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   Chapter 276 Save Her for Torture!

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At the very beginning, it was Wendy who had helped Sophia get out of prison in A Country, and it was also Wendy who had provided her the chance to live a happy life.

Their thoughts were then interrupted by the emcee's sonorous voice. "Look at our bride, and you'll see how her smiling shy face proves us how happy she really is now. Our bridegroom Colin must be saying something sweet to his sweet wife. Am I right, Colin?"

The guests then burst into laughter when the emcee finished his words on the mic. Sophia blushed when she heard the crowd's laughter and lowered her head.

Contrary to her shyness, Colin went to the emcee and took his microphone, and said, "You're right about that, I must say! I love my wife very much, and I also want to thank my mom, because she was the one that brought Sophia into my life! Thanks, mom!"

After he spoke there was a sudden burst of cheers and applause, and Wendy was looking at her son with tears in her eyes.

Because of the emcee's cute and entertaining questions, all the guests were in a happy and excited mood, and the wedding finally came to a perfect end late in the afternoon.

They returned home nearly at night. Because they were pregnant women, Sophia and Selina were very tired, and went to sleep without even eating dinner.

Wendy handed each of her sons a bowl filled with a special nutritious meal, and ordered them, "Make sure they eat this."

Colin and Levi took each of the bowls and went upstairs to their rooms.

Colin lifted Sophia and held her just before she fell asleep. He softly said, "Honey, have some soup first."

"No, no, I'm too tired to eat..." murmured Sophia.

"It's okay, I'll feed you, " gently replied Colin. He then put Sophia against his chest and reached with his hand for the chicken soup bowl. Carefully, he put the bowl to Sophia's lips.

Sophia knew that Colin was also very tired, and she tried to stay awake, and said, "I can drink it by myself, thanks. Please, get yourself fixed!"

Colin still held the bowl in his hand, and said, "My wife comes first before me!"

"I'll be okay, seriously. Go and get something to eat for yourself!" Sophia then tried to take the bowl from his hands.

But Colin had no intention to leave her alone, and he was still feeding her. Eventually, he put the bowl back on the table when Sophia insisted that she couldn't drink any more of

ally, it was Hermosa who had called the police.

Afterwards, she called Sophia, and said, " Sophia, what Jonas has done to you can get him killed many times, I'm aware of that. But... can I beg you to spare his life?"

Sophia fell silent because she couldn't forgive him, knowing that he murdered her mom.

Hugh didn't say a word after he found out that Jonas was jailed. Whatever results came from the court, he would accept them. He decided he wouldn't visit Jonas if he didn't get the death penalty.

But if he did, as his son, he would prepare a funeral for him.

Aaron was very angry after he found out about Hermosa's request. He almost argued with Sophia for not refusing Hermosa straightaway.

Because she was pregnant, Aaron spoke some words which showed his attitude on the whole matter. He said, "His life for mom's life! He has to die, or else I'll kill him myself!"

Sophia sighed after Aaron left, and to avoid Aaron from actually doing that, she called Hermosa back, and said, "I'm sorry, but about your request, I'm afraid that..."

Hermosa knew her answer before she even finished, and said, "It's okay, Sophia, you don't need to feel sorry for this. I can understand you, and I shouldn't have mentioned it..."

Sophia didn't know what to say when she heard her. "Auntie Hermosa..."

"Sophia, I'm glad that you and Colin remarried. It's time for my son Hugh to also start looking for a girlfriend. Could you please help me find a good girl for him? He's the only person that I worry about... I really want to see him start his own happy family one day!"

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