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   Chapter 271 Marriage License

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Aaron was horrified and bewildered. He tried to intervene several times already but couldn't manage to utter a single word. He finally turned back and left the coffee shop.

Inside the coffee shop, the atmosphere was as stiff. Flynn and Sophia stared at each other, but neither of them said a word.

In the end, Sophia was the one who broke the ice. "How did you know that I am here to meet my blind date?"

"I have overheard. Don't underestimate my skills, Sophia."

Sophia didn't believe a word he said. That's impossible! How could he overhear that! Anyway, she decided to be straightforward and maintain her composure, "I need to marry someone. And I'll marry him with Colin's child. That man should take the offer or just leave it on the table."

"Then, what do you think of me? I'm willing to do that for you." Flynn suggested in a sincere tone.

"No, you're too good a candidate. I don't have the heart to hurt you. I'm sorry. You know I would just hurt you if you stay with me." Sophia answered candidly.

But Flynn took that as a compliment. With interest brimming in his heart, he replied, "I don't mind to be hurt as long as you're the one I end up with. And I can marry you as quickly as you like. We can even get a marriage license now. What do you think of that?"


Aaron was thinking of calling Colin right now. But before he took out his phone, Sophia and Flynn walked out of the coffee shop together.

"Sister, let's go home. I told you that this man is not meant for you. I'm right." Aaron said in a satisfied tone, not knowing that a bad thing was bound to happen.


At The SL Group

In the conference room on the 22nd floor, Colin was presiding a conference with his senior managers. Then suddenly, his phone buzzed. The caller ID read Aaron Lo.

Colin hit the answer button, and Aaron's terrified voice came out. "Brother! A disaster is imminent! My sister and that man Flynn are going to the Civil Affairs Bureau! They are going to register their marriage! I honestly didn't see this coming!"

Colin was taken aback. He never saw this one coming out, too. Then he blurted out, "What the hell?!" He stood up from his chair immediately. The expression on his livid face horrified everyone in the room. They have never seen their boss get angry like this. All the attendees didn't dare to make a sound. They waited for Colin to finish speaking on his phone.

"It's true! They just departed right now! Brother, what do we do?! Tell me, please!" Aaron helplessly asked in a trembling voice. But Colin had already ended the call. There was no use to waste time anymore.

Putting away his phone, Colin announced to the managers, "You're dismissed!"

Everyone was looking at each other in despair and confusion. But Colin already strode out of the conference room and started running along the corridor. He needed to do something. And he needed to do it fast.

Outside The Civil Affairs Bureau

Flynn and Sophia were already waiting at the end of the queue. Horrified by the sight of other giggling couples, Sophia moved back a little. "Flynn, I think our decision was too rushed. Do you really think this will be the best for us? Are you sure that you will marry me?" Sophia said with an anxious look on her face. She was starting to regret her rash de

Sophia was puzzled. Her eyes widened with shock. But...

"Her mother is Maeve Duanmu. But her father is one of my subordinates, not me!" Colin had seen through Gregary's trick from the very start. He thought back then that this would happen, but he didn't pay serious attention to it. He knew that Maeve was sent by Gregary when she tried to seduce him. And in return, he didn't refuse her offer of having sex.

But he didn't sleep with her as he just sent one of his men to her. That was the whole story that night.

Then Maeve got pregnant. Overjoyed, she thought the child to be Colin's, and decided to keep the secret in the dark. Then she gave birth to Nana, and taught her daughter to believe that Colin was her father. That was why Nana kept on calling him her daddy.

When Nana was about to be two years old, Maeve finally took her to Colin.

Naturally, Nana accepted Colin as her father, and was very clingy to him. She was longing for a father to take care of her.

In Colin's opinion, children were the most innocent beings in this world. So he didn't correct Nana at that time, but showed the DNA test report to Maeve afterwards. He didn't want to hurt the child's feelings yet.

Knowing that the child wasn't Colin's, Maeve no longer wanted to pay for Nana's hereditary uremia. Nana inherited the disease from the girl's birth father. She left her daughter into an orphanage instead. What Maeve did was very terrible and sad.

Nana's biological father was also in treatment that time. He couldn't secure Nana's future so he begged Colin to help his child.

The man has always been loyal to Colin. And after all, if Colin hadn't asked him to have sex with Maeve, the child wouldn't be born to suffer such hideous disease. Colin readily agreed to his request. He took on the responsibility that he should have been accountable for.

He took Nana out of the orphanage and put her into special care. Until the child fully recovered, he would pay for all the costs and expenses, including helping her find a kidney donor.

Later on, Nana's birth father died, and they can't contact Maeve. Nana, the beautiful child, became an orphan. She had no one to rely on, but just Colin.

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