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   Chapter 1 The voice

The Princess Game By Lee Cheung Characters: 2395

Updated: 2018-06-25 13:16

Classmates were chitchatting some gossip with each other after the spring break, though nothing was so serious, but it showed good bonding among them.

After some catching-up, the class had began.

There was some noise coming from the loudspeaker when the first class in the afternoon was drawing to an end, which caught everyone's attention.

"There are people in the radio shack at this time?"

"Don't know."

The noise lasted at least one minute, then there came a high-pitched voice that had been changed through a voice changer.

" Hello, classmates of Mosang School, I am the Princess."

The voice is like a bomb blasting the whole school, people were especially interested in "the Princess", discussions then had spread.

"I'd like to invite you guys to play a game, called Princess Game" the voice continued.

"Princess Game? THE PRINCESS GAME?"

"What's the Princess Game?"

"I've heard before that there's a popular game long time ago, called Princess Game, but it's not just a simple game, it's actually a survival game, the chosen one must execute the order from the Princess, or will be punished, but don't know what the punishment is."

" Yeah, I've heard of i

t too. Rumor has it that one school had ever played the game, then it was burned into ashes overnight, and all attendants in that school were vanished."

"Oh, my gosh, so terrific!"

"Don't cry, god, it's just a rumor, it can't be true, maybe this is just some jerk joking around."

Be that as it may, there were still some getting terrified with the words that was delivered by the voice, but more found it amusing.

"Well, this may just be a game or a rumor for others, but for you guys, this will become a reality." the voice sneered as if he/she heard of the discussion.

As the panic attack spread among classmates, teachers all came out of classrooms to check who is behind the voice.

"How about to play the game with me? I will dub him/her, Princess."

Mushun stood up and stepped her one foot on the chair asking, "So you can hear us?"

"Yes." the voice answered.

"Fancy tech, so why should we play with you?"said Chacha who was playing the pen.

"Because there are no options left for you."the voice answered instantly.

"The game will start tomorrow, get prepared."the voice added

When teachers opened the door of the radio shack, the seats were all empty.

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