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   Chapter 3 Wing

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Winnie Miao, a 38-year old mother with two children, was the head nurse of the VVIP Ward Department. It was her fifteenth year working in the Yao Hospital.

She scrutinized the two new nurses in front of her, knowing that they've got their jobs by pulling strings. This made Winnie extremely annoyed.

She cleared her throat, and asked, "Are you Angela Si? And you are Nancy Dong?"

They both nodded. Angela told Winnie with a smile, "Winnie, I'm Angela Si, and she is Nancy Dong!"

Winnie Miao seemed to be offended by the pleasantry. She narrowed her eyes and replied with an unfriendly tone, "Have I asked you about it?"

Winnie was playing hardball with them. Angela wanted to say something back, but Nancy interrupted her in a low voice, "Angela, calm down!"

To calm her nerves, Angela took a deep breath and thought of her brother's warning, "Going out to work is not the same as studying in school. Hold back your tantrums, or you won't even know why you've been trapped!!"

She paused for a while so that she could cool down, then she answered Winnie with a smile, "I'm sorry about what I've done, please continue."

Winnie glanced at the two ladies and nodded with satisfaction, "You may start your work now. You should start at the bottom and work your way up. I don't care how you landed this job but you would never receive any special treatment. You would be treated as ordinary nurses here. If you can't stand the difficulties, I wouldn't stop you from leaving."

Winnie was a straightforward person. Without much talking, she asked two qualified nurses to take them to work right away.

Time had passed quickly. Luckily, this morning's work had been a breeze. Since there were only ten wards with two patients, there was no need to ask the novices to get their new hands in treating the patients. They just spent their time watching how the tenured ones work to familiarize themselves in their new working environment.

At noon time, Angela asked Nancy to come with her to the Pharmacy Department. When Angela ran, Nancy pulled her to stop, "Angela, you better take care of your looks..."

Nancy was like an old conservative lady. She had always been reminding Angela about the proper manners. Angela stopped in her tracks, "Nancy, as a girl, sometimes you can't be too tender, you know? Well, you should learn from me..."

Nancy gave a disapproving look, "Your brother has told you to learn from me!"

"... Just forget it!" Actually, Angela learned something from her but it was not a good experience. Nancy was too kind and weak-hearted. It was a piece of cake for her to confront ten girls like her at the same time!

She shook her head and frowned at her. However, her expression quickly changed when she suddenly saw someone, "Hey, Angela, isn't that Randal?"

Randal, the guy whom Angela really liked, was the only reason why she was rushing downstairs and hoping she would ran into him.

Even if she only saw his back, she was sure that the thin boy was Randal!

She quickly straightened her cap, patted her pink uniform, and then made her way to him. However, Angela wasn't fast enough. There were two other nurses who came to him first, "Hey! Randal!"

Angela suddenly felt discouraged, "Nancy, tell me how can these women be..." so persistent like me!"

Nancy chuckled, "So, there's only you who can be determined to win his attention?"

"Well, whatever!" Angela left Nancy and hurried towards Randal, "Ran... Ah!"

When Angela was about to tap Randall's shoulder, she ran into a man who was looking down on the medical records.

Unfortunately, Angela lost her balance and spinned around... And another spin before she was able to steady her feet.

Angela looked blankly at the medical records flying around her. Why was there no hero who came to save her?

Where was Randal?

He had already gone...

Suddenly, a cold voice had pulled her back to reality, "What were you

doing? Why are you being so rash!"

Come on!

Angela sensed something strange yet familiar. How come this voice sounded like someone she already knew...

The anticipation made her feel a bit jumpy. When she looked at the direction where the voice came, she immediately recognized him, "Ah!" Wing! Why are you here?"

Arvin Gu seemed like a clever and sensible man in normal times but he got really confused when she called him "Wing".

She didn't even realize that she already blurted out the nickname she gave to Arvin. To hide her embarrassment, she immediately covered her mouth, "Nothing. Just watch where you're walking! Didn't you know that you have actually wasted my time!"

As soon as those words finally came out of her, she turned her back and rushed to chase after Randal.

"Stop right there!" His cold voice has stopped her abruptly.

Angela sighed impatiently before she looked back at him, "What do you want?" It was all his fault! Now, Randal had gone out of her sight!

"Pick them up!" He shot her a stern look while he was ordering her.

Alas! Since she had no reason to rush because Randal has already went away, Angela did not resist. She lowered herself to the ground and picked up the medical records.

After picking up the papers, she found out that there was only one medical record left on the floor. She looked up at the man with a hint of annoyance, "Hey, don't you feel ashamed standing over there and watching me pick up all these medical records alone?"

'How can he be so tall? I have to tilt my neck back just to see his face!'

"No, I don't!" Standing at the same place, Arvin folded his arms.

Angela was pissed off and hit his arms with the medical records, "How could you have the nerve to stand there and not help me? You were the one who bumped into me! You're not a gentleman at all!"

Arvin didn't even bother to catch the medical records. He seemed unconcerned as the medical records fell again to the ground. He just looked at his tie which Angela has touched. He pulled off his tie, crumpled it, and tossed it right into the trash!


His assistants, who were standing behind him, knew that Arvin was angry. They rushed forward and picked up all the medical records for him.

Angela gaped at the trash, and then turned her eyes to Arvin. She glanced at his shirt without a tie, and finally at her hands. Did she have... A virus?

Or did he... Much to her annoyance, she spit out three words, "You have issues!"

Without a doubt! When someone's mysophobia reaches a certain level, he must have some issues! Just like her daddy...

After roaring those three words at Arvin, she grabbed Nancy, who was taking the pleasure of looking at Arvin, and they walked away.

"Angela Si, did I say that you can go?"

As soon as she heard him, with a surprised look in her eyes, Nancy whispered, "How did our director know your name?"

Angela stopped and didn't make another step. She was really confused. She whispered to Nancy, "Who is our director?"

Could that wing be the... Director of this hospital? No! She could not believe what she just heard.

"Arvin Gu is our director! He is my brother's good friend! Arvin is the deputy director of this hospital! His father, Hogan Old is the director of this hospital. There's another deputy director called Zack Old. Their family basically runs this place..." Nancy's older brother, Gage Dong, was a good friend of Arvin Gu. However, due to their age gap, they were usually busy with different things. That was why Nancy only met Arvin for a couple of times, and it wasn't even a face-to-face meeting.

Angela almost chocked on her own, and she didn't respond for quite a while. "Did we fall into a goose nest?"

Arvin slightly moved. "What's do you mean by a goose nest?"

Still in surprise, Angela thought it was a question from Nancy. "Their surnames are all Gu! This place is certainly a home for goose!"

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