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   Chapter 19 Bonfire. Pt2.

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"Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them. Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain, but for the heart to conquer it."

- Rabindranath Tagore


"What are you doing here?" I quickly looked over, my panic fading.

"Making sure you stay out of trouble." Axel smirked over at me, the light from the flames bouncing off his face.

"I don't need a babysitter." I huffed out, looking away from him and at the fire.

"That's debatable." He grunted.

"Whats that suppose to mean?" I asked, slightly offended.

"This place is crawling with Noah's men." He said lowly, his eyes focusing on the ground.

"You were worried about me." I teased, looking over at him.

"Don't go getting a big head, it's not like we are friends or anything." He chuckled which caused his laugh lines to show.

"Right because you haven't spilled your guts yet." I reminded him, Axel just rolled his eyes in response.

"Well what do we have here?" Axel's voice was laced with amusement.

My eyes followed to where Axel was looking and that's when I saw Kina and Rylan irrupting from the darkness the woods, holding hands.

Well that dirty scoundrel, no wonder I couldn't find him!

I instantly jumped up to my feet at the sight of Rylan, I need his help with Camlia. If things were different i'd probably be more happy for him and Kina, but this was life or death.

"Woah, woah, woah." Axel jumped up. "Where are you going?" He asked standing in front of me, blocking my path.

"Move, I need to talk to Rylan." I stated, trying to step around him but he just moved with me causing me to let out a irritated breath.

"You got me instead." Axel huffed, his eyes turning to into slits.

"I can't tell you! You've got to move, the longer I wait the worse it's going to get." I wanted to smack his chest but I didn't.

"What are you talking about?" His eyes searched my face looking for answers.

"Move!" I hissed, stomping my foot on the dirt.

"Come with me first." He stated, his eyes holding an mysterious glint.

"I can't." I couldn't control the whine that escaped my throat.

"Please Mia." Axel's eyes bored into mine, his dark irises swirling with different emotions.

I looked over at Rylan and saw him laughing at something Kina had said, her eyes were shining bright with content. I'll let them have just a few more moments of happiness.

I looked back over at Axel and gave in, I couldn't say no the look on his face.

"Just a few minutes, okay?" I told him.

He nodded his head in agreement, grabbing my hand and hauling me somewhere into the darkness of the woods. My hand tingled, something that happened often when Axel touched me.

I followed Axel blindly into the tall trees, slapping branches out from my face from time to time. I could barely see anything with the tree tops blocking out most of the moonlight which caused me to stumble on fallen branches.

I now understand why everyone falls in horror movies, they can't freaking see anything.

"Where are we going?" I asked him.

"We're almost there." He stated, striding effortlessly in the rough terrain.

"That's not exactly the answer I was looking for." I said sarcastically.

Suddenly Axel stops walking and I run right into his back from the untimely stop. Of course he didn't budge any, he was like a cement wall.

I looked around and saw that he had taking me to another clearing, a little higher than where the bonfire was. My eyes automatically snapped to the ledge that was only a few feet away from us.

My breath thinned looking down slightly, keeping a good distance away from the cliff. My breathing was labored and I think Axel noticed because he told me to sit.

But I was froze in my own fear, this was way worse than being on that glass walkway in the airport. Axel yanked gently on my hand, sending me to the ground where he sat.

"Look up." He whispered.

But my eyes were only

ject more but as if it was on cue, a scream erupted through the woods, practically stilling my heart right then and there.

"Please stop!" The girl pleaded with someone.

"I didn't tell anymore I promise." She cried.

Axel and I both immediately knew that voice, it was Camlia. Axel bolted back into the maze of trees towards her, he pulled his phone back out and ordered his gang to met him the north-west side of the mountain. I ran as fast as I could behind Axel, trying my best not to face plant into the hard ground.

Camlia's screams got closer and closer until we found her, pinned against a tree with Noah on top of her. Axel quickly ripped him off her and onto the dirt, he pushed Camlia towards me.

I watched as Axel reached for his pocket, pulling something out. It was gun. The dark sliver shined in the moonlight, he had that gun this whole time? I watched as he pointed it straight at Noah. Air completely left my lungs as I heard reinforcements for both sides stomping through the woods.

"Get out of here." Axel ordered, his voice dangerously low.

"But wh-" I started.

"Get out of here Mia." Axel growled, furious.

Camlia pulled my hand, telling me we needed to go. I took one last look at Axel before letting Camlia pull me through the woods.

I screamed loudly when a gunshot went off behind us. Adrenaline rushed through my body, forcing me run faster. My heart was missing beats and my head was fuzzy.

We didn't stop running until we were back at the bonfire, everything seemed to be normal here, like nothing bad ever happened. Camlia spotted Rylan and Kina by the beer table so she sprinted towards him.

Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, I saw everyone's mouths moving but their voices were strange and distorted. The music sounded like static to my ears.

I saw Rylan hand Kina car keys and I think he told her to take us home but I wasn't extremely sure. Rylan then ran off toward the woods in the direction we left Axel.

I felt as both Kina and Camlia locked arms with me and we walked towards Rylan car.

"I'm so sorry." I said to Camlia, feeling like I wanted to cry.

"It's okay Mia, I should be thanking you." She looked sadly at me.

I didn't understand why she would want to thank me, I could have just gotten Angelo killed. I didn't say anything though, I just crawled into the backseat of the car.

Kina started the engine and we left, I didn't feel right leaving them. I wanted to stay, make sure they were okay. But Kina was following Rylan's orders and I was following Axel's.

The whole ride home I had only one question running through my head.

Did Axel kill Noah?

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