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All it took was getting to know Chase before realizing how easy going he can be. For the past two weeks, our friendship has definitely blossomed. From the start, I knew that he was the type of person to make friends right away.

Not having to worry about there being an awkwardness between us has helped.

He seems to be stress-free, meaning that he and Kayla finally solved their complicated relationship. She doesn't stop by anymore, making work so much easier. I like that I can come in every morning and have someone to make it enjoyable.

We have a few minutes before our break. Chase helps Linda outside with some new inventory while I watch the register. The bell chimes, assuming it's them coming back I ignore it.

"Bea?" I hear, lifting my head in confusion to meet a familiar pair of brown eyes.

Standing up straight I muster up a smile. "What are you doing here Thomas?"

He's in khaki pants and a light blue button-up tucked into his pants, held up by a belt. Thomas has always dressed nice, his casual wear is hardly casual.

"I had a meeting. Came to see how you've been doing." He looks around the store.

We talk nearly every day but it's impossible to hang out with him. Unless I have an appointment, I don't really get to see him.

The clock behind me reads ten til noon. "I'm doing good." I nod.

Chase enters alone, Thomas turning slightly to let him by. Linda must have left already. I rush to help with the boxes, Thomas gripping my wrist gently.

"Bea, " he warns.

I swallow, nodding. Thomas lifts them easily causing Chase to stare at us with a blank look.

"Thanks." He says, going to the back wit

ly not expecting that. "The girl on her lock screen is that her-"

"Her girlfriend, Taylor. It's a long distance relationship but they're doing a pretty good job." He smiles.

I think back to when they were at the apartment. She didn't seem to be uncomfortable talking about boys. Although she never said anything about her love life. Maybe she's still not completely comfortable with talking about it.

Our shift ends shortly and we say our goodbyes to Chase. He stays for a bit to wait for Chelsea. She's a lifeguard for the kids' pool area.

I make my way to my car, seeing a bright pink sticky note on the windshield. My eyes narrow as I get closer, looking around to see if anyone here did it.

In neat writing, the words 'Don't mess with what isn't yours' are written on the note.

I crumple it up tossing it somewhere on the floor as I get in. It's either a prank or someone being childish.

Either way, I decide to ignore it and hope for it to be nothing. The only thing I can really do is nothing but ignore it. There's no name, no written threat but a bunch of silly words.

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