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   Chapter 2 Faint at the Sight of Blood

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"Angela Si, you don't have to..." The boy behind her spoke softly.

"It's OK, Randal Rong. Let me protect you!" Heroically, Angela Si was nearly going to pat her chest to reassure herself that she could!

"..." Randal Rong was speechless.

The three boys were angry and had nothing else to say. They pulled Angela Si away directly, and started punching Randal Rong.

Randal Rong immediately got hit in the face. Seeing they actually did that, Angela hurried to help.

She hit the three boys with a few fast strikes and forced them to kneel. "You are, Angela Si... Please go easy on us!"

"Which department do you belong to?" Angela Si brushed her hands and blew the dust off.

The male student named Kai immediately replied, "The clinical pharmacy school next door."

"Are you going to find trouble here again?"

"No, no, we won't!" The three boys ground their teeth in frustration. They didn't expect a little girl would master taekwondo! And even then be able to subdue three adults in a few strikes!

"I'll hold you to that! Don't you dare come again. I'll beat you the moment you show up!" Angela Si shook her fist and threatened them, and the three boys ran away without leaving a trace.

Under the tall tree, there was only one boy and one girl left. Angela Si blushed at once. "Randal... Randal Rong, are you alright? Do you need to go to the infirmary?"

Randal Rong rubbed his sore lip and shook his head. "I'm fine. Thank you, Angela Si!"

"It's OK. You're welcome!"

They lapsed into silence, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward. Fortunately, Nancy Dong came over and broke the awkwardness between them.

"Angela, are you all right? You aren't hurt? Didn't your brother say he wouldn't tolerate you fighting anymore?" Nancy Dong held Angela and asked her anxiously.

"I'm fine, those three boys really sucked!" Angela Si said casually. Then she seemed to think of something and asked the boy nearby. "Randal, let me go with you to the infirmary!"

The corner of his lip seemed a bit blue. Angela's heart tightened slightly.

This time, Randal did not insist and walked to the infirmary with Angela.

"Randal, you will be a senior soon. Will you continue on and take the postgraduate entrance exam, or go out for an internship?" On the way, Angela asked him again.

"Going out for an internship. My parents asked about a job for me at Yao Hospital!" Speaking of this, Randal seemed very proud.

The Yao Hospital was operated by Gu Family and was the biggest and best hospital in J City, many people studied until their heads were bursting, just to try to get in. There were many postgraduates and postdocs in it. The point was, even if you could get these certificates, you wouldn't be always able to work at Yao Hospital.

Angela had certainly heard about Yao Hospital before. Having been studying in the university in Shine Empire for three years, she had been there too!

"What are you going to do in there?" Angela asked casually.

In the dark, Randal's expression was a little weird, but he finally told Angela. "I'll go to the pharmacy department first. Then if I feel good, then I'll go to the Research and Development Institute."

The Research and Development Institute was what really suited his major. In fact, Angela was a little disappointed in Randal, because she always thought that Randal would prepare for the postgraduate exam instead of being so anxious to work.

Angela Si and Nancy Dong accompanied Randal Rong to take his medicine. On their way back, they passed the girl's dormitory, and sure enough, they saw that Susie Zhang was meticulously dressed.

When Susie saw Angela and Randal together, her face, which had been coy and shy, suddenly changed.

Of course, Angela also saw Susie. In order not to let

Susie bother her again, Angela had to tell Randal about her. "Let me introduce you to another classmate."

"Great!" Randal didn't refuse. For him, another connection meant another opportunity.

The group walked towards Susie. "Randal, this is our Susie Zhang, the most beautiful girl in our class. Susie, I think you already know about him!" Angela told Randal before Susie opened her mouth.

The furious Susie stopped her anger as soon as she heard Angela's words.

Noticing Randal was looking at her, Susie wore a shy smile immediately. "Randal, our resident School Adonis. I've heard a lot about you!"

Randal looked at Susie and smiled. "Nice to meet you, Susie!" The smile made the three girls around him all cover their mouths in excitement. Randal was worthy of being the School Adonis. He was absolutely gorgeous!

Knowing the thoughts of the three girls, Randal enjoyed the reactions his appearance brought. He said to them politely. "Girls, it's very late, I must go home now."

"Yeah, right. Bye, Randal!" Angela was the first to respond and waved to Randal.

Randal took another look at the other two girls who had not recovered from the shock and left the gate of the girl's dormitory with satisfaction.

The first thing Angela did when she went back to dorm was to call Sven Si. "Sven, do you have any friends at Yao Hospital?"

"What's the matter?" Sven had been prepared for surgery and was ready to enter the operating room.

Thinking of Randal's smile, Angela blushed and bit her lower lip. "Nothing. I just want to intern there in my senior year."

"Intern? Angela, are you eager to be scolded to death by father? No way. Go and prepare for your postgraduate exam!" Sven urged his sister seriously.

Angela pursed her lip. "Why would I go to graduate school? It's all theoretical knowledge there anyway. People like me should be doing drug research and development, all we require is the gift for it!" She didn't mean to do that in today's experiment, because all she had in mind was... the way Randal played basketball.

Absolutely gorgeous! Super cool!

Sven had nothing to say. "Okay, let's just put this aside. What are you going to do? Go to the pharmacy department?"

"... Just barely enough!"

As a result, Sven called her back the next day and told her that the pharmacy staff was full, and no one would be leaving for three months!

Angela clenched her teeth. For her School Adonis! "Alright, which department needs more staff?" The first thing was to just get in there.

"Every department needs nurses!"

"..." Angela said nothing.

Sven guessed that his sister would not go, because of a ridiculous reason. Angela, a medical student, who was born in a family of medicine, would faint at the sight of blood!

As a nurse, blood and needles were two of the most common things they would see!

Two Months Later.

Taking a deep breath, Angela put on a clean and tidy nurse uniform and went to the VVIP ward floor to report!

Thanks to Sven, she had successfully entered the VVIP ward of Yao Hospital to be a nurse!

It was a great assignment to save her from dealing with eccentric people.

There are only ten VVIP rooms in the whole inpatient department of the hospital. The patients who can live in the hospital are either rich, noble, or powerful.

She was also here with Nancy!

The woman next to her, also dressed in a nurse's uniform, took her by the arm. Her face was smiling and she spoke softly. "Angela, how happy I am to be with you!"

Angela joyfully patted Nancy's face. "Honey, it seems you can't live without me!"

Nancy tapped her glasses and looked at Angela earnestly. "You're right!" Don't leave me, Angela!"

"Oh, kisses, definitely not. Let's go get the head nurse!"

"Let's go!"

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