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   Chapter 5 If She is Really Rich

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"Who knows! Eh... Maybe. My brother said he and Arvin took part in some medical activity together. You don't need to call my brother. It's no big deal. He is a director and I am just a nurse. We don't have much in common, anyway."

These may only be Angela's thinking. Maybe they were meant for each other.

Later that night, when Angela was already off duty, she changed her clothes and went to the pharmacy department as Nancy went back to the place where she lived.

Randal was off duty, too. Angela ran to him and shouted, "Randal!"

Seeing the excitement in her, Randal smiled. "Angela? I didn't expect you here."

"Yes. I came to work today."

"Oh? Which department are you in?" Randal seemed surprised and shocked.

Angela grabbed her head and said shyly, "Well, I am a nurse now."

"Oh.. You majored in pharmacy and became a nurse? Why did you decide on that?" Randal found it a little funny and strange.

Angela nodded and thought to herself, "That's because of you..." She then took a deep breath and looked into Randal's eyes with an expectant look. "Are you free today?"

Randal looked at her with a strange, complicated expression. At that moment, a woman came over. "Randal? So you are off duty now."

Angela looked up. It was a beautiful woman with long hair. "Oh.. Is she his girlfriend?"

Before Angela thought about it too much, that woman opened her mouth. "Well, Randal, is this your girlfriend?"

Randal shook his head in embarrassment. "No, sis. This is my classmate."

'Well.. She was Randal's big sister?' Angela felt a bit relieved. Angela said hello to her in a pleasant mood. "Hello, I am Angela Si."

This woman smiled a little and secretly looked at Angela up and down. As soon as she saw the watch on her wrist, her eyes instantly lit up. "Nice to meet you, Angela. I am Randal's older sister. Call me Ellie."

"Nice to meet you, Ellie." "Nice to meet you, too. You are so pretty. I wish you're Randal's lover."

Angela's genuine expression made Ellie laugh. "Angela, it was great talking with you. But Randal and I are already rushing home. Sorry that we can't talk much this time. Call me when you are free, Angela."

Then she lovingly held Angela's hand.

Angela nodded happily. "OK. Goodbye, Randal, Ellie!"

"Goodbye. Angela." Ellie let Angela's hand go. They separated ways.

Angela went to the parking lot, found her BMW and drove away from the place.

This was witnessed by Ellie.

On just a domestic car, Ellie asked Randal excitedly, "Doesn't that girl like you? I can sense it."

Randal nodded without hesitation. He was a charming man. He knew it from the way she warmly looked at him.

"Do you know? That girl is rich. She is driving a mini BMW. A famous watch is on her wrist. And see that clothes she is wearing? It look plain on the outside, but it is really an expensive, international brand, too. Although I forget its name... Anyway, it is one of those extremely expensive brands!"

"Is it? I didn't recognize them." Randal recalled the time when Angela was still at school, looking confused.

'Angela is low-key at most times. I've heard about her dynamic and active personality. She has good kickboxing skills and Brant is kinder to her. Apart from these, there is nothing special about her.'

"Don't you trust your sister? Her outfit is really costly! Just now, I grabbed her hand to make sure if her watch was genuine. It turned out that it was! Make

her your girlfriend, Randal. So you wouldn't be struggling for the rest of your life!"

Randal hesitated and frowned. "But I don't like her character. She's so rude and has no womanliness at all! I would be with someone I admire, not need."

The most beautiful in Angela's class was Susie. That girl was nice and more charming than Angela.

"Well, that girl is a little more active. But when she is with you, she is shy like a little girl. Don't you notice that? Oh! What does she do in your hospital, though?" Ellie was famous for being very observant. She also was known to be a social climber.

A woman who was trying to marry a rich man must know big brands, of course. But when she met the low-key Angela, she instantly recognized how good her outfit was. It was so high-end.

"Nurse!" She was just a nurse. Why would somebody be a nurse if she was rich? He didn't buy it, too.

Ellie was confused, too. "Shouldn't be this way."

"Yes." Randal was a little disappointed. "She isn't that rich, okay?"

Ellie said, "Before confirming this, try to play with her! Then you can know if she is really rich. Our family depends on you!"

Randal denied, "She can't be!" A girl from a rich family would be a nurse? Unless Angela had her brain damaged!

At the moment, Angela was now reporting her situation to Nancy. "I met Randal's big sister today, Nancy. She was so nice. I just don't know if she would agree on me and Randal going out."

"Would you like me to ask Randal next time, and see if he is interested in you?" Nancy couldn't stand Angela being in a one-sided love.

Angela became shy. "Would you?"

"It's fine. Trust me! Don't worry!"

"Well... OK!"

"OK. Come back now. I've already prepared all the ingredients. Let's cook together." Nancy took herself as the luckiest person in the world as she could eat different delicacies all the time when she was around Angela. Angela was such a good cook.

Of course. Angela inherited her sophisticated cooking skills from her mother, Daisy. She had been cooking for Chuck since she was a teenager.

"OK, I'm in Central Square now. Almost there."

"Drive slow and take care."

"Bye bye for now."

The next day, Nancy did ask Randal for Angela's sake. Randal knew Nancy's purpose and said vaguely, "I don't have a girlfriend. Haven't met someone who I really like, either."

"So what kind of girl do you like?" Nancy felt embarrassed to ask a man a question like this. But she would do this for the sake of Angela's happiness.

"Someone who is outgoing and cheerful." He said that against his will, thinking of what Ellie told him. This was becoming so complicated now.

Nancy was so happy. Angela was exactly the type of girl he was talking about!

She returned to the In-patient Department and told this to Angela. Angela jumped up and down at the footstep on the exit. She was so happy! "So, does he like me or not?"

Nancy was not so sure, as Randal didn't clear things out. "Don't worry. This is already a step forward, isn't it?"

"Right. So do you think I should take more initiative on this?" Although it was no good idea that a girl took the initiative, she felt a little worried that she might not have the chance next time.

Nancy honestly didn't know since she had never asked a boy out. They were a little worried. Suddenly, a cold voice came from downstairs, "Who gave you the permission to talk about romance during work? Come down here!"

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