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   Chapter 18 Bonfire. Pt1.

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"I thought about how there are two types of secrets: the kind you want to keep in, and the kind you don't dare to let out."

- Ally Carter


I sat in English the next day still in shock after what Camila had told me. Noah threatened her with Angelo's life, what kind of monster does that? I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, the only person I knew who could handle this situation couldn't be told, not like I would want to talk to him anyway. I thought about going to Rylan or even Rose but I'm not sure how much good it would do, it would just put them in danger. Even if we did somehow stop Noah who's to say another one of his guys would start where he left off?

But I couldn't sit around and let Camila be punching bag either. I remember her saying that Noah wasn't going to stop sending people after me and from what I saw the other night I believed her. I was terrified to leave my room and I constantly felt like I was being watched. Axel said I should tell Samantha that I can't take the job, which I considered doing, but then I remember it was Axel who said it and instantly disagreed.

If I get enough money I could buy a plane ticket back to New York, sure I'll be homeless but at least I wouldn't have to worry about gangs or looking over my shoulder everywhere I go.

Mrs. Porter was rambling about some literature assignment that was due next week. I tried paying attention to her but between everything that was going on in my head and the intense stare that I knew was coming from Axel, I couldn't really concentrate.

I knew that the unwavering stare was coming for him because for the past day that's all he has been doing. It's quite creepy really. I could tell he has been stepping on eggshells around me ever since he read my journal. He probably didn't know if I was going to scream at him or break down in tears. The truth is I could yell at Axel until I was red in the face but it would do no good, the damage is done, I was never one to cry over spilled milk.

Unless it was chocolate.

Now that Axel has read my journal he's acting differently around me now, he asks me if I need rides to school or if I want him to wait in my room until I fall asleep. Of course, I decline and tell him to leave me alone but that doesn't stop him from acting like I'm fine china or something. It honestly makes me feel worse, I don't need his or anybody's else pity. I didn't write those things down for attention or to show off how miserable my life was.

I psychically cringed thinking about the things Axel most had read in that book. I'll admit some things in that journal are a little over dramatic even though they're all true events but I guess when you're that sad, no inconvenience is a minor inconvenience. When it's one disaster after another you stop looking at it as a bad day but more as the world is out to get you. I remember waking up most days feeling so sad that I forgot what it's like not to be and now thinking back on it, isn't that the sad part?

From the age of seven, all the way until I was fifteen was when I shrugged the most with my panic attacks, at first it was over normal things people were nervous about like public speaking, meeting new people or even the dark. But slowly and surely the triggers were over smaller events like people looking at me for a millisecond too long, people raising their voices even if it was direct towards me or even what I was going to have for dinner that night. I felt like I was fighting for my life every day, my seven year old self didn't know then how to control my breathing or not to focus on the constricting of my rib cage.

I wanted to ask what was happening to me but I learned at young age that just because somethings happen doesn't mean we talk about it. It might make someone uncomfortable. I also learned at a young age to not have compassion for anyone that doesn't outrage.

"Mr. Deacon, what are you doing?" Said Mrs. Porter, bring me out of my thoughts. I looked over my shoulder towards Axel's desk, curious as to what she was talking about.

That's when I noticed Axel marching straight at me. My eyes widen when he grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the classroom door.

"Mr. Deacon you cannot just leave class!" Mrs. Porter yelled.

Axel stopped walk and turned to face her, his expression was annoyed and unbothered.

"Do you ever shut up?" He asked, giving her an irritated look.

I gasp slightly and practically pleaded with her to stop him with my eyes but she did nothing bu

mps placed around. There were people everywhere some were dancing to the blaring music, some were sitting on the huge logs placed around the campfire and others were standing around tables and large keg containers filled with beer.

You'd never see something like this back home.

"Here, " Wyatt said, thrusting a solo cup into my hands.

The sour smell of beer filled my nose and I tried not cringe, I don't drink. I've seen the side effects of alcohol and I promised myself I wouldn't be like them.

Wyatt looked at expectingly, I knew he wanted me to drink it. One sip couldn't hurt I told myself besides, I didn't want to be that girl who was too good to have a beer. I brought the cup to my lips and took a swig and instantly regret it. The taste was as horrific as I remembered it to be. I wanted to spit it out but I forced the liquid down my throat.

Wyatt smiled proudly at me before running off to be with his boyfriend and Indy. I quickly dumped the beer out my cup and into the grass when no one was looking, or so I thought.

"That's kind of wasteful don't you think?" A voice asked behind me.

I turned around to be greeted with Angelo smiling knowingly at me.

"Don't tell Wyatt, " I begged playfully.

"My lips are sealed." He said, acting like he was zipping his mouth shut.

"Thanks, you're a lifesaver." I joked, smiling up at him.

"Hey have you talk to my sister lately? Our parents sent in letters from Colombia yesterday." He explained.

I felt my heart sink at the mention of Camila, a hopeless feeling laid in my chest as I looked at Angelo's smile and thought about how the world would be a darker place without it.

"No, I haven't." I lied straight through my teeth.

"Well if you see her, can you tell her I'm looking for her?" He asked.

"Will do." I forced a smile.

I started walking away from Angelo, I had to get away from him. Whenever I looked at him I couldn't help but feel guilty for not telling him what's happening to Camila.

I decided I couldn't handle it anymore, I needed to tell someone, so I looked for Rylan, He'd know what to do. I couldn't bear knowing the thought of Camila being hurt by Noah.

I searched for what felt like forever and still couldn't find any sign of Rylan, which didn't help the hopeless feeling in my chest.

The sun was long gone and the full moon had taken its place instead, the chilly breeze on the mountain sent a shiver down my spine or maybe it was nerves, I wasn't sure.

I tried calling Rylan but his phone went straight to voicemail and I sighed. Deciding to give up on my hunt, for now, I went to sit by the fire to warm up, there were people talking and making out on the logs around me and I tried my best to ignore them.

I wasn't sure how long I was sitting there before I felt a presence sit down next to me. My body tensed up in fear and I refused to look at them. My heart pounded in my chest and I swear I could feel sweat rolling down my forehead.

"Hello Mia."


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