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   Chapter 7 Angela SI, Go to the Emergency Department

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Angela was born and raised in a wealthy family, she should have seen many boys who were better than him. Why did she fall in love with him? Was it because Angela knew that he would have a bright future?

It was a sudden question and Angela was still a little too shy to answer him.

In fact, she did not know the answer to the question. It was probably because he is very handsome...

"... I was just fond of you, Randal. Do you have a girlfriend?" Although she knew the truth from Nancy, she still wanted to confirm it by herself.

Randal didn't answer her immediately. "Have you considered it?"

"Yes. Randal, for you, I..." Forget it, she would rather not say it. It was embarrassing!

Randal knew Angela's thoughts with just one glance. He decided not to ask her since she wouldn't admit it. "Let me think about it. After all, we do not know each other very well now!"

"Yeah, that's right." Angela was so delighted to know that she still had a chance. She happily ate everything on her plate.

VVIP Inpatient Nursing Station

"He said he'd think about it. Is there a chance that I would be his girlfriend?"

Nancy pushed the glasses on the bridge of her nose. "Angela, if you would become his girlfriend, he's going to be your first love. Have you thought about it?"

She couldn't bear to imagine that Angela's first love would be a sissy man like Randal... The thought of it made Nancy upset.

"I have thought about it a lot of times! Everyday, I'm falling in love with him deeper!" Angela brought her hand to her face when she imagined Randal's appearance.

Nancy shook her head. "Angela, you'd better think it over. After all, Randal and you are... not perfect for each other!" She really had no reason to persuade Angela...

"I don't care if we're not perfect for each other, I only wanted his love!" Like all the women who are madly in love, Angela didn't care about what other people think.

"Angela, to tell you the truth, I feel that you and Randal are not good for each other. Please think about it again!" Nancy used to think that Angela was not this serious, but when she saw the smile on her face, she felt the panic rising up in her body. She had a feeling that Randal was not a good man.

Angela studied her face and noticed the sad look on Nancy's face. She suddenly felt nervous and asked her, "You like Randal too? Tell me, I'll give you a fair chance to compete!"

"..." Nancy rubbed her eyebrows. She did like someone, but not Randal. "Angela, I think you know me well, don't you?"

Angela remembered a man and nodded. "Right. You love that cop named Stanley Su."

Unlike her friend who was lucky in the love department, Nancy was unfortunate because Stanley, the guy she really liked, was already taken..

"Angela, I won't say anything for now. You can be with Randal, but don't give all of yourself to him. Do you know what I mean?" In this way, she could easily get out of the situation without getting hurt.

With a serious face, Angela nodded. "Take it easy Nancy. I know what I should do!"

Nancy's lips curved into a smile and this gave her friend a relief. Angela hugged her and leaned on her shoulder. "Nancy, you are still so pretty!"

In Angela's eyes, Nancy is the most beautiful girl in this world!

Of course! In Nancy's eyes, there's no prettier girl than Angela!

Suddenly, a cold wind blew in...

With their backs on the door of the nurse station, the two girls rubbed their arms to warm thems

elves. "Nancy, did the weather change? Why was it so cold?" Angela asked.

"I know. I'm freezing too."

"Why did the VVIP residential department of Yao Hospital have so few patients? It was so boring!" Angela rummaged through the chart of medical records. She read through every data. She was nearly exhausted.

"Yao Hospital doesn't feed lazy workers. Angela Si, go to the emergency department!"


Upon hearing this voice, Angela jumped up from the chair and turned around. Sure enough, Arvin was standing behind them!

She didn't know when he would appear. It was hard to tell if he heard what they were talking about.

Angela was so eager to ask him. "Why do you always haunt me like a ghost? You show up everywhere!"

Arvin's assistants, who was following him, looked at Angela with admiration. No one dared to talk to Arvin like that. That was rare.

"Angela Si!" Arvin called out her name coldly. He looked at Angela and said, "Go to the emergency department. Right now!" Fear was shown in Angela's face.

Angela shivered and touched the tip of her nose out of embarrassment. "Well..."

Nancy stepped forward to save her friend. "Mr. Gu, I'm so sorry, but Angela can't go the emergency department right now. Let me go there instead!"

Many people in the emergency department were suffering from trauma and bleeding. Nancy knew that Angela couldn't stand the sight of blood...

They should know that there's no room for lazy people in this hospital!

"Angela! Go there now!" Arvin would never change his mind. His sullen eyes glared at Angela, whose cheeks turned into red.

"I would like to go there. However, if I join them, I would only bring trouble and make things worse for them..." Angela tried to explain herself.

"Then why are you still in here? Angela Si, you're fired!" As soon as those words came out of his mouth, Arvin turned to his back and walked away.

"Hey! Why would the director of this hospital spend so much time bothering a nurse like me!"

... No one answered her.

Angela felt awful. No one had ever done this to her!

Nancy panicked. "What should we do, Angela? You can't leave just like that!"

She just started her career. How did she get herself fired for several times already? Why did Arvin, the director of the Yao Hospital, always go against Angela?

Angela also felt that Arvin hated her. No offense, but there were two girls chatting, why was she the only one to be fired?

Arvin, the back-stabber, hated her too and now, he took this oppotunity to seek revenge.

When Winnie returned from a meeting, she gave Angela some serious scolding. "Screw around with anyone except Mr. Gu. You see, the nurse station would suffer a lot because of you! It was unfair that you could easily walk away without any burden, while we're going to be punished because of you. How many times have I told you this, Angela? You're working now, and working was not the same as studying in school..."

Angela was never treated like this. She responded without even remembering what Sven had urged her to do. "The nurse station wasn't busy at all. There are only a few patients here. We didn't chat during the working hours. Why was Arvin so serious? Why did you say that to me? He's cold like an ice. He doesn't know how to be a human. You don't know how to be one too?"

"You... You... Angela..." Winnie had never been opposed by other people like this. Right at that moment, she was too angry to say a word.

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