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Since I agreed to help my mother prepare for Holly and Landon's' engagement party, I will be staying in my old room for the weekend. It's exactly the same, nothing touched except the bedsheets that smell freshly washed.

I brought a bag with a change of clothes and a few other things. My mom is already in the family room ready for me to help. Leaving my things on the bed, I make my way downstairs.

There are boxes of decorations on the floor. My mom sits on the couch, wearing a casual outfit of jeans and a v-neck shirt.

"Your grandparents are driving down here, I need to get the guest room ready." She tells me. "You can go ahead and unbox the decorations that go on the table."

I nod listening to what she says. She leaves to go upstairs leaving me to the rest. It doesn't take long for me to finish, standing back to make sure it's perfect.

I leave the balloons for tomorrow like my mom advised.

I decided to help my mom with the spare bedroom. My grandparents live nearly four hours away and they're actually coming. It still doesn't make sense to me that they don't just wait for the actual wedding.

I would understand a small family gathering but I guess my mom wanted to plan this. And because a party isn't enough, we're all having a giant family lunch on Sunday.

I help my mom put the new bedsheets on, the silence making every second seem longer.

"Will you and Thomas start looking for a place soon?" And suddenly I prefer silence.

I keep my head down, my hair covering my face. "We're just getting our own places, " I tell her.

My eyes meet hers and I feel small again. She doesn't judge me instead nodding. "Have you talked about getting married at least?"

I bite the inside of my cheek, discreetly sighing. "Mom, we aren't getting back together." I leave out any other details.

My mom would have never let this go. A few weeks ago, she'd tell me to get together with Thomas. Afraid of what people will say when they find out that I'm not with him.

So to my surprise, she drops the conversation. "I'm going to start on dinner." She smiles.

Everything feels so different and forced. I can tell that she's trying to stop being how she used to be. Very controlling and difficult.

I simply nod and walk behind her, shutting the door. I spend the rest of the time in my old room. I worked today and got off at two as usual. The drive was tiring due to the traffic being so bad and I am starting to really feel it.

A nap won't hurt anyone I think to myself.

My head

e of the number of chances I've given him.

"You need to stop letting your emotions do the talking, " I tell him. "You tend to do things that sound good in that moment and it ends up blowing up in your face."

"I know, " he nods. "I'm working on that."

I smile and hold my pinky out. "Promise that you'll tell me when it's too much. I don't want to feel like I'm pressuring you into being there if you're not ready."

His attention is fully on me, a brow raised. "I'll be there the entire time, there's no way in hell that I'd back out. Not when you do all the hard work and I have to watch you struggle for seven more months."

My smile gets bigger at his words. "You're gonna be such a good dad, " I say honestly.

It's a curse that I forgive people so easily. I'm bad at saying no and I fantasize too much about everything being perfect. But if there's anything that I've learned it's that some people do change.

I've seen it happen with my parents. It must take a lot of realization and for something to happen before they do finally wake up.

Thomas is clearly ready to become a father and he's gonna have to do a lot of breaking old habits. I can't change him or the past but I can be there and watch him mature on his own.

The party is definitely not as bad as I thought. My sister and I never even crossed paths and she didn't even glance my way.

I watch with a smile as she laughs at something my aunt said. Landon stares at her with that cheesy smile, and I find myself being happy for her.

I want that type of love. The kind where none of my flaws matter and I'm appreciated for who I am.

Only one person comes to mind, making my heart race.

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