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It's Saturday meaning that Alice doesn't work today. I've been feeling cooped up and sick at the same time. The morning sickness makes me want to stay inside all day. But then I also feel like I need some fresh air.

Which is perfect because Alice wants me to meet her friends today.

We'll be meeting them at the mall in an hour. I joined her for coffee as soon as I had gotten out of the shower.

"Have your parents tried calling you?" She asks.

I purse my lips before replying. "No, I don't expect them to either."

She nods drinking her coffee. Her eyes light up as if remembering something. "My mom says congrats."

The mention of her makes me smile. "Have they left for their trip yet?" I wonder.

Alices' parents both love to travel. They don't have any responsibilities since Alice is old enough. There isn't a place they haven't visited.

"They leave next week. I wish I could go." She pouts.

I smile, "One day you'll be able to travel too." She could do it now but she doesn't want to do it alone.

Her smile widens as she fantasizes about visiting Hawaii. I empty what's left of my coffee and wash the cup.

"We should get ready, " I tell her, going to my room.

We'll most likely be walking around so I choose something comfortable. I've always been kind of serious, being raised by people who were so uptight all of the time. Making friends was fairly easy yet I find myself being nervous to meet her friends.

Alice described them all to me as easy going and down to earth. So I hope they don't hate me at first glance.

When we get to the mall, we walk towards the giant waterfall. I can tell it's them when we get closer and they all stand up. I have four sets of eyes on me as I give them a coy smile.

Alice stands beside me. "This is my friend Beatrice but she likes Bea better." She tells them. "Bea this is Chase, Chelsea, Jesse, and Matthew who hates being called that." She grins at his glare.

"Hey." I smile.

To remember their names I repeat them in my head. Chelsea and Chase are twins, light brown hair and green eyes. That's the only similarity they share and otherwise, you can only tell that they are even related.

Jesse has curly dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. If he's not the definition of a surfer than I don't know what is.

Matthew or Matt has dark hair and br

own eyes. I would never approach him on my own. His inked skin and obvious muscles are enough to intimidate me.

We walk around the mall, Chelsea showing me the best stores. I buy a few things since I could only bring so much from my parents' house. It feels natural being around them.

It's just Alice and Chelsea beside me since the other three were hungry. They tried a couple of times to get out of it but Chelsea wasn't having it. She finally sighed and told them to go.

I sit with my phone while they continue to try clothes on. There's nothing I hate more than trying clothes on. I just wing I and get whatever looks like will fit.

Alice pokes her head out, looking for me. "You can go to the food court if you want." She smiles. "I know you'd rather be there than here."

"Are you almost done?" I stand up, more than happy to go.

She gives me a look before shaking her head. I laugh and tell her to join us when they're done.

The smell of unhealthy sweets and foods fill the air. I make my way towards the three that are happy to be away from the shopping.

"Hey, " I say, sitting beside Matt.

They wave or say something incoherent, stuffing their faces.

Chase stands up, wiping his hands on a napkin. "Do you like pizza?" He asks. When I nod he goes to the line.

I then plan to take him my money so he can pay but Matt tells me to sit. "He's got it."

Deciding not to argue I stay in my seat.

Jesse leans forward, acting as if he's interrogating me. "How old are you?" He asks.

"Nineteen, " I answer.

He nods, tapping his fingers on the table. "Okay, how did you meet Ali?" Never heard that one before.

I smile. "We met in middle school. we shared a class together." We became inseparable ever since.

His questioning is stopped when Chase comes back. He sets my pizza down along with a lemonade. I thank him, really wanting to pay him back.

He looks at Jesse. "Are you interviewing her?" He chuckles.

Matt tells me that Jesse is always like that and that I'll get used to him. I like that he has a sense of humor.

It takes twenty minutes for Alice and Chelsea to join us. They carry four bags each and we move to a bigger booth. I've gotten to know them each a little bit, learning about how they all met and such.

It was fun to be able to enjoy my first weekend here.

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