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   Chapter 274 The Most Beautiful Girl In My Eyes

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She pulled Sophia aside with tears in her eyes, and fell to her knees with a plop. "Sophia, please let Payne go! I beg you to let him go! I know that he did a lot of unforgivable things to you, and I feel sorry for all of them, but I beg you, let him live! I swear that I will take him back to his hometown, and never come to this town again! Please..."

This old woman, who was already at her fifties, fell to her knees and begged her, a thing which flustered Sophia, who quickly helped the old lady get back on her feet. But she still insisted on kneeling, and Sophia, who was unable to pick the old lady up by herself, had to ask for Aaron's help.

"Auntie, please don't be like this..." Because her younger brother was around them, Sophia lowered her voice when she mentioned the incident. She whispered to the old lady, "Payne is in the black coal mine in Green Cold Country, and his daughter is in an orphanage. That's all that I can tell you, find out about the rest yourself!"

She didn't want Aaron to hear what she was saying because she didn't want him to recall his unhappy past.

Payne's mother was happy with her answer, and after she asked about some other details, left.

"Sophia, what did you say to her that I wasn't allowed to hear?" asked Aaron. While he was driving, he was looking in his rearview mirror at the two pregnant women sitting on the back seat.

Sophia paused for a moment, and then said, "I didn't say anything, I only talked like that to calm her down."

Aaron knew that it wasn't because of that, but he didn't ask any more questions, and instead, continued to drive.

Suddenly, thinking that Levi was a soldier, Sophia curiously asked Selina, "You said that you and Levi already got your marriage certificate, but as far as I know, soldiers need to apply in advance to their superior to be eligible to obtain permission to get married!"

Selina had asked Levi the same question, but she had found out that Levi had already prepared for everything in advance, turning in his application long before the scheduled day for their marriage certificate.

Selina replied, "Levi planned it all in advance!"

It was such a sweet intrigue, and in the back seat of the car, the two women laughed together cheerfully.

Hearing their giggles, Aaron in the front automatically imagined who they were talking about. And he couldn't help but want to find the girl

tood hand in hand with Colin, alongside Selina and Eason.

Sophia chatted with Selina, and looked at the stunning spectacle of their wedding.

She had been in that position once before in the past, but she never had expect everything to be so shocking this time.

She never thought that she would ever have such a big wedding.

When she had first married Colin a few years ago, she thought that she and Colin would be miserable together for the rest of their entire lives. The worst thing that she had thought about back then was that Colin would eventually find another woman, and that she would be forced out of her marriage by her...

It had never occurred to her that she would be having such a dream wedding that only appeared on TV.

Standing next to her, Eason told her, "When you were in Milan, Colin returned home to find me as soon as he had found out that I was going back to C Country. He always asked me to take care of you and teach you more. At that point I was thinking that if Levi loves Selina like Colin loves you, then I can rest assured that everything is alright."

Luckily, Levi really loved Selina, and both of them were very sweet with each other, and happy.

Six months ago, Selina had been kidnapped in C Country because of Eason.

When Levi had found out about the whole thing, he had immediately traveled to C Country to save Selina.

Saving people's lives was very thrilling, and several times was also very life-threatening.. But Levi, in total disregard of danger, heroically fought with the gangsters, and successfully rescued Selina safe and sound.

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