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   Chapter 265 What You Want

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When she heard Sophia, her eyes were filled with hope again. Just a minute ago, she was about to cry, but now she pushed Aaron's hand away, and held Sophia's. "Sister, I'm Gloria. I like Aaron very much, and I've been chasing him..."

Chatting with Sophia, she naturally walked into the house with her.

When he saw what was happening, Aaron didn't know what to say. 'Oh, dear sister, why do you have to get involved in this?' he thought.

Gloria was so passionate that Sophia answered each question that she asked.

"Sister, does Aaron have a girlfriend at the moment?"

Aaron answered first, "Yes, he does!"

Why did he lie to the girl? Sophia then stared at Aaron, and answered, "No, you don't."

Gloria held Sophia's arm cheerfully, and called her sister every time she talked to her. Gloria's voice made Sophia's heart melt. She said, "Sister, I like Aaron, actually I have liked him for two years already. Can you help me win his heart?"

When he heard that, Aaron stood up from the sofa, but Gloria knew what he wanted to do. She quickly moved behind Sophia, and whispered, "I don't want to leave!"

Aaron rolled his eyes, and fiercely said, "Gloria, my sister is not an acquaintance of yours!"

"But sister, we will know each other after we chat some more, right?"

Sophia said, "...Yes."

She thought to herself, 'It's more than obvious that this little girl likes Aaron. But does Aaron like her?'

Aaron was just about to pull Gloria away, but she complained to Sophia, "Sister, Aaron took my first kiss and didn't even want to take responsibility for it!"

"..." Sophia then rolled her eyes to Aaron and wanted to teach him a lesson.

Aaron retorted, "She kissed me first, okay? I'm the victim here!"

Gloria defended herself discontentedly, and said, "It doesn't matter who started it. What really matters is that you're the one that took my first kiss!"

... It sounded reasonable enough.

"Gloria, go back home! Now!" said Aaron, losing his patience more and more by each passing minute.

"No! I'll stay here and sleep with your sister!" Gloria then gripped Sophia's arm tightly.

"My siste

and then ran out of the room.

When he saw her running away from him, he felt nervous and clenched his fists, but in the end went after her.

But it was too late; she had been gone...

On December 24th of the lunar calendar, Sophia took out her phone and opened the camera app.

She sat straight, cleared her throat, and then smiled to the camera. "Hi, darling, let me introduce myself. I'm Sophia Lo, your ex-wife. Yes, I'm both your fiancee, and your ex-wife. I'm now telling you some good news as a New Year's gift! Colin, listen carefully! It is... I... Ha ha ha ha... Let me laugh for a while..."

She recorded the video for about ten minutes, saved it, and then set up a time to send it to Colin.

The time she set up was 12:01:01 p.m. Done!

During the past few days, Colin was so busy that he slept at his company, and Sophia didn't visit him because of the good news. She was worried and afraid that...

What gift would Colin give her? She was very eager to find out.

When there were just three more days left before the New Year, Colin returned home. They hadn't seen each other for a long time, and some people would think that they had quarreled, and had decided not to talk to each other anymore!

Colin came back from the U.S. and he went straight to Sophia as soon as he got off his plane.

He kissed her deeply, and then complained, "You're so cruel! Why didn't you visit your husband?"

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