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   Chapter 6 Deeply Hated Arvin

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The sudden sound almost frightened the two young girls and made them jump!

"You…… You…… Are you a ghost? Why was there no noise when you came in here?" Angela questioned the man who was standing next to the stairs.

Nancy grasped her firmly and warned, "Angela, it would be better if we apologize to him first!"

However, Angela disagreed because Arvin knew what was on her mind now! She was so anxious that she could not even find the right words to defend herself. Because of this, she had no other choice but to say, "You're eavesdropping! I talk about personal things during work hours. Now, we're even. You must not tell others!"

It didn't matter whether he promised or not. Right after she finished talking, Angela opened the door of the safe passage. Together with Nancy, they rushed back to the nurse station.

Arvin walked behind them and got out of the safe passage.

He originally planned to go to the VVIP ward, but he received an important call when he got off the elevator. So, he ordered his two assistants to go ahead, then he answered his phone.

When the call has ended, he heard the whispers of two young girls.. It was quite…… interesting.

Angela, who was filled with anxiety, was copying the medical history sheet in the nurse station. Now, she looked like a child who was afraid of being scolded by her parents and by the teacher because of her mistakes.

She prayed hard to herself and hoped that Arvin would not act like a stingy man! However, she also forgot that Arvin was the deputy director of the hospital, in fact, a very responsible one...

Angela deeply hated Arvin when she and Nancy were called out to be reprimanded by Winnie.

Luckily, Winnie did not scold them too much, but they would definitely be in a more serious trouble if the same thing would happen again!

After work, Angela grabbed Nancy by the arm and headed for the parking lot. She said, "Arvin is so cold towards others. He was like a bump on a log. He just sat there yet he have done absolutely nothing. Well, maybe he has no girlfriend!"

"No way!" Nancy pushed her eyeglass frame and said, "He is more handsome and more charming than Randal, don't you think?"

There was something that she didn't want to tell Angela. In Nancy's mind, Randal. seemed like less of a man and definitely looked like a sissy. He was very different from the deputy director.

"Although I didn't want to admit it, that was true from his appearance. However, we didn't know whether the guy with a nickname of "Big Wing" had plastic surgery. After all, the plastic surgery in our hospital was quite famous in the Shine Empire!

A man, who seemed lingering for a long time, walked towards a black Porsche right next to the BMW where the two girls were talking. "Biu……" Angela glanced back when she heard someone unlocked the car.

"Ar…… Ar…… Ar……"

"Do you stammer? Besides, Big Wing…… Plastic Surgery? Angela Si, you're dead!" The man, who was seated in the black Porsche, hit the gas and left. The two girls were completely dazed.

After a while, Nancy said, "Angela, did you think Mr. Gu stalked you every day?"

"I was thinking of that too."

"Angela, we're gonna die for this!"

"Yes, you were right."


As soon as the black Porsche was out of their sight, they got in Angela's BMW.

That night, Angela didn't sleep well at all. Her mind constantly reminded her of Arvin's face when he gave her a warning look.

Oh! Why did she do that?

She thought that she made a terrible decision in choosing Yao Hospital. She could have just worked in Chengyang Hospital instead of Yao Hospital, which felt like living in hell.

Living in anxiety for three days now, Angela didn't even bother to see Randal. She was afraid to see Arvin again. She didn't want him to hear the things that he should not know.

But, it seemed

like a blessing in disguise when Randal took the initiative to visit her.

At lunchtime, Angela and Randal decided to eat their meals together in the hospital canteen.

Nancy left them alone and just enjoyed sharing meals with the other nurses.

In the canteen

Angela offered Randal a lamb chop with black pepper. She placed the chop on his plate and suggested, "Try this! It's delicious!"

Randal's expression hardened and his eyes was fixed on the food on his plate. Angela, who was keeping a careful eye on him, saw that he reacted differently. She asked, "What's up?" Could it be a sign that he was also a clean freak? She didn't even touch the food.

Randal curled his lips in disgust and replied, "Miss Si, I don't like to eat lamb."

What? "Well, I'm sorry, I didn't know!" Angela quickly took the lamb chop back to her plate.

What should she do? She was very fond of eating lamb……

"It was okay. Eventually, you would know more about what I like!" Randal spoke insincerely, but Angela was so naive. She didn't even realize the implications of his remarks.

After nibbling at the lamb chops, she wiped her fingers with a wet hand towel. Right at that moment, Randal asked, "Aren't you engaged in drug research and development? Why did you choose to be a nurse? Do you have any certificate in nursing?"

Angela shook her head and swallowed the food. Goggling at him, she said, "I wanted to work in the Pharmacy Department at first, but accroding to my brother, there is no vacancy unless I could wait for another three months. Well, that was why I became a nurse for the time being."

Because she was too embarrassed to say the truth, she hid the fact that the reason why she was there was because of Randal.

"Your brother?" Randal gave her a quick meaningful look.

"Yes, please don't tell anyone about my secret! I got this job because my brother pulled a few strings for me." As a matter of fact, they both got in because they had their connections. Ha ha!

"Your brother?"

"Yeah, my brother is an excellent doctor." Then, Angela took a mouthful of rice. Her eyes were full of adoration when she talked about her brother.

After eating a bowl of soup, Randal pretended to ask her in a casual way, "You carried the same family name as Sven. He's a highly-skilled doctor!"

"That's exactly right, Sven is my brother! Hee hee……" Angela have seldomly told others about her brother. She never would have mentioned it if he was a different person. Of course, she would love to get closer to him.

Angela told everything without any idea that she just fell right into the trap.

Even though Randal told himself to calm down, he still could not help but ask, "Are you really Sven's sister? The daughter of Chuck Si?"

It was a well-known fact that there are two large families in the medical field at the present time. The Si Family, which was located in the C Country while the other one is the Gu Family of Shine Empire.

It had crossed Randal's mind that Angela came from a distinguished family, but he didn't expect that it would go beyond his imagination.

Everyone in C Country knew that Chuck favored his daughter. He left majority of his shares in the Chengyang Private Hospital to her.

Despite the fact that Sven was the only son of Chuck, and a great doctor in the medical field, he couldn't get most of the shares!

He thought of establishing a romantic relationship with Angela. It would be a great honor if that happened.

"Well, don't tell this to anyone!" She warned him again. As a member of the Si Family, she grew up knowing that she must accept the risks while enjoying her privileges.

There was no familial conflict, only the battle between hospitals in which she always got involved as an outsider.

Randal nodded, "But I have a question, Miss Si…… Why do you like me?"

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