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After the shock had subsided, all I felt was determined. I was aware of my options, and that I didn't have to put myself through this. But the reality of this situation is that I want to. Even if my parents kick me out, which I'll leave either way. I have the money to raise a child. No one has to tell me that it'll be difficult, I know it will be.

A kid isn't a pet, they're around forever and my choices will affect their lives. The only bright side to my situation is that I'm fortunate to have money saved up. I can easily get a job, move into an apartment, and keep saving up. With that in mind, I feel ready to tell Thomas and then my parents.

After I took the first pregnancy test and my heart dropped, I took the second one two hours later. It was almost like I was hoping for it to be true. Yet part of me wanted it to be false. I spent the rest of the afternoon locked in my room. I researched and read through blog posts. Wanting to know as much as possible.

My sister came over for dinner, luckily she brought her boyfriend so she left me alone. I was excluded from every conversation which didn't bother me at all for once. I fell asleep right after, allowing the four of them to catch up.

This morning I was full of determination. Ready to just get the mess out of the way and deal with things slowly.

I text Thomas, asking if he's home. He responds right away, asking what I want. It's been three weeks, and I've seen him a handful of times. He doesn't try to talk to me anymore, but he never fails to give me a small smile. One that is his way of apologizing without words.

I tell him that we have to talk before changing into a pair of jean shorts and a gray tank top. The temperatures have gone insanely high, making me sweat at the mere thought of stepping foot outside.

I put my hair up before slipping on my shoes. Walking downstairs, I can hear the television on a news channel playing.

My father sits in his office, having a cup of coffee before he leaves for work. I'm surprised to see my sister here so early but she often drops by before work.

"I'm going out, " I call out, making it to the door before my mom calls my name.

Moms heels sound throughout the kitchen. "You're not gonna greet your sister?" She asks.

To avoid a dispute, I keep my comment to myself. "Morning Holly."

Holly has always been the star child. The one with the perfect grades, social skills, and looks. Her hair is the exact same shade as my mothers, minus the hint of gray. She's almost identical to her.

Holly smiles, her eyes showing anything but kindness. "Thomas doesn't come around anymore? Oh, wait, he was using you." She pouts in mock concern.

I clench my teeth together, willing myself to keep it in. "I'll be back later, " I mutter, walking away.

I calm myself before driving to the house I once spent all of my time at. The three-story home looks exactly like every house in the neighborhood. It's perfect cream paint color and

white fencing being the only difference.

Taking a deep breath, I get the positive pregnancy test that I wrapped in a napkin. Putting it in my back pocket, I walk to the front door.

I wait while the doorbell rings, repeating in my head that it'll be fine. Thomas isn't a bad guy, he was very sweet until I overheard how he was using me. He promised that he truly loved me but his plan was that at the beginning.

Either way, I wouldn't allow anyone to use me and lie about it for over a year.

The door opens revealing Thomas, his lips turn up slightly.

"Hey." He replies after staring at me for a few seconds.

I wipe my sweaty palms discretely on my shorts. "Hey, can I come in?"

He nods, opening the door a bit wider. "Of course."

He leads me to the kitchen. "Want anything to drink? We have sweet tea." He adds.

It was my favorite when I came over. I nod, looking around the perfectly decorated kitchen.

Pouring us both a glass, he hands me one. "Should we go to my room?" He asks.

"Sure." I set the glass down after drinking half of it.

We walk up the stairs, the several pictures of them lined on the walls. Their mother loves to have their home represent them as a family. They love traveling and visiting new places as a family.

Something I've always been envious of. But the few times they invited me, I felt welcomed.

Entering his bedroom for the first time in weeks feels nostalgic.

His bed is made, the dark gray sheets neatly folded. His collection of CDs are organized neatly and I remember the number of times he'd allow me to choose what to listen to.

I smile at the memories, meeting his gaze.

"Are you okay?" He wonders, crossing his arms.

I take the stick from my back pocket, deciding to just go for it. Dragging it on just makes me even more nervous.

I can tell he's confused, brows creased as he takes it cautiously. I feel the breath knocked out of me when he catches on. The way his mouth gapes open and his eyes widen.

Thomas runs a hand through his hair, tugging at the ends. "Shit, Bea." He mutters.

I bite my lip anxious at what he'll say. "Congrats?" I try to joke, my voice shaky along with my hands.

He breathes out a laugh in shock. "We're having a baby?" He asks in disbelief.

I nod to the proof in his hands causing him to look at it again. "Are you okay?" I ask, noticing how pale he looks.

With a nod, he hands it back to me. "I'm in shock, what have you decided?" Thomas sits beside me, the bed dipping a little.

I smile softly, fidgeting with the soft bed sheets. "To keep it." I watch his reaction. "What do you think we should do?"

Leaning forward he sighs. "I'll support you in anything. Your parents are gonna kill us." He mumbles the last part making me laugh.

I nod because his parents will probably accept it a little easier than mine will.

Thomas and I look at each other for a few moments before he breathes out a laugh. "We're actually having a baby.."

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