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   Chapter 8 Whose Grandmother is Defending Me

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Angela puffed out her chest and got away from Nancy who was trying to stop her. She was still unconvinced and angrily glared at Winnie. "What do you want to say? That Arvin wants to fire me? OK! I will resign! It's just that Arvin always finds me whenever I want to have a chat. It's pure bad luck! I...... I...... I will leave right now!"

There were several nurses surrounding the door. They were all stunned at what was happening in the office. They have never seen someone so brave to put up a stand like this. Angela was so bold that she dared to speak to Winnie in that way......

There were no private things for Angela to pack as she only came here two days ago. Taking off her nurse cap and throwing it to the table, she quickly rushed out of the office.

She really regretted coming here. The place just caused her a lot of trouble. She could have just taken graduate exams or went to Chengyang Private Hospital.

She walked so fast that she carelessly hit a man, who was just walking out of the ward ...... And that man was Arvin. Bad luck, indeed.

"What's wrong with you? Didn't you see me in front of you?" She didn't care, anyway. She had resigned and she was not an employee of this hospital anymore. She didn't need to be so polite to him.

Arvin had a totally gloomy face. But Angela snorted angrily and walked towards the elevator before he had a chance to speak.


Angela turned around impatiently and said, "Sorry, Mr. Gu. I am not a nurse of Yao Hospital anymore, and I will leave right now. It's a relief for me that I don't need to see your lonely face anymore!"


The VVIP In-patient Department was always quiet. But it became even more silent after what happened. It was kind of uncomfortable already.

Angela was aware of what she had said and closed her mouth immediately. She pressed the button of the elevator with guilt on her eyes. "Come to the elevator, come quickly!" she thought to herself.

Handing the cases to his assistant, Arvin strode to Angela in disgust.

Glancing at the tall and strong figure approaching her, Angela felt so anxious and nervous that she decided to rush to another ward.

But she failed to escape even though she ran very fast. She reached the end of the corridor and it was a dead end for her.

She turn around helplessly. Arvin was already standing behind her. With his hands in his pockets, he looked at Angela expressionlessly and spoke in a cold way. "Why don't you run some more? Keep running!"

He looked so terrifying that Angela had to grasp her clothes firmly. She tried not to panic. "What do you want to do to me? Just say it!"

Fortunately, the phone in his pocket rang before he could say a word. He slowly took out his phone and looked at the caller ID, then he pressed the answer key. "It's me, grandmom."

Angela didn't know who called Arvin. But Arvin frowned and was still staring at her while talking on the phone.

Realizing the opportunity, Angela wanted to escape. But she found herself so frozen because of his steely gaze.

"It is impossible!" The rough way he said those three words made Angela feel cold, just like she was falling into an icy water.

Her legs trembled under his gaze and she could not even move.

Angela felt three hours has already passed when Arvin only talked on the phone for three minutes. This could be the longest three minutes of her life. After hanging up, he asked, "Did you get acquainted with my grandmother?"

"......" Angela shook her head like a rattle-drum. "No, I didn't!"

She heard his grandmother was a great and respectable practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine though she hadn't seen her in person yet. As a mere nobody, she could only adore her. How could she have the chance to get acquainted with her?

Arvin stared at Angela's every reaction. She was a simple, pure and open girl. Her every thought and feeling always show up on her face. It seemed that she really didn't know his grandmother.

Then, there was only one possibility...... Sven knew his grandmother!

No wonder he could not find out who recommended Angela to his hospital. She was supported by his grandmother.

But, there was an important question: How did Sven persu

ade his grandmother to let Angela get into his hospital?

He didn't speak for a while. Angela thought he didn't believe in her, so she stretched her index finger and middle finger of her right hand, "I can swear, I absolutely......"

"You do not need to swear. I believe you. Congratulations, Angela, you don't need to leave!" Arvin gazed at Angela with chilling eyes. She got involved with his grandmother...... This spelt trouble for him. It was better for him to keep away from her.

"Well...... Why?"

"There is no reason. Recite the rules and regulations of our hospital. I will let Miss Miao spot check at anytime. If you dare to make mistakes like this next time, even my grandmother could not defend you!"

What? She felt confused. "Whose grandmother is defending me? What are you talking about?"

He looked up in disgust and answered, "My grandmother!"

It was weird for him that he suddenly thought of what happened to him and Angela in the men's room long ago. At that time, Angela was drunk......

"Your grandmother? Are you kidding me? I don't even know her......" Angela was absolutely sure that she has not seen Arvin's grandmother before.

Ignoring her question, Arvin commanded, "Go back to work!"

In his whole career, Angela was the first person that he allowed to break his rules.

"You...... You just let me off without any punishments? That's impossible." Angela looked at him with uncertainty. She never thought he could be so kind and considerate!

Arvin looked at her indifferently and asked, "Well, are you not satisfied with my decision? All right. If you want, I can circulate a notice of......"

"No! No! No! I am very satisfied with your decision. Mr. Gu, you are so nice! I will go back to work right now and I will work very hard from now on!" She didn't want to...... look for trouble. Arvin had given her a step to avoid embarrassment and she would obviously seize this opportunity.

He secretly smiled when he saw how happy she was. He couldn't help to be in a good mood and said, "If you dare to call me like that in the future, Angela, I will let you follow me instead of firing you. And I will let you be a ...... Cleaner!"

"......" Cleaner? He would assign her to be a cleaner? No way! It was difficult for ordinary people to do this work. She wouldn't have the physical attributes to endure this kind of work.

She shook her head like a rattle-drum again and replied, "No, I won't call you like that anymore. Mr. Gu, I will go now!"

She must avoid Arvin from now on. She would always keep a distance from him of more than three meters. She just wanted to avoid further embarrassment from him.

He turned around and walked away. Angela sighed with relief. But...... Suddenly, she saw how handsome Arvin was. It was just out of nowhere. Yeah, he really looked charming and appealing.

She didn't thought that she would find this hateful man to be good-looking......

No, no, no...... Angela pulled back from her thoughts immediately. She came here for Randal. How could she fall in love with another man?

She was criticized by Winnie when she went back to the nurse station. Alas! Anyway, what Winnie said wasn't too hard and rough, and she really made mistakes. She just have to accept it and move on. After that, she began to recite the rules and regulations of the hospital.

Because of her hatred of the system, she found it hard to recite the rules.

She read through all of these in disgust and displeasure.

Anyway, later, they received a patient who seemed to have an important identity. Almost all the nurses in the station came to his aid and everyone was suddenly busy.

Angela put the book down and focused on her work.

But, she was a little clumsy as she had no experience in taking care of the patients yet. She could have screwed up everything in the VVIP ward if she did not have Nancy's help.

After work, Angela held Nancy in the living room in her arms. Both of them were in low spirits. "Dear Nancy, you should leave and do not follow me anymore. I am a bad influence! I would just drag you to embarrassment."

Nancy was such a good and excellent girl, and she was reluctant to let her suffer all of these because of her.

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