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I got the job easily, it felt a little too easy. Chase did warn me about that.

The manager, Linda called me and we scheduled to meet and train. Once again, it was way too simple. I get the responsibility of unpacking and organizing new inventory. Meanwhile, Chase works the cash register and helps with his knowledge on surfing.

We both work from eight in the morning until two. Getting a break for half an hour at noon. Currently, we're on our lunch break.

"What do you think?" Chase asks, across from me facing the store.

"It's bearable, " I say with a smile.

He agrees with a nod. "It's not bad, I got this job in high school." He says. "It's actually how I met Kayla. Her dad owns this store, among three others across the state."

My eyes widen taking in the information. That must be why she stops whenever she pleases.

"She's quite the character, " I say. Remembering how stubborn she was the last time, and the number of scowls sent my way.

He bites his lip, with raised brows. "That's an understatement."

Speaking of, the bell rings when a tall blonde walks in. Her eyes focus on Chase as she makes her way to the desk. Our break is pretty much over so we pick up our trash.

I trail behind him and let him talk to her. Organizing magazines on the shelves and letting the music from the radio distract me.

Kayla shares her thoughts on me being here pretty clear. "So now you're friends? You barely know her." She complains.

"I need to get back to work." I hear as I make my way past them.

She continues to whine some more, making Chase sigh in distress. "Whatever, I'll call you later." She leans forward to kiss his cheek.

I keep my

ve six height.

They talk about usual girl things. I definitely feel left out when they discuss boys. The only one I've ever loved got me pregnant which I'm not ready to talk about so I stay quiet.

Except that Kayla includes me in every conversation, seeing my discomfort very clearly.

"Anyone special Bea?" She blinks, arching a perfect brow.

I stop fidgeting with the pillow on my lap, lifting my head to look at her. "Nope, " I answer.

She tilts her head, Alice giving me a concerned look. "No? There isn't anyone you're interested in?" She presses.

"No, Kayla, I'm not interested in anyone."

She smiles smugly my reaction is exactly what she wanted. "Okay." She lifts her hands up.

I feel irritated because that wasn't the only time she pressed me for answers. Chelsea finally told her to stop sticking her nose in my bubble. I hid my laugh, giving her a thankful smile.

They finally leave and it feels like I can breathe again. Kayla is surely not always like this, it must drain her being that persistent.

Alice looks at me. "Remind me to never invite her again." She says seriously.

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