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   Chapter 269 My Little Dear

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Colin stroked Sophia's hair, and said, "Alright, we can talk about all of this later. Let's go home now. Okay?"

"No!" refused Sophia.

Her eyes filled with tears. She had once planned to give birth to Colin's baby and marry someone else, to let his child call another man dad.

However, it seemed that Colin had made her child call another woman mother first.

She was a big loser.

Colin didn't force her to go home with him, and after he made sure that she was fine, he brought her to her apartment, just as she wanted.

His priority now was to find Dorothy and find out what she had told Sophia.

Shortly after Colin left, Sophia couldn't wait to drive to Li Manor.

When she arrived at the villa, Wendy was out with Colin's grandparents, and Selina was together with Ambrose, playing with his toys.

The servant opened the door, and when she saw it was Sophia, greeted her "Good evening, Miss Lo."

"Good evening. Where is Brody?" Sophia sounded anxious.

"He's upstairs with Mrs. Selina, " replied the servant.

"I see. Thank you." Sophia hastily changed her shoes and went upstairs. She ran for a few steps but immediately slowed down when she suddenly remembered of her special condition.

When she approached Ambrose's room, she heard his little excited voice say, "Auntie, look! I fixed it! Am I cool?"

Selina echoed, "Wow! Brody you're great! Even I don't know how to fix that!"

"I must have inherited my mother's intelligence, " grinned Ambrose.

"Why not your father's?" asked Selina curiously. That was because she thought that Colin was actually smarter than Sophia was.

Ambrose proudly answered her, "Because my mother is Sophia, and she is the smartest and the most beautiful person in my heart. When I grow up, I wish I could be as smart and charming as my mother is!"

Sophia quickly covered her mouth to stop herself from crying aloud when she heard Ambrose's words.

Selina noticed Sophia standing at the door first, and said, "Sophia, you're here! Why are you crying?"

"Mother! You're here!" Ambrose immediately put down his toys and jumped down from the chair and ran to Sop

ia, his blandness had some kind of hidden purpose.

She still didn't have the courage to ask him whether he was good to her just because he wanted her kidney for his daughter, or because he was actually sincere and loving.

She didn't dare to ask, because she didn't know what she would do if his answer would be "yes."

Colin then lowered his head and kissed Sophia's lips, but Sophia wiped her mouth sullenly with the back of her hand. Colin laughed at her, and said, "Alright, alright, no more kissing. I'm going now, good night."

"Go away already!" Sophia quickly drove him away, because she was afraid that she would forgive him if he stayed any longer.

After Colin left, Sophia lied in bed, and she could smell him in the pillow, which made her feel even worse.

Should she really ask him about his daughter Nana? But she knew that she couldn't accept it if Nana was really his and Maeve's daughter.

Sophia kept thinking about this, and around midnight finally fell asleep.

Inside the guest room, Colin was working on his computer. The bed wasn't made up. When the clock struck twelve, he looked out of the window and saw many fireworks lighting up the night's sky.

He would have set off fireworks for Sophia as well, but considering that she was pregnant and couldn't stay up that late, he dismissed the idea.

His phone suddenly buzzed with two notifications, and Colin casually checked it.

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