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   Chapter 268 They Needed Nutrition

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Sophia's question gave Aaron a bad feeling. "Sophia, what on earth did Dorothy tell you?"

Sophia sharply replied, "Aaron, Ambrose is my child. When do you first learn about this?"

Aaron heaved a sigh, and said, "Sister, please don't get mad. Colin planed to tell you the good news later after he got everything settled."

Sophia smiled bitterly; it seemed that Dorothy had indeed told her the truth.

She then took her phone out of her pocket, and called Hugh. She said, "Hugh, do you know who is Ambrose's mother?"

Hugh was busy cleaning up the Pei Group mess. He fell silent for a moment, and said, "Sophia, you finally found out. Congratulations!"


Sophia laughed bitterly, and instead of giving up, she dialed Herring's number, and also asked him the same question.

Herring had the same thinking as Colin's, and he thought that Sophia would be very happy to know the truth, but he was also sensing that something was wrong from Sophia's tone. "Little Sophia, don't you feel excited and happy that your child is actually alive... Hey, Sophia..."

Sophia then hung up the phone, and rubbed her chest. Pain! She felt a lot of pain.

Her child was almost four years old, and she hadn't even had the chance yet to fulfill her responsibility as a mother. Sophia cried out, "Brody, my poor child..."

"Sophia, please stop crying. Colin told me the truth, but he wanted it to be a surprise... Sophia, what's wrong? Sophia!" She then suddenly passed out, but Aaron quickly caught her. He carried her in his arms and then rushed out of the psychiatric hospital.

'Dorothy, you bitch!'

At the Chengyang Private Hospital

Colin quickly walked into the ward, and with a pale face, saw Sophia lying on the bed. She was still sleeping, and had been put on an IV drip.

Frowning, Colin tightly held onto her hand, and asked Aaron, "How did she pass out? Was there something wrong? Where did you go?"

Aaron feebly replied, "Colin, my sister seems to know that she's Brody's mother... But she was mad!"

"What?" Colin was shocked. Oh no! He didn't think that she would get mad.

He bent over and kissed Sophia on her forehead, and said, "I'm sorry, Sophia. I thought... I thought that you would be happy about it."

Afterwards, Aaron spoke again, and told Colin about the other news. "Sophia is also pregnant, but she passed out because she was too furious..."

Colin s

apprehension and fury. She looked at the tender man sitting in front of her, and said, "Colin, that's it! I'm leaving you!"

... Colin wanted to kill Dorothy the moment he laid his hands on her again. 'What the hell did she tell Sophia?' he wondered. Had all of his efforts been in vain?

"Sophia, you're carrying a baby, and you shouldn't get angry. We'll talk about that later."

She was shocked at what she heard, and placed her hand on her belly. "You know about the baby?"

Colin saw her reaction, and smiled bitterly. He said, "Don't worry, nobody can hurt you, and nobody can hurt our baby. I'm so sorry, Sophia, I thought that you would be happy to know that you were Brody's mother..."

Happy? Of course she was happy. She was not only happy, but also thrilled about it.

But she was not happy when she remembered why Colin had taken Ambrose away from her. She found it hard to forgive him for what he had done to her. Being kind to her could not make up for all the pain that she had gone through...

The facts could not be changed, but she had every right to be angry with him. Sophia drew back her hand, and said, "The children are mine, and I don't need any alimony coming from you."

Colin heaved a sigh, and asked, "What did Dorothy tell you? Could you please give me a chance to explain myself?"

Sophia looked straight into Colin's eyes, and said, "She told me that Brody is my child."

"Anything else?"


"What did she say?" asked Colin.

"I'm not telling you... You should go now, I want to rest." Sophia then closed her eyes and turned her back to him.

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