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   Chapter 12 Tomorrow is Ellie's Birthday

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Of course, Arvin would say no to such thing," Grandma, you're thinking too much. I'm too busy to help her."

Lily got upset about his lack of sympathy," Fine! I won't talk about it anymore. If you won't help her, then I will! See, you really have the heart to see your grandma rush back and forth just to help that little girl!"

"You don't have to do this! Grandma, please don't say anything. If you continue, I will make her disappear." He would not help Angela, and he would not let his grandma do it.

Lily was furious," Did you still hold on to..."

"Grandma!" Arvin suddenly became unkind, he told the driver in a cold voice," Drive her home!"

Lily had no other way to persuade him. She opened the window," If you are not interested in Angela, that's fine. But Aron is, so do not mess it up!"

Then, the car drove away. As Arvin watched as the car disappeared in the curb, he thought of something.

Angela and Aron? They were both bad-tempered. What a perfect match!

Hogan Gu's car stopped in front of him. He opened the window and said," Arvin, you don't have to worry about that girl. I don't care about what your grandma said. You just need to manage the hospital."

"I know!"

Teresa got out of the car. She wanted to tidy up Arvin's collar. However, when she remembered his son's mysophobia, she decided to put her hands down and whispered to him," My son, I will not allow your grandma ordering you around. I'll handle it!"

Right now, Arvin's younger brother, the son of his aunt, was about to graduate. Because of this potential rivalry, Arvin's future position as the director of the hospital was threatened.

Therefore, Arvin cannot afford to be distracted at this moment.

Arvin replied casually," I know. Drive safely."

The car left, and Arvin was back at the hospital.

As for Angela, she should be more careful in the future, or else he would teach her a lesson.

It was lunchtime and Angela went out to eat. While she was on her way to the restaurant, she suddenly sneezed. This time, she felt strange. Was there someone speaking ill of her?

When it was time for her off duty, Angela stayed at the ward and prepared dinner for Aron.

For the meantime, Aron stopped working and asked Angela," Do you mind that I ask you to stay with me?"

"Yes, because I am supposed to cook dinner for Nancy!" Anyway, it was after-work time so Angela spoke the truth directly.

Aron didn't get angry upon hearing this. Instead, he smiled. He thought Angela was interesting," You can cook?"

"Yes, I can!" Once the dishes were prepared, she handed him a pair of chopsticks," It's done now! Enjoy your dinner!"

Aron took the chopsticks and smiled," Will I have the honor to eat this meal that you cook for me?"

This made Angela smile. However, she didn't hesitate to say no to him," No, you won't."

In most cases, she didn't want to cook for someone unless it was for her family and Nancy!

"What about your boyfriend?" Aron asked her and took a sip of the hot soup.

"He should be fine."

"Then I will pursue you!" Aron said it out quite frankly.

The ward door opened, and the man who was coming in definitely heard what Aron had said.

Arvin appeared in the doorway. Seeing him made Angela felt uneasy. Out of her nervous habit, her hands clutched her clothes," Mr. Gu, you must be kidding!"

Aron looked at Arvin and continued," I'm not kidding, I'm serious... Oh, I forgot the most important thing. Angela, do you have a boyfriend?"

A boyfriend? Angela thought for a while, Randal was not her boyfriend yet! "No, I don't have a boyfriend, but th

ere's someone that I like very much!"

Aron put down the chopsticks and looked at her with his curious eyes," Then, I'm relieved. But I am wondering about the kind of man that you like."

Arvin stood next to Aron and told Angela," Get out!"

"Okay." Without hesitation, Angela agreed and packed her things. Good thing, she was trying to get out of this place!

Aron stared at Arvin but did not say anything.

When Angela walked to the door, she heard Arvin said," Don't come to this ward again!"

Why? This made her very confused but she just nodded her head," Okay! No problem!"

She didn't want to be involved with them anyway.

The ward became quiet again. The only noise that was heard was the sound of Aron chewing his food. While eating, he stared at Arvin.

"She is not the right person for you!"

Aron tried to swallow the food before he asked," Why would you say so?"

Arvin looked at him. To make him give up, he must say something that would change his mind. He said," I had kissed her, and I have seen her..." Aron was surprised and choked on his food.

"So, does this mean that you like her?

Arvin sneered," Did you ask me if I like her? Maybe it is not just your leg that is broken, but also your brain."

"... Then, why did you kiss her?"

After a few seconds of silence, Arvin answered," She seduced me!"

Aron was speechless," ..." This was not good. His heart was just about to get ignited by love, but Arvin stopped it.

To make him give up, Arvin should tell him such things as these!

So, did it mean that he should treat Angela as his sister-in-law?

In the hotpot restaurant.

Angela and Randal sat facing each other. The waiter brought the menu, and Randal took it. He ordered the food that he liked and returned the menu to the waiter," That's all, and a clear broth. Thank you!"

Angela was taken aback by Randal's gesture...

She was sitting in front of him. Why didn't he ask what she wants?

And he ordered a clear broth that was not spicy at all. What was the point of eating hotpot? She had always liked spicy food the best...

Never mind, it was just a meal. It was not a big deal. She shouldn't complain about it.

Randal cleared his throat," Angela, I've been thinking about it for days. How about giving it a try?"

Angela felt a bit upset about what happened just now.

When she heard that Randal was willing to be with her, she was not as happy as she thought she would be. She didn't know why.

But she still agreed," Okay!"

Randal smiled, and then silence took over as they waited for the food.

When the food was served on their table, Angela was surprised. For the first time, she doubted the idea that Randal was the best match for her.

It was because the food that Randal had ordered were the ones that Angela never liked, such as radish, potato chips...

When Angela began to eat, she heard Randal mentioned," Tomorrow is Ellie's birthday. She invites several friends to the party. Can you come with me?"

Ellie's birthday? Ellie was so friendly, Angela nodded," Okay. What sort of things does she like? I want to get a gift for her!"

Randal lowered his head to hide his emotions. Then, he smiled," There's no need to do that. You are my girlfriend now. This means that she is also your sister. You don't have to be so lavish."

"No, it's necessary. It's her birthday. It would be inappropriate to go empty-handed."

Randal seemed to be confused," If you really want to do it, let me tell you what I know. She has been thinking about buying a bag some time ago. But I don't know much about bags..."

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