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   Chapter 277 How is She Like

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Sophia nodded, and said, "Okay, I'll tell Colin about it. You don't have to worry about Hugh, he's good man. There's no doubt that he will meet someone who loves him!"

"Okay, Sophia, I'll leave you then!"

"Okay. Goodbye!"


Finally, just like Gregary, Jonas was sentenced to death, and it wouldn't be long until they received their execution shot.

In her time, Sophia was either designing clothes for Ambrose, or looking for matches for Hugh, since she was feeling idle at home.

Although she was pregnant, Sophia had to attend various parties with Wendy to find Hugh a good girl.

Colin often cast her glances of bitterness when he noticed that she was going to garden parties, and asked whether she took Hugh's matter too seriously.

Every time she wanted to go to a party, Sophia had to coax Colin for some time beforehand.

To make Sophia stop worrying about Hugh's love life, Colin decided to help him for her.

And when Sophia was five months pregnant, she received an invitation to Hugh's wedding.

The bride was none other than the youngest daughter of the Ho family, Gill.

She had just turned 20, and was a student at the military academy. Through Herring, she had already met Hugh several times.

And more than that, she used to be a big fan of Hugh. The waterside flower sheds its petals for love, while the heartless brook ignores them and flows on. Of course, that flower was Gill.

When Colin showed his true intention to her, she was so happy that she nearly gave up the opportunity to become a navy recruit.

But when Colin told her that he wouldn't help her if she did so, she immediately calmed down.

Hugh undoubtedly knew that Sophia and Colin were doing all of this for him, But he didn't care who it was.

To make them stop worrying about him, he and Gill got their marriage certificates shortly before her graduation.

Hermosa was satisfied when she saw Gill, this frank, energetic girl, who had become her daughter-in-law.

After her son's wedding ceremony, Hermosa left her home and became a nun.

the way Dorothy had treated her!


When Dorothy's life signs were stable, she was taken to the police station and her case was moved into a trial.

As they had expected from the start, she was sentenced to death.

Sophia didn't pay her a visit once because she was pregnant.

She heard the news about Dorothy's sentence from Colin and Aaron. Dorothy was greatly tormented in prison as she awaited her execution, she was bullied by other female prisoners. They had even tied her to the toilet, forcing her to sleep on it.

Patrick was the one who arranged her funeral.

From that day on, there was no Lien family anymore, no Gregary, Marcella, or Dorothy.

Jonas was dead, and so was the entire Lien family. Aaron's anger was soothed, and he went to Shine Empire a couple of days before Gloria got engaged.

But Gloria's father, Potrick, sent his men to find Aaron and escort him out of the country, because he knew that his daughter had once been desperate for this man.

He wouldn't allow anything happen to his daughter just before she was about to get settled.

But Aaron was not discouraged, and on the day before Gloria's engagement, Jay arrived in Shine Empire. The father and son then went to Potrick's villa with their betrothal presents to propose for the marriage.

Out of his respect for Jay, Potrick didn't throw Aaron out straightaway.

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