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   Chapter 272 I Won't Exhaust My Brother-in-Law

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Colin developed a soft heart for the child so he didn't even try to stop her from calling him as her father.

This was the truth. Everything Colin just said was pure truth.

Colin exclaimed, "It was all Marcella's idea. She had this going on for a long time. She persuaded Dorothy to tell you that I wanted to be with you because I just wanted you to donate your kidney for Nana. Don't you see? I have never even tested whether your kidney is compatible with Nana's. And even though it is compatible, I won't let you donate your kidney. I won't take that risk. There are other donors right there."


After hearing these words, Sophia couldn't utter a single word. She didn't know what to think nor feel. She was just looking outside the window, contemplating about this sudden change of things.

"I am sorry about Nana, but as for Brody, I..." She wanted to say that she couldn't forgive him, but she hesitated. She wanted to vent out her anger to him because he has kept her son away from her for a very long time.

Colin sensed her anguish so he immediately held her left hand, while his other hand was steering the wheel. He stopped at a red light, and looked at her intently, "Sophia, we've gone so far. I want to be with you. You have no choice but to forgive me. I didn't want that to happen, too."

He was being a bully! How could he manipulate her emotions again? She refused to let him gain the upper hand this time around. She replied, "I have another choice. I can live with two kids..."

Colin let go of her hand and stepped hard on the accelerator. He suddenly blurted out, "Impossible!"


Colin then took Sophia to his office. When Sophia sat down on the sofa, Colin approached her, his hands placed on each side of the sofa to support his body. They were so close to each other right now.

Colin turned serious, "From now on, you need to be with me wherever I go. I am afraid that those two annoying flies would harass you again."

Eh... What? Two flies? She quickly understood that he was referring to Hugh and Flynn.

But she thought that he was trying to restrict her freedom. Sophia abruptly shook her head and said, "No way!"

"Well, I'll give you two choices. Be with me or be with my mother. What will you choose?"

...... She didn't actually want to make a choice, but she knew Colin wouldn't agree. So she just said, "I want to be with your mother!"

She felt that she did something wrong after making that choice because Colin suddenly smirked at her. 'Am I being trapped?' Sophia thought in exasperation.

Colin said, "Dear, please wait for me here. As soon as I finish my job, let's go home together!"

Let's go home together... Sophia didn't know why she suddenly felt so warm and happy when she heard these words.

Then Sophia somehow fell asleep. When she woke up, she was already lying on the bed in Colin's lobby.

She rubbed her groggy eyes, and then opened the door. Colin was there talking seriously with Aaron.

They stopped talking when they saw her walking out of the lobby. Colin stood up and walked towards her. He was smiling at her. "Are you hungry? Let's go to have something to eat. You must be starving already." Justina had mentioned that Sophia actually ate a lot back then when she was still pregnant.

Sophia nodded. She was hungry and it was already dark outside.

"Colin and Sophia, I have to go to work first. I'll keep in touch." As Aaron was saying these, he took the files placed neatly on the desk and walked towards the door.

"Well, when are you off duty? Do you have a free day?" Sophia asked Aaron, expecting a favorable response.

Aaron smiled and said, "I will be off-duty as soon as I finish my workload. I'll work on it as quickly as possible."

Colin raised his eyebrows and mocked, "Relax! I won't exhaust my brother-in-law. Just do your work."

Aaron smiled but Sophia's face turned red. She said, "I am just asking. What's wrong with that?"

Aaron then said, "I really need to leave. See you!" Then he walked out, and closed the door.

There were only Sophia and Colin in the office. Colin held Sophia in his arms, and kissed her deeply. He has been longing to do this all throughout the day.

After a long while, he let go of the breathless Sophia and sighed, "Life will be painful the following months. It will be a torture."

Sophia lo

oked up at him, obviously confused. "Why is that?"

Colin smiled. He then pinched her face and put his left hand on her abdomen and said, "I'm afraid that I would hurt it."

"You are a senseless man! How could you still think of that?!" Sophia screamed and then slapped his hand away.

Colin stopped teasing her and held her hand as they left the office.

The car stopped at a private restaurant. Sophia didn't get off the car yet and asked, "Why won't we go home?"

But he immediately said, "I had them prepare a few delicious dishes. Let's go!" He unfastened his seat belt and got off the car. Then he rushed to the other side and opened the door for Sophia.

When she got off the car, he held her hand and they walked towards the fancy restaurant together.

When they arrived at the booth, the waitress dressed in cheongsam was serving dishes. Colin sat beside Sophia and took a wet towel to wipe her hands.

Sophia was a bit surprised at how Colin was treating her with such gentle and serious gestures. No wonder that everyone would always say that a serious man was the most attractive one.

After wiping Sophia's hands, Colin was about to take another wet handkerchief. Sophia stopped him and said, "It's my turn to clean yours. Give me that now."

As she was opening the wet handkerchief, Colin stretched out his hand. Sophia wiped his hands carefully, just like how she would take care of Ambrose.

She wiped his hands slowly and gently. This caused Colin to really want to kiss her right then and there. And he did so. When Sophia finally put the handkerchief down, he lifted her chin and kissed her.

Sophia didn't know how to react. She thought, 'Luckily, the waitress has gone out.'

After a long while, Colin let go of Sophia unwillingly and said, "Behave well! Don't seduce me again!"

Sophia was speechless. She said, "I didn't seduce you. You're the one who kissed me!"

Colin said, "You did!" Everything she did would turn him on right away. That was how he strongly desired Sophia.

And what happened next froze Sophia. Colin fed her everything she wanted to eat. She was deeply moved and touched.

He said that he was not able to take the responsibility of being a husband when Sophia was pregnant. So he wanted to treat her better to make up for his past mistakes.

After supper, they walked out of the restaurant, hand in hand. But it just happened that Hugh was coming into the restaurant.

He was followed by two foreigners, a man and a woman. They seemed to be in a serious business with Hugh. When Colin and Sophia saw Hugh, he also met their curious glances.

Hugh forced a smile and greeted them out of respect.

Sophia asked, "Hugh, are you coming to eat here?" Sophia felt a little awkward. Although Hugh was having a hard time recently, she had never called to ask about his situation. She never showed her concern for him before. She thought, 'I should at least call him to show my concern. I'll call him soon, then.'

Hugh smiled and said, "Yes, I invited some guests to eat here. I heard the food in here was really good."

Then he introduced those two foreigners to Colin and Sophia. They courteously greeted each other. Then Hugh glanced at Sophia once more before entering the restaurant with those two foreigners.

Sophia looked back at Hugh, and was lost in her thoughts, 'Since Hugh is worried about Pei Group, should I ask him if he needs any help? I should at least do that out of courtesy.'

But suddenly the pain in her hand brought her back to reality. Colin became dismayed and jealous. "He's now out of your sight. Can you please stop looking at him?"

"I am not looking at him. I am just a little ashamed. I want to help him. He has been a very nice friend to me." She said that with complete honesty. After all, Hugh was a good person and had done many good things for her.

Colin pushed her into the car, and said, "Humph, you don't have to worry about that. You just need to take care of yourself, our son and our daughter." He would help Hugh with his company. They were still good friends. He would never forget that.

Sophia rolled her eyes at him on purpose, and said, "If you want a daughter, you can give birth to one on your own. Let's see if you can do that!" Colin fastened her seat belt and kissed her forehead. Then Colin went to the other side and drove away.

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