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All of my family drove back home after the party yesterday - minus my grandparents. They wanted to make their visit worth it and join us for our family lunch today.

Landon and Holly spent the night to make it easier on them. I somehow avoided crossing her path now to do it for another few hours.

I start getting ready for the day, making the bed and cleaning up. I'll be driving back when we come back from lunch. I'm not sure where my parents picked to eat yet.

I slip the oversized shirt that I slept in over my head. Making sure my door is locked as I stare at my reflection. A smile makes its way on my face at the sight of my baby bump.

I showed Thomas yesterday when we escaped for a second inside. He was in disbelief, dropping to his knees to inspect it.

Holy shit, he had muttered repeatedly.

I jump at the knocks on my door. Quickly throwing on a summer dress and pushing my shorts down my legs. I open the door to see my mom dressed already.

"Ready to go?" She asks.

I nod, taking a glimpse at the clock in the hallway. "Whose car are we going in?"

I doubt the seven of us will fit in their car.

She clicks her tongue. "You can come with us. Landon is driving your grandparents." She clarifies.

After I've fixed my hair and gotten my shoes on, I make my way outside. They're all ready to go, dressed in their best clothes.

I slip into the backseat of my parents' car. The drive is mainly filled with my mom and dad having small talk. I stare out the window, only talking when they directly ask me something.

We arrive shortly to a restaurant I haven't been to. The grand opening sign hangs over the name of the place. It's a modern building with a lot of natural lighting from the open windows. I like that we can see outside.

We enter the restaurant, all of them talking to each other. I stand beside Landon, thanking him since he held the door open for all of us. Holly waits inside for him, taking his hand in hers.

My dad had made reservations so we're led to a table away from the entrance. Like any other restaurant, there's music playing to lighten the atmosphere.

I sit beside my mother, and across from my grandfather. He's still bitter about my choice to forget about college - for now - I keep reminding him. It isn't final and I'm for certain going to attend. Somewhere in the future but I'll do it.

We order our food which is chaos due to my grandfather being indecisive. We all made our orders simple and he gave the waitress a hard time.

I give her a sym

ar empty-handed. My parents stand at the porch, watching us get ready to leave.

I wave at them, saying bye to Landon as Holly stands beside me.

"I hope you're not expecting an apology."

I look at her. "Never."

She grins. "Good, because you're not getting one."

I roll my eyes at my ridiculous sister. "Bye Holly."

The drive back to the apartment is hectic with Sunday traffic. I had a long weekend and I'm ready to hang out with my friends for the rest of the day.

I haven't been able to talk to Chase that much, but I miss him. It's only been two days I know but I'm growing attached to him.

I knock on the door, carrying my bag and wanting to relax before I have to work tomorrow.

Alice opens it, beaming when she sees it's me. "I missed you!" She pulls me in for a hug.

I'm ushered inside, Matt taking my bag and Chelsea hugging me. The smell of something delicious distracts me but I greet Jesse with a hug as well. I catch a glimpse of Matt wrapping his arm around Alice.

I'll have to ask her about that later I note.

My favorite person is last, his green eyes locking with mine. My heart flutters when Chase wraps his arms around me. His scent and warmth intoxicating.

I want to say screw the whole waiting thing and kiss him. But I can't and unfortunately, he pulls away from the hug.

It's hard to understand what they're saying as they tell me what I've missed. I was gone for two days and I'm welcomed in such a great way.

I can't help but feel a little emotional at how amazing they are. I've never felt so loved as much as I do now.

My eyes meet Chases' only making my heart swell even more.

My life feels perfect right now.

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