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   Chapter 270 Heartbreaking

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But then he suddenly heard a familiar voice. He realized that the video was sent by Sophia.

Curious as he was, he hurriedly clicked on it. The video showed a beautiful and charming Sophia, addressing him with many good wishes. However, he was right all along. Sophia's New Year's gift to him was her pregnancy.

Her face flushed red when she mentioned it in the video. Maybe she was shy or it could be that she wasn't sure how Colin would react.

It seemed that the video was shot in advance.

Colin replayed the video three more times. Then he finally closed the laptop, walked out of the guest room, and returned to the bedroom. He was feeling mixed emotions, but he was really happy.

On the morning of the Lunar New Year's Day, Sophia was still lying on her bed. She rubbed her eyes and groggily rolled over. However, her face pressed onto a warm hard object. Wait, what was that? She wondered if she had fallen onto the floor or hit the wall.

She rubbed her eyes again, and saw Colin's solid, muscular chest.

That jerk! Sophia was surprised and a bit angered. She slapped Colin's shoulder.

Colin just chuckled and opened his eyes. He knew what just happened and he found it very amusing. He gazed at Sophia's surprised face and lovingly said, "Happy New Year, honey."

"Who is your honey! I'm not your honey! Tell me, how did you sneak in?" Sophia freed herself from his arms, and sat up on the bed.

She remembered that she had already locked the door last night. How did he get in here?

Colin embraced her again. "That's not important. Sleep some more. I'm just right here."

Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door. Ambrose's familiar voice came from the outside, "Dad, mom, happy new year! I wish you two the best! I love you, both!"

Colin was frustrated and confused. His son never got up in time on school days. How could he get up so early on a holiday? Oh, children these days!

Sophia got off the bed, and opened the door for Ambrose. The little guy was wearing a light gray down jacket today. He looked really handsome on it. Standing at the door, he grinned to Sophia, expecting her to carry him. With a smile, Sophia picked him up, "I wish you the best too, dear Brody!"

She carried him into the bedroom, took out the red pocket* she prepared for him from her handbag and presented it to him.

(*TN: In Chinese tradition, money given to children as a lunar New Year gift will be wrapped in red paper.)

Ambrose kissed the red pocket in total excitement and jubilation, "Thank you, mom! My mom is really the best!"

Ever since he learned that Sophia was his real mother, Ambrose had told everyone in his school that his mother was back with him again. He was so proud of his family.

In return, the other kids looked at him with admiration, saying that he was so good-looking and his mother must be very beautiful too.

Ambrose then promised everyone that when the school started, he would ask his mother to send him to school so that everyone could meet his mother!

"Don't have your mom carry you again.

s dead already, was standing in front of her. It was almost like a reunion in the underworld. She just couldn't believe her eyes.

Colin joined Sophia, Josh, Jay and Aaron during dinner.

Out of gratitude, Josh and Jay extended a warm and loving welcome to Colin. They basked him with hospitality and treated him as they would a part of the family.

And even when Sophia and Colin were about to leave, Jay personally walked them to Colin's car. His eyes followed them as their car disappeared at the end of the road.

However, sadness grew in Sophia's heart with each day that passed. The Spring Festival had finally come to an end.

The 20th day of the Lunar New Year

After she dropped Ambrose off at his school, Sophia drove to a nearby coffee shop.

As Colin had ordered, Aaron accompanied her. For the sake of Sophia's safety, Colin had explicitly asked him to be with her everywhere she went.

As they made their way inside the coffee shop. Aaron curiously asked, "Sister, who are you meeting here?"

Sophia rolled her eyes at him and responded in a slightly annoyed tone, "I'm here for a blind date. Why?"

Aaron was taken aback. His eyes widened at this thought, and stared at her with his eyebrows raised, "Blind date? What blind date? What do you mean?"

Before Sophia could even answer, a man's voice came from behind her. "Sophia, long time no see!"

It was Flynn.

Sophia respectfully gestured to him, "Have a seat, Mr. Flynn! How are you?"

Aaron gasped in disbelief. He turned to Sophia, "Your blind date is Flynn? Really?!"

Flynn whistled to him. "Indeed. I'm going to be your brother-in-law, you brat. You don't have any choice now, do you?"

Then Aaron blurted out in disgust, "Sister, but you're already bearing Colin's child! How can you go on a blind date! That's not being a good woman!"

Sophia smirked, "I know. I want his child to be fathered by another man. I know what I'm doing, brother." That was just like what Colin had done to Ambrose. Now, she got to do the same thing to him.

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