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   Chapter 278 Turkey

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However, he still didn't approve of their marriage.

Then, Gloria suddenly disappeared right on her engagement day.

Potrick was later informed that his daughter had been found in Aaron's house, which made him so angry that he nearly wanted to disown her.

... He was in a bad flush of anger.

But, in the end, Aaron and Gloria's marriage was eventually approved.

To offer her a better life, he decided to wash his hands clean and work with Colin in the SL Group.

After her ten month's pregnancy, Sophia gave birth to her child, and the anticipated baby turned out to be a healthy baby girl.

Half a month later, Selina also gave birth to a girl.

The happiest person of them all was Ambrose, because he now had two sisters, which made him even refuse to go to kindergarten.

During their infancy, all the girls did was cry and eat, and he offered his favorite toys to them to play with.

But the little boy often asked Wendy, "Grandma, why do my sisters always refuse my toys? Don't they like them?"

Wendy grinned, and replied to him, "No, not at all, they're just too young to know what toys are."


At dinner, the family gathered in the living room and the two girls were both awake.

Colin and Levi had been thinking about their families everyday. Whenever they weren't busy at work, they always came home and stayed with their wives and daughters.

After Sophia changed her daughter's diaper, she went upstairs to check on her phone, Because Sandra had told her that she would call her in the evening.

But the moment she stepped into the room, her

that she would grow interested in Turkey after she listened to it.

Touched by him, Sophia hugged the man, and said, "Of course I want to. I really want to go there, yes!"

As long as she was with him, it didn't matter where they would go!

Colin put on his usual smile, and asked, "Well, do you know Levi's honeymoon destination?"

Sophia tilted her head, and asked, "Korea? Switzerland? The Maldives?" She kept guessing a couple of more destinations.

"None of them are the right answer!"

Soon, Sophia heard Selina's screaming in the next room, "I don't want to go to that crappy place..."

She was clearly displeased with Levi's travelling choice.

But Levi hugged his wife, and coaxed her, and said, "Imagine all the fun things we could do there! Just imagine!"

"... I said I don't want to go there!"

When they heard them, Colin and Sophia couldn't help but laugh. After they laughed for a while, Colin suddenly kissed his wife, and said, "Honey, I love you!"

"Oh, sweetie, I love you more!"

"Well! Give me another kiss then..."

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