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   Chapter 273 Sudden Death

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Colin raised his eyebrows, and said, "Sophia, how could you go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with Flynn and almost get married? We'll settle this matter better when we get home!"

He admitted that he was almost torn apart with jealousy when he saw Sophia and Flynn together there!

"Seriously? Settle the matter? Let's settle the matter with the children first!" Without showing any kind of emotion or remorse, she pointed to the side of the road, and said, "Go there!"

He was confused, and asked, "What's the matter?"

Sophia told him, "Let's split and go on our own separate ways!"

Colin was speechless when he heard her. He sighed, and begging helpless, he said, "Just think how much I care about you, not to mention about our child that you carry inside your womb... Let's leave all our misery in the past! What do you say? My dear and sweet wife?"

His endearing plea made Sophia blush. She said, "Don't call me wife!"

"Don't worry, you'll be my wife in a month!" He felt better when he thought of this. Their bright future was right there in front of them.

"Oh, I'm not worried at all!"

"I understand that you aren't in a hurry to be my wife, but I am, okay? My dear wife!" Sophia meant everything to him.

Although she grunted and looked out the window, as if she didn't care a bit about what he was saying, it was clear that she was delighted.

In just two days time, Colin took Sophia to take their wedding photos, snapping several hundred photos in both exterior and interior scenes.

They selected three sets of pictures and had them enlarged as much as it was possible and hanged them on the walls. One set was for the old house, one for the Redbud Mansion, and one set was for the Ninth Villa District.

Sophia had nothing to do except to eat and to sleep every day, and with Colin's attentive daily supervision, she actually gained quite a lot of weight.

As winter gave its way to spring, Sophia made three sets of spring clothes for Ambrose. He was so happy that he immediately wanted to throw away all of his other clothes and only wear what Sophia had made for him.

But Colin immediately stopped him, and said, "If you throw away all of your other clothes, you'll then have only three sets left, which are definitely not enough for you because you get dirty all the time. That means that your mother will have to make you clothes non stop! She already has a hard time as it is with her pregnancy, and she has no time to make clothes for you!"

Ambrose was speechless for a moment, and then said, "Okay, you're right..." He tuck

ied to coax a child, she gently stroke Colin's back.

The atmosphere in the room was warm and harmonious, and the hours and days went by quiet and beautiful.

Later, Colin told Sophia that Dorothy had really gone mad after killing her mother.

She had been locked back inside the mental hospital. She had become insane, often laughing for no reason, or shouting wildly at the people around her.

Aaron had looked into Julia's death at the tomb, and had found evidence that Jonas and Gregary had deliberately murdered her.

The evidence, along with the chip he found in grandpa's home, was handed to the police.

Gregary was taken to jail and sentenced to death, the execution time approaching for the next batch of prisoners.

Jonas was said to have fled to Las Vegas, where police officers had begun to cast their nets to catch him.

Sophia, who had recently been suffering from severe morning sickness, received a phone call while she was shopping with Selina.

It was Payne's mother.

At the time, Sophia was polite to her, because she had met the woman only twice when she was dating her son. Sophia thought that she was a nice and honest woman.

She wanted to meet up with her, and initially, Sophia hesitated, but eventually agreed.

Before that, she called to ask Colin about Payne's current whereabouts.

Knowing what she was going to do, Colin told her to wait at home and ask Aaron to pick her and Selina up.

The meeting took place at the gates of a large park near Payne's home, where Aaron and Selina met with Payne's mother.

Because she hadn't seen her for a long time, Sophia saw that Payne's mother had grown pretty old; her hair had whitened, and her skin had wrinkled.

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