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   Chapter 267 Offer the Kidney for His Child

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On their way back, Sophia learned that Dorothy had been sent there by Aaron, and that everyday the nurses would inject her with drugs that made people either calm, or mad.

The Lien Group had been sold to Patrick. He had already found out who his biological father was, and it turned out that he was a descendant of an honorable family in Green Cold Country. His biological father and Flynn's father were brothers, but he had come from a concealed relationship, having been conceived in secret.

That meant that Flynn and Patrick were cousins.

Patrick's biological mother had married Flynn's father, and because she liked June a lot, she had come to A Country to invite her to spend the Lunar New Year in Green Cold Country with them.

Gregary got involved in so many cases that he was eventually put under house arrest. The police had also assigned several policemen to investigate Gregary and Marcella.

When they arrived home, Colin got a phone call and went straight to the office.

Sophia went on to make clothes for Ambrose. She looked out the window with lingering fear and slightly touched her belly, and thought that it was a good thing that Colin was back to work. If Colin hadn't received the phone call, he would have wanted to have sex with her...

The day before New Year's Eve

Sophia got a phone call from Marcella. She asked Sophia to go to the psychiatric hospital because Dorothy had something important to tell her.

Sophia intended to decline, but Marcella told her that it was about Ambrose and Colin's other child.

The other child... Her name was Nana.

Sophia eventually said yes, and asked Aaron to go with her. It was a stupid thing to go there alone.

When Sophia stood at the gates of the psychiatric hospital, she realized that sending Dorothy there might have been Aaron's idea. Their father had been kept there, and Aaron must have wanted Dorothy to experience all the pain and suffer what their father had gone through...

When she saw Dorothy again, Sophia found that she was a bag of bones. She was tied to the bed, and was looking around the room with a hollow stare.

Sophia knew that Dorothy couldn't hurt her in that condition, and she asked Aaron to wait for her outside.

Dorothy saw Sophia walk into her room, and curiously smiled at her. The strange smirk made Sophia feel creepy, and she asked, "What do you know about Brody?"

"I'll tell you who his mo

t?" That was right. Four days after her birthday, it was her child's birthday.

Dorothy continued, "More than that, everyone knows that Ambrose is your child. Wendy, Jordan, even Selina, Aaron, Hugh and Herring, they all know about it. You can ask them one by one if you still don't believe me. They all know that you're Ambrose's mother.

But they all keep this secret from you. Do you know why? Because Colin doesn't love you. If he actually does, then why doesn't he tell you the truth already, and instead makes you still endure the pain? He doesn't plan to tell you the truth, because he doesn't love you!"


Later, Dorothy said a lot about them, but Sophia didn't listen to a word.

Ambrose was actually her child. He was her and Colin's child...

That cute little boy was her child, her own child!

Sophia didn't remember how she went out of the room, but when Dorothy saw her walking away from her, she shouted at her. She kept telling Sophia to keep up to her promise and let her out of the hospital.

Sophia found Aaron again, and with a pale face, she said, "Aaron, let Dorothy go."

"Sophia, what's the matter?" Aaron immediately sensed that something was wrong.

Sophia shook her head, and replied, "Just do what I said."

Soon after Aaron made the phone call, two nurses came to Dorothy's room and released her.

Dorothy was so happy to have her freedom back that she ran out of the hospital without any shoes on her feet, just like a lunatic would do.

Then, Sophia raised her head, and looked straight into Aaron's eyes. She said, "Aaron, tell me who is Brody's mother."

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