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   Chapter 15 True Color.

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"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character."

- Albert Einstein


"Sorry to interrupt but we need to go." Rylan voice sounded on edge.

"Why?" I asked, my cheeks burning with embarrassment.

"Noah's here." He looked up at Axel, silently having a conversation with their eyes.

"Camila's boyfriend?" Kina asked confused.

Nobody answered Kina's question but Rylan looked down at her before looking back to Axel.

"Come on, we need to go." Axel's voice was now hard and unattached.

Since the kiss, Axel has yet to look at me and I get the feeling he regretted kissing me. I know I'm not the best kisser but I didn't think it went awful, in fact, I thought it was the opposite of awful his lips were so soft and strong and the way they felt against mine was unexplainable.

I'm not sure what possessed me into letting him kiss me. I don't understand why my skin doesn't crawl or my stomach clench when he touches me. I'm confused by the way he looks at me, I can't tell if he likes me or hates my guts.

One minute he has me in a choke hold and the next he's kissing me, one minute he's saving my life and the next we are running away from the police. Everything about Axel Deacon confuses the living hell out of me and I'm not sure I can handle that.

We started making our way to the nearest exit of the mall when a deep voice from behind us made us all stop dead in our tracks.

"Leaving so soon?" His voice was cocky and crude as I remember it to be. My heart started thumping faster and the memories started flooding back.

Axel was the first one to turn around and face him, then Rylan, followed by Kina. I didn't want to turn around, I didn't want to face him.

"Exactly, we are." Axel's voice was low and intimidating.

"Not on my account, I hope." I could hear the smirk that was painted onto Noah's face.

I finally turned around to face Noah and the longer I looked at him the angrier I got. My blood was boiling, I want nothing more than to punch him square in the nose but that probably wasn't the best choice with his 3 bodyguards standing behind him.

That's when I realized this was the first time I've seen Noah since my first day of school. I could tell his left eye was bruised but it was almost fully healed now and he had various cuts scattered around his less than perfect face, but other than that he looked like his usual rotten self.

Remembering how helpless I felt with his hands on my body made me shaking in anger. It scared me now much rage I was carrying with me, despite everything I was never was a violent person even though I had plenty of reason to be. I think I was too scared to stand up for myself. I was too scared of making things worse, I guess deep down I thought they were right, I was nothing more than a waste of space that deserved everything I got.

But something has changed, something about me has changed. I didn't feel scared anymore, it had been replaced with a new but familiar emotion: Rage. The same rage I felt when my mom left me, the same rage that left me screaming into a pillow for hours straight, the same rage that plagued my heart with hate for so long.

"Well, you're not the best company." Rylan cut in, glaring hard at Noah.

Noah's eyes narrowed slightly at R

or shut.

Maybe I was wrong, maybe there wasn't anything good or redeemable about Axel. I started walking away from his parked car and the more I thought about him the more upset I got. From the very beginning, Axel was nothing less of horrible to me, I was foolish to think there was anything better about him.

I heard Axel's mustang come to life so I started walking a little faster, he might run me over or something. When I felt the warm air from this car hit my body I knew he was behind me.

"Get in the car Angel." He sighed heavily, rolling down the passenger side window.

After everything, he said to me he's really going to call me that?

"No dickhead." I snapped, looking forward again.

"Listen, Mia, I'm sorry." He said.

That's a first, who knew Axel Deacon could apologize.

"I did listen Axel and heard you loud and clear! And what exactly are you sorry for?" I yelled.

"Are you sorry for insulting me? Or are you sorry for wishing you never met me? How about the way you treated me the first day I came to this shit show!" I seethed, I could tell I surprised Axel from the look on his face.

"You know what Axel? I'm the one who is sorry. I'm sorry you have so much hate in your heart that you feel like you got to hurt others, I'm sorry that you don't like me, for whatever reason that may be, but must of all I'm sorry that you can't be the person that we both know you could be." I stared at him shaking my head.

"Now, no offense, but get the hell away from me, " I said, focusing on the road in front of me.

Axel didn't say anything but I saw him nod his head from the corner of my eye. I watched as his car sped down the road in front of me, my heart felt heavy as I watched him leave.

I hate to admit but Axel was just like almost every person I've met in the system. He was rude, abusive, manipulative, just overall not a good person.

It was right then I finally knew what color Axel was. Axel Deacon was black, an empty, bottomless, oblivion filled black.

Kind of ironic really.

I pulled out my phone and opened the GPS because I had zero clues how to get myself back to the house.

Note to self: Only start a fight in a place you're familiar in.

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