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   Chapter 4 Get Out for the Dismissal Procedures

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"Angela Si!" This chilling sound made Angela and Nancy's legs weak and they began to shiver. They had to hold each other so they won't collapse on the floor.

Face to face from each other, Arvin ignored her trembling and asked, "Why are you here?"

Angela mumbled with dissatisfaction, "I would rather die than come here if I only knew you are the owner of this hospital! Terrible!" This cold, emotionless man in front of them had always looked good. But when he began to talk about something, things would instantly change.

Arvin showed anger in his eyes. "So, Chengyang Hospital has closed under Sven's management, didn't it?"

Angela felt offended for this slanderous accusation to her brother. She rolled her eyes and said, "What the hell are you talking about! My brother is a great physician! He wouldn't let this hospital collapse under his leadership! As for you, it is really a miracle that you haven't scared all the patients away in Yao Hospital with your cold, maniac face!"

How disrespectful Angela was! She had impressed him a lot. But he asked, "So, why did you come here? Is it just to scourge my hospital? You are a disaster to me!"

"What? You steely-eyed frozen wing..."

Arvin interrupted her with a cold voice, "You called me what? Don't you dare call me that again!"

"I do dare! You steely-eyed frozen wings! How can you call me a disaster? I will get my qualification certificate soon! With that, you'll respect me!"

Her cunning attitude forced Arvin to close his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, he had calmed down. "Come to my office!"

"But I am going to have lunch!" Was she silly? She won't come to his office! She was just so arrogant now.

But he didn't force her. He just said to his assistant, "You go and find out who let her in." After saying that, he walked towards his office.

"Yes. Mr. Gu."

His assistant, Kent Jiang, took out his cell phone and made a phone call.

Angela became impatient. She let go of Nancy's hand and said, "Dear Nancy, you go have lunch first. I will follow him to his office and see what that emotionless man is going to do......" The more she said it, the less confident she was.

She felt weak every time he looked at her. How could she deal with him under this condition?

"Angela, should we call Sven?" Nancy was so worried about her.

Angela waved her hands to her and said, "I will have to see this first."

The elevator was going to close. But Angela tried very hard to open it and managed to squeeze in at the last moment.

In the Office of the Vice Director on 36th floor.

This office was very big and bright. The most important thing was it was very clean. All the furniture like the windowsill and the tables were all spotless clean.

Arvin put the medical records collected and sorted out by his assistant on the table. Then he took off his white gown and hung it on the coat hanger. He proceeded to wash his hands.

Angela thought for a while and spoke first. "Mr. Gu, I'm so sorry. I ran too fast just now."

The man who was washing his hands didn't reply nor turn around.

"...... Mr. Gu, I have known you as a great man who rarely harbors grievance for past wrongdoings. Let me, a little poor nurse off this time, OK?

I have something urgent to deal with so I bumped against you carelessly. Please have mercy on me." She said that in a louder tone.

"Arvin Gu! Make up your mind! Tell me how could you let me off the hook!" It was shameful for her to be fired on her first day. And she could not accept it!

Turning off the faucet, he took a white and clean towel from the disinfection cabinet and dried his hands. Then he threw it into a small basket beside him.

Then he asked abruptly, "What does wings mean?"

Angela was dumbfounded. How did she explain this to him? If she spoke frankly, would he throw her out directly?

He stared at her. Angela blinked her eyes, then answered flatteringly. "It means nothing. I just particularly like eating chicken wings!"

"You don't want to tell me, do you? You know what I'll do..." He

slowly reached for the phone......

Angela surrendered to him and said, "I will tell you what that means! Arvin sounds similar to wing!"

...... It became very quiet in the office. Arvin leaned back in his chair and looked directly at Angela.

Her scalp tingled under his gaze. "Ar...... Ar...... Ar......"

"What!" He interrupted her stuttering voice in a cold and indifferent way.

Angela, "......"

"What is your aim for coming to Yao Hospital?" He actually didn't want to talk these useless things with her.

Angela blinked her eyes and blushed in embarrassment. How could she tell him that she came here for Randal?

This smart and shrewd girl was wearing the pink and white nurse uniform. Her cheeks were a bit reddish. She looked so lovely that Arvin almost forgot to breath.

"Can I...... refuse to answer that question?"

"Of course you can. And you can also get out of this hospital right after."

Angela rubbed her hands and fingers and blushed. "All right. I will tell you...... But you cannot tell it to other people! Promise me!"

She would really feel embarrassed if everybody knew her secret.

Arvin snorted. He didn't promise nor refuse.

Then, the pure and simple Angela told her secret to Arvin. "I have a classmate...... He worked in Yao Hospital after graduating. I want to...... see and stay with him everyday..."

Upon hearing this, Arvin frowned his beautiful and bushy eyebrows. He knew what she was thinking because her facial expression showed her desire for love. And he could tell she liked her classmate. He spoke to her in a very cold way. "A hospital is a holy place and doctors have a sacred profession. How could you just tarnish this by going here on a purpose like that? Get out for the dismissal procedures!"

Angela's heart sank quickly and her shyness turned into hatred. "I have told you the reason, so why don't you let me off now? This is unfair!"

"Have I ever said that I will let you off as long as you tell me the reason? I can't remember saying anything."

Angela was dumbfounded to answer this question. It seemed that he didn't say that.

She curled her lip and said, "All right, I will leave now. You stop your investigation. Don't get others involved in this mess."

Arvin lifted his eyebrows. He never thought she could consider others. "You want to leave, don't you?"

"The thing is I don't want to leave, but you want me to!" She corrected his mistake with dissatisfaction. It was really unfortunate for her to meet him on her first day! Why can't she meet another person?

"Who knows whether you are a business spy for Sven or not? Our hospital is researching and developing several important medical programs now. I suspect that you want to steal our formula. So, you cannot leave here until we clear you of anything suspicious!"

...... Angela swore she never hated a man like him before!

She answered in a low voice. "Whatever you say."

She really regretted coming here! Now she didn't want to stay here, but she could not leave! Gosh! She was so unlucky!

"Get out of my office!" He commanded in a very stern voice.

Angela rubbed her forehead and got out of Arvin's office.

In the dining hall.

Nancy had already bought a meal for Angela, and she put it in front of her. Then she listened to her complain, "...... I have met him several times and I never even offend him once. Why don't he let me off the hook this time? Do you know that he thinks the reason I come here is for stealing Yao Hospital's medical programs! I will never be in charge of our own hospital!"

"Eat first. You should avoid him and don't let him see you again. Then he may forget about what happened and won't make trouble for you." Nancy looked at Angela with worry in her eyes. It's really unlucky for Angela to meet Arvin, who was impersonal and without humanity!

Angela ate some rice and nodded her head. "You are right. I will avoid him from now on. I don't want to get others into trouble, too."

"You eat slowly. Should I call Sven? Sven may know our director, right?"

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