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   Chapter 11 It's Fun to Tease Her

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"You see? The little girls are even laughing at me!" Aron pointed at the two girls who were chuckling.

Everyone looked at where Aron was pointing at. Angela and Nancy immediately stopped laughing, but it seemed too late...

Lily Mei glanced at the two nurses. When she was about to look away, she suddenly realized something and then gave Angela another look. "What's your name, young lady?"

Lily's words attracted everyone's attention. They turned and also stared at Angela, who was standing in the corner.

What was happening? Why did she asked about her name so suddenly? She felt curious and overwhelmed, but Angela still answered her," My name is Angela Si! Nice to meet you, Mrs. Gu."

Angela saw a light flash through Lily's eyes after knowing her name. "Angela, come. Come here to granny!"

Granny... As Angela hesitatingly walked to Lily, she glanced at the astonished Arvin. Was Lily the "granny" that Arvin said who defended her?

That famous doctor Lily Mei? Really? She almost fainted again in disbelief. She was not really like what Angela had expected...

She thought that Lily would be a serious lady that was very hard to approach. But the old lady sitting in front of Angela looked very friendly and easy-going...

Angela stood still in front of Lily. After looking at her from head to toe, Lily nodded with satisfaction. "Good! Good! It's really you!"

Angela was even more confused when Lily said that. What did she mean by saying good?

"Angela, you should give grandmother a cup of tea. Please." Aron told the Angela in a joyful tone.


What was happening here? Why did she have a feeling of... Of meeting the family of a boyfriend...

Wearing an awkward smile, Angela nodded and got a cup of tea for Lily. "Please drink this, Mrs. Gu!"

"Angela, you've been too polite. You can call me grandma, just like them!" Lily took the tea and kindly told Angela.

... Both Angela and Aron's mother, Teresa Xue, were shocked with how Lily approached a stranger. Teresa knew too well about what Lily wanted to do! She had seen this before!

Sensing Angela's silence, Lily further reassured her. "Would you like to call me grandma, Angela?"

Choking because of astonishment, Angela coughed a bit. Who could tell her what was going on here? She was dumbfounded.

Didn't they come for Aron? Why was everyone lovingly looking at her? She was an outsider, right?

Yes! Arvin! She looked at Arvin for help. But Arvin just looked away as if he hadn't seen her signal.

Angela clenched her teeth out of frustration. But when she saw Lily's eager eyes, she forced herself to call Lily sweetly. "Grandma!"

Lily was so elated to hear her sweet voice! "Well, well. You're my granddaughter, Angela. You can come to me anytime and call me when you need help! Do you hear me? I mean all of that."


"Okay, okay!" Angela answered Lily immediately because she wished Lily would let her go as soon as possible. She was becoming so uncomfortable.

"Mom, your enthusiasm frightens her. I think you should take it easy." Teresa said with a smile on her face.

Angela looked at Teresa gratefully. She nodded, for Lily had frightened her indeed!

"Take care of my grandson!" Lily shook her hand and told Angela.

Both of her grandsons are not married yet, so Angela could choose anyone of them.

That sounded like... Lily committed her to the family. Angela scratched her head in embarrassment. "Grandma, you're too kind. Mr. Gu is ill, and we will try our

best to take care of him!"

Aron handed his notebook to the assistant. "Grandma, Angela's very cute. It's fun to tease her!"

Angela's mouth twitched a little and her face turned red because of her embarrassment. "Oh, you must be joking." She was almost speechless.

It's fun to tease her? She couldn't believe what she just heard. Did he just likened her to a puppy?

In order not to hear Lily's embarrassing words anymore, Angela tried to find an excuse to leave. "Sorry, grandma. I still have work to do. Will you excuse me for a moment, please?"

Lily nodded joyfully instead of stopping her. "Of course, Angela. You can come home if you have time!"

Well... "Okay. See you, grandma!" As soon as she said that, Angela pulled the dumbfounded Nancy and left the ward.

Finally! Angela ran out from the ward and went to the lounge with Nancy. She picked up her own cup and helped herself to a glass of water.

"Angela, Angela. It seems that Mrs. Gu liked you very much. Is it because she wants you to be her grandson's wife? Perhaps, that's why she let you call her grandma and asked you to take care of him." Nancy came close to Angela and spoke to her in a very curious tone.

"I thought it is so strange, though. But Mrs. Gu has never met me. She has no reason to do it! I can't understand my emotions right now..." Who would allow a stranger to be her grandson's wife?

"Did you see Aron's mother?"

"Yeah. She's quite nice! She was smiling at me." Angela remembered the appearance of Teresa, who looked a little serious. But she was actually nice to her.

Nancy curled her lip. "Angela, you silly girl!" Nancy was raised in J City, so she clearly realized something.

... "What's wrong?"

"It seemed that Aron's mother helped you from your discomfort. But actually, she did not do that out of good will. Everyone in J City knows that Teresa wants some girl to be her daughter-in-law. She's definitely not for the eldest son because he has been married long ago. But whether that girl is for her second son or her third son, she has a perfect choice in mind. She said that just because she was afraid Mrs. Gu would really push you as her daughter-in-law. So don't assume yet about Teresa."

She didn't mean to blow Angela's mind, but she just wanted to tell her the truth!

"Well. That's good! Then I'll be relieved. She's on the same side with me! Because I don't wish to be her daughter-in-law either!" Angela said casually without looking at Nancy.

"Angela, you could just give up on Randal and choose either Aron or Arvin..." Nancy couldn't help but try to persuade her. Either of them was a hundred times better than Randal. She didn't say anything more for she was afraid that Angela would be unhappy.

Angela put down the cup, held her arms and walked out with a smile. "Nancy, you just concluded without a basis. You think whoever I chose would love me? I'm not the prettiest girl out there."

Nancy was even sillier than her!

Nancy disagreed. "Forget about Arvin. You two never stopped arguing every time you see each other. But Aron seemed quite interested in you. Why don't you try talking with him more?"

"NO! I don't like him!" How old is Aron? Over thirty? And what about her? She is just in her early twenties. They have a big age gap!

She better go back to her Randal!

"Arvin, don't stay emotionless all the time. You should help Angela whenever she's in trouble, okay?" She told Arvin as soon as Mrs. Gu left the ward and sat in the car.

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