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   Chapter 10 I'm Afraid I'll Mess it Up

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Angela was so eager to find excuses to leave the ward, that she was not able to notice Arvin. He stood up from the chair and picked up the needle next to him.

When Aron met Angela before, he thought that she was very funny and cute. He felt like he wanted to talk to her more. It seemed like they have a very strong connection. He rolled up his sleeve so Arvin could draw off his blood. Then he asked Angela, "Does your elder brother know you are working here?"

"Yes, he knows." He definitely knew, because she wouldn't be able to work in this hospital if it wasn't for him. But she didn't know the person whom her elder brother had asked for help in Yao Hospital. She was really curious about it.

For the sake of Sven, Aron specifically instructed her, "If you have any problems here, you could tell Arvin and he will help you. Right, brother?"

Arvin gave his brother a cold glance and refused. "I'm not available!"

Aron rolled up his eyes in disgust. "Arvin, Could you please not so unfriendly to girls? It might make you stay single for thousand years! Stop that, please."

Angela nodded in agreement. "It's true! He has always been like this." She couldn't agree more. Arvin had all the qualities to be single for the rest of his life!

She sensed Arvin looking coldly at her and it was frightening. Angela felt a little bit tensed. She thought the best move was to slip away right now! "Well, Gu... I mean, Mr. Gu, I got something to do. So maybe I should..." Before saying that she was leaving, she suddenly fainted.

Nancy heard a loud sound behind her and immediately turned around. When she saw Angela lying on the ground, she was astonished and hurriedly walked to her. She even forgot to take off her gloves. While squeezing her friend's face, she asked Angela worriedly, "Angela, Angela, what's wrong? Are you okay?"

Aron was also startled, but he couldn't get out of the bed because of his broken leg. He turned to his younger brother, and said, "Go there and check her out."

Arvin calmly discharged the air in the syringe after he expertly finished drawing off the blood sample from her brother. He replied in an emotionless tone, "If you're worried, you should go by yourself."

"What do you mean? You're in a hospital, for God's sake."

Nancy anxiously turned to Arvin, and when she saw the needle in his hand, she figured it out. "Mr. Gu, seeing blood makes Angela go faint."

... How could a nurse be fearful of blood! Arvin scowled at the thought of this.

When Angela finally woke up, she found herself lying on the bed of a ward. Nancy was looking at her anxiously.

Oh, god! She couldn't believe she went faint because of blood again. She was a nurse and she knew she should be able to overcome this.

Seeing her open her eyes, Nancy carefully helped her up, "Do you feel better now?"

"I'm fine, but why am I in here?" She knew that nurses and staff were not allowed to enter VIP wards without permission.

Nancy reassured her, "After you fainted, Mr Gu. carried you here and tried to make you feel better by pinching your philtrum."

Mr. Gu? Arvin? Angela found that a little hard to believe. On the other hand, it was true that that cold man performed good deeds, despite the fact that he was cruel to her.

She felt her fainting was not a big deal. Angela got out of bed and straightened up. Then she left the ward with Nancy.

When they came out, Lucy told Angela: "Angela, Mr. Gu asked you to take care of him when you wake up."

"Me?" Angela shockingly pointed at herself.

"Yes and I actually thought I might have a chance to make friends with the rich men. What a pity! I missed my chance again!" Lucy shrugged as she felt really sorry for herself.

Angela put out a restraining hand and said, "I also think you should go. I'm afraid I'll mess it up!"

What she said was her real feeling. Although she was a nurse here, she couldn't do anything that was related to medical duties. It was not good to screw up in taking care of an important person.

Lucy patted her on the shoulder and said, "Go ahead and good luck. If he trusts you, I should too." Then she put her lips to Angela and Nancy's ear, and said secretly, "If either of you can date Arvin, marry him. Don't forget to introduce me to a rich man like him!"

What she said made them break into a fit of gig

gles. Nancy pushed her glasses up her nose. She thought Angela and her didn't need to marry a man just because of money and power since both of them came from wealthy clans.

But she didn't say these thoughts out because Angela didn't want to get into another trouble. She has decided to help her hide her status.

Lucy was about to leave, but Angela pulled her back and told her sincerely, "Lucy, I really think you should go with Nancy,. I am so afraid that I will mess up!"

Besides, staying inside to take care of Aron would inevitably force her to see Arvin.

Lucy wanted to go anyway so she didn't refuse and entered Aron's ward with Nancy.

There were three sons and a daughter in the Gu family. The oldest was Rom, a government official. The second was Aron, who was the CEO of a company. Only the youngest son, Arvin, inherited the medical skills of the Gu family and worked in a hospital.

When they got into the ward, Aron was already concentrating on some documents from the office. Two secretaries stood on his side reporting to him.

After a while, Aron raised his head and saw two busy nurses, and asked abruptly, "Where is Angela?"

Lucy and Nancy looked at each other, then Nancy stepped forward and told him, "Angela asked me to tell you that she is still learning the ropes. She was afraid that she will mess up in the procedures. She didn't want to bring you any trouble, so she went to do something else."

After hearing what she said, Aron just gently smiled and replied, "I think it's fine that she is new, and I know that you two are skilled. Just let her in so she could do easier stuff like serving water or food."

Serving water was easy for anyone.

But he wondered if Angela was willing to do that for him.

Nancy couldn't refuse Aron again, and said determinedly, "I will get her over here. Thank you for the understanding, Mr. Gu."

When Nancy saw Angela, she was at the nurse station preparing medicines for the patient in Ward No.1. Angela stopped reciting the hospital regulations when she saw Nancy. "Nancy, you are back!"

"Yes, and probably you couldn't escape again now. Mr. Gu insisted that you take care of him. I can't do anything about it anymore."

Angela paused her work with surprise and asked, "Why? Surely, he was now taken care of." She felt puzzled because she was not too acquainted with Aron. But why was it that he always insists that she talk to him?

"I don't know, either. I told him what you said, but he said it's fine that you were new. You could just serve water and food for him."

Angela was speechless. "Anybody could serve him water." But all right! If he insisted, she must go.

Right when they entered the ward, Angela had no chance to say a word. A lot of people were in the ward already.

One of them was an old elegant lady, and her hair was neatly arranged and combed. She was wearing a dark green fashionable suit. She had an aura of divinity, and she was held by Arvin as she was slowly walking closer to Aron.

A woman of about forty years old, wearing a dark brown suit, was following the old lady. The lady walked over to Aron, reached out for his hand and talked to him with concern in her tone. "Aron, how could you be so careless. Do you still feel uncomfortable?"

Aron shook his head, "Mom, I'm fine. It's just a broken bone. It will eventually heal."

Oh! She guessed right! 'The woman was Aron's mother, so she was also Arvin's mother, right?'

Thinking of this, Angela looked at Aron's mother a few more times. Her face was full of seriousness and fierceness. She thought that she must be a powerful and influential person. But when she looked at Aron, it seemed like her serious face was now filled with worry and anxiety.

The old lady was still confused as to what happened and she asked, "What happened, Baby Aron? You told me you were going to a business trip? Then why how did you end up in a hospital with your leg broken?"

Baby Aron? Angela and Nancy almost couldn't help laughing.

Aron was obviously a little bit annoyed, but she was his grandmother so he could do nothing but remind her helplessly, "Grandma, could you please not call me like that? It's kind of embarrassing, you know..."

Lily Mei gave him a little heated look and said, "It's not the first time. You should get used to it, Baby Aron."

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