held her hands.

It was the first time that Angela was holding hands by a man. Though there were many men pursuing her, but they were very gentle. They would hold on to her waist only when it was necessary.

For a thin boy like Randal, he had large hands. She could easily feel his joints.

To be honest, being in a relationship with Randal now should make her happy, but she couldn't feel like her heart was beating fast. She didn't know why...

Inside her heart, she felt... Well... Strange? Or reluctant? Angela's thoughts were unclear.

Just as they both stepped in the hotel, other guests came in. The man standing in the front of the crowd stared at Angela's back. He made sure that he was not mistaken.

Angela went to the hotel with a man, but... It wasn't his business to know Angela's personal life anymore.

"Mr. Gu, please come in!" The two man beside Arvin invited him to go into the hotel.

Arvin nodded his head to show approval. He followed them and entered into the hotel.

The reason why Ellie held her birthday party at a five-star h

otel was all because of his rich boyfriend. Her boyfriend was the one who spent the money for her birthday party.

When Randal showed up with Angela, Ellie grinned from ear to ear. She rushed to meet them. "Angela, come here!"

Angela released Randal's hands and went to Ellie," Ellie, happy birthday!" Then, Angela gave her the black bag as a gift to her.

Ellie gaped when she saw the bag's brand. She was stunned and speechless. She didn't know what to say.

It was Chanel! It was the latest one with a worth of over 40, 000 dollars! How could she afford this bag with her salary? Even if she saved up for a whole year, she wouldn't be able to reach that amount!

She looked carefully at Angela who was smiling brightly. It looked like she wasn't even worried that she spent thousands of money for the gift. Ellie thought she had chosen the right person for Randal! "Angela! It's... It's... It's too expensive! Oh my god! You actually gave me a Chanel bag as gift!"

Ellie had attracted her friends' attention. Several women came forward and marveled at the exquisite bag in front of them.

"Wow! It has the Chanel's LOGO! Chanel is so expensive!"

"It's the latest edition! I'm jealous! I want one too!"

"Randal's sister-in-law is so rich!"


Angela blushed at what she just heard. She smiled and told Ellie, :"Randal said that you love to buy handbags. But I don't know what kind of handbag you like, so I chose the latest one in their collection. Please, don't worry about it!"

Why would Ellie worry about it? It was obvious that she felt extremely happy because of the bag! She had never used an expensive bag like this before!

"Angela, thank you so much! Come here, have a seat!" Ellie saved the left seat for Angela. Ellie's boyfriend, Anthony Jiang, who is the son of the CEO of Jiang Group, was seated on her right.

When Angela took her seat, she saw a familiar face. It was... Susie Zhang!

How did Ellie know Susie?

Despite Angela's confusion, she decided not to ask about it. Randal took his seat next to Angela and Susie sat next to Randal.

Angela thought it was odd, but her attention was diverted when she had noticed that Randal was pouring wine for her.

With her wide eyes, Angela stared at the sight of a full glass of red wine in front of her. Should she tell her that she was a wimpy drinker? That she would get drunk with even just a little amount of alcohol in her body?

Her thoughts were abruptly stopped when everybody stood up and made a toast for Ellie. For the entire time, Ellie flashed her golden smile.

Angela took a sip of the red wine, and put it back on the table.

Randel didn't have a chance to speak with Angela, because Ellie had been talking with her all the time. Everyone could see that she liked Angela very much.

Anthony, who was holding a wine glass, came closer to Angela. He rested his hand on the back of Angela's seat. "You are Angela, right?"

Ellie heard him and immediately introduced Anthony to Angela. "Angela, this is Anthony Jiang, my boyfriend. Anthony, this is Randal's girlfriend. Her name is Angela Si."

"Hey, Angela! You have a beautiful name!" Anthony clinked his glass on Angela's.

She had no other choice but to show a friendly gesture. She raised her wine glass and said," Nice to meet you, Mr. Jiang."

Anthony pretended to be a modest man," Since you're Randal's girlfriend, there's no need to call me Mr. Jiang. You can just call me Anthony."

If Anthony didn't address Angela as Randal's girlfriend, Ellie would be too ashamed to get out of this awkward situation. Because of Anthony's playful tone, it seemed like he was trying to flirt with Angela.

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