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"That's impossible. I'm going to follow you around until you get married! Until then, I will always be by your side."

Angela and Nancy had always complemented each other, whether in terms of personality or lifestyle. If only they weren't both girls, they would have been a couple a long time ago.

"I came here for Randal, but I'm afraid I might be a bad influence to you!" Angela has never chased after someone before, so she didn't know what to do now. She wanted to invite Randal for dinner, but she was afraid that she might be too aggressive.

Nancy squeezed Angela's face, "What do you mean by that? Didn't you know that the reason why I chose this profession is to be with you?"

In fact, Nancy did not have that many goals for her life. She had been friends with Angela since high school.

Angela was a carefree and courageous girl whom Nancy had always relied to.

Of course, Angela knew why Nancy chose this profession, and she had been trying to change Nancy's mind for a long time. But Nancy would always tell her that she would always choose to be with Angela.

She was moved by Nancy's sincerity. She embraced her tightly. "Nancy, you're so nice. I love you!"

Nancy smirked, "Babe, I'm hungry!"

Angela jumped off the sofa, "Just a minute! I'll cook something for you! Just stay right there."

"Okay. Angela, you're the best! Love you!"

"Love you too!"

They pouted, and made a kiss sound through their lips.

After working in the hospital for a week, Angela has already adjusted to the life here. There were not too many nurses in the VVIP In-patient Department. Except for Nancy and Angela, everyone were selected through a series of interviews. They were also very nice people.

Angela had an easy-going and friendly personality, so she got along very well with others.

It was a wonderful day. There were a lot of patients and they were all very busy. Angela carried the medical supplies and opened the door of the ward.

Eh... When Angela saw the person on the bed, she froze in disbelief.

And then she rubbed her eyes. 'Well, it's not Arvin! But he really looks like Arvin. It is really strange."

She handed over the medical supplies to the other nurses. As soon as she got out of the ward, she heard Xenia saying, "I have something to tell you. He is the second son of Gu family! He is the older brother of our director!"

'I see! Now I know... That's the reason why he absolutely looks like Arvin!'

Standing next to her, Lucy was disinfecting the container and answered, "I heard that he was very cranky and demanding. A lot of people are afraid of him!"

"Is that so? What happened to him? Why was he admitted in the hospital?"

"Unfortunately, his leg was broken. I suppose that our director would come here soon!" When she was speaking of Arvin, Xenia blushed a little.

Angela suddenly interrupted their conversation, "Which director?"

"The one you've pissed off a few days before!" As she was lost in her thoughts, she shockingly looked at Angela. "You are so reckless. You even dared to provoke our director! But the most amazing thing was that he just let you go. Angela, have you known him before? It's just odd that he just let you off the hook like that."

Well... Angela felt embarrassed. She wouldn't provoke Arvin anymore. She has underwent examinations regarding the hospital system twice by the head nurse this week! It was kind of ridiculous and stressful.

"I don't know him at all. He is the hospital director, and I'm just a nurse. How could I know him?" Though they have met twice or even thrice, they were not yet familiar with each other. This means that they don't know each

other, right?

"That's right! I suggest you to be more careful in future. Our director has a large following in our hospital. And I think they have already known that you've provoked him..." Lucy warned Angela through her eyes.

"... A following? Like a fan club?" Arvin has a fan club?

Xenia told her, "Many women in our hospital admire our director!"

... Really? Somebody could admire a cruel person like him? Angela couldn't even imagine it.

Since it was supposed to be true, she would just close her mouth and never talk of Arvin.

Right at that moment, Arvin appeared at the VVIP In-patient department after a few minutes. He asked Winnie to arrange two nurses to take good care of his brother.

To avoid Angela and Nancy to be together again and make mistakes, Winnie separated the two, and she asked Nancy and Lucy to take care of Aron.

Inside the ward

When Arvin was examining Aron, Angela opened the door carefully and was holding swabs in her hands which Lucy has asked for. To avoid facing Arvin, Angela sneaked directly to Lucy and passed over the swabs.

"Oh my god!" Angela suddenly reached out her hands, which greatly frightened Lucy. The syringe dropped into the tray.

Angela didn't know that her sneaky behavior would frighten Lucy. She just thought of avoiding Arvin.

Lucy made quite a loud sound, and this drew the attention of Arvin and Aron.

Arvin gave Angela a cold glance and looked back at the medical apparatus without saying anything.

However, Aron recognized Angela because he attended Colin and Sophia's wedding last time with Arvin.

"Angela? Was that you?" Angela was so embarrassed and she wanted to leave right at that moment, but Aron's words stopped her.

Eh... Angela looked blankly at the man lying on the bed. He called her name with a straight face.

Did she... know him? Or did he know her?

"Mr. Gu! Nice to see you!" There was only one Angela in the ward. It was impossible to get away with it, so she had to greet him with courtesy.

But she was really wondering why would he call her name since they didn't know each other well.

"Why are you here? You have graduated already?" Aron looked at her in a strange expression. In fact, he was not familiar with Angela, as they've only met for a couple of times. Actually, he was more familiar with Sven and Daniel.

Angela shook her head with a smile, "Not yet. I'm just here for an internship."

"I thought you were majoring in pharmaceutics? Then why are you... a nurse now?" Aron pointed at her uniform and was obviously confused.

Angela just scratched her head and replied, "Well... The pharmaceutics department was already full, so I decided to practice here for now..."

Looking at this cute girl, Aron couldn't help but laugh a bit. He turned to his brother, "If you, the deputy director, can give instructions, then why can't Angela get a job that is related to her major?"

Arvin looked at Angela, who was in great surprise, and replied in a cold voice, "She didn't come her for a job!" She was really something. She was chasing after a man right here in his hospital.

After hearing Arvin's words, Angela was afraid that Arvin would reveal her true purpose of working here. She quickly waved her hands, "No, no, it's good to work here as a nurse. It's not too late to work in other department. I'll do my job well here and then try out for the pharmaceutical department."

Lucy just looked at them in disbelief, then she left the ward to fetch some more important supplies. Through this, she could gossip about Angela and Aron with the other nurses.

There were only Arvin, Aron, Angela and Nancy in the ward.

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