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   Chapter 264 I Want To Surprise You

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Late in the afternoon, Sophia laid on the bed and thought about what had happened in the hotel. She was sure that Colin truly loved her, but why did he let other women give birth to his children, when he was deeply in love with her?

Didn't he care? Did he just want to have more heirs? It didn't seem like that... Her phone rang, interrupting her thoughts. "If you can't love deeply, please save your face at least. I won't regret having loved you. But I also respect the ending of our story.."

It was Wendy.

"Hello, Aunt!"

Wendy chuckled, and said, "I'll soon be your mother-in-law! I think it's time you call me mom!"

Sophia blushed, and just when she was about to say something, she heard Ambrose's yell through the phone, saying, "Give me the phone! I want to talk to Sophia!"

Hearing how hurried he was, Sophia burst into laughter. "Mom, mom..." said Ambrose excitedly.

Sophia felt a warm feeling touching her heart when she heard him. "Brody, " she said, "I think it's a little early to call me mom before your father and I get married..." She was a little shy and still uneasy with the sudden changes.

She never thought about the fact that Ambrose might be her child, but Ambrose had already found out that Sophia was his real mother. When he was told the truth, he ran up and down again and again to show how excited he was.

"Mom, I'll call you mom from now on! Mom, mom..." As Ambrose kept calling Sophia mom, she accepted it, and answered, "Yes, yes..."

However, Ambrose decided not to tell Sophia that she was his real mother because he had promised Wendy not to get involved in this. The truth would be told to her by Colin, his father.

Sophia rolled on the bed smiling, and asked, "Brody, what are you so happy for?"

"I'm happy because I now have a mom, and because dad will never ever marry Dorothy. Aren't you happy about all of this, mom?"

And she was indeed! She would soon come back to Colin. "I am... mom is happy, Brody. Very happy!"

They chatted with each other for about thirty minutes before they hung up.

She heard that someone entered the house, and Sophia quickly sat up, put her slippers on, and got out of the bedroom.

It was Colin. She ran to him, gave him a big hug, and said "Colin!"

He embraced her, and Sophia stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. "Thank you, Colin!"

She thanked him for clarifying all the rumors about her, avenging her, and for all the other things that he had done for her...

"Show me your gratitude!" he said. Colin lowered his head to kiss her, and Sophia replied to him in the same passionate way.

They kissed each other on their way to the bedroom. Colin's business suit, coat, tie, belt... all fell on the floor.

But Sophia seemed to recall something, and they only made love to each other once. Gazing into his unsatisfied eyes, Sophia chuckled, and said, "It'll soon be New Year. How about I give you a present?"

Colin thought a while, and said, "Great, I'll give you a present too!" The best gift would be the truth, that she was Ambrose's real mother.

"Colin, why did you conceal your plan from me?"

"Because I want to surprise you!"

Sophia pressed against his body and discontentedly bit on his chin. She said, "Weren't you afraid that I would do something stupid if you married Dorothy?"

He fondled her hair, and said, "I wasn't afraid of that at all! Because I always keep an eye on you!"

"Humph! Is this the end of Dorothy?" She had to admit that Colin was more powerful than she was.

Colin shook his head, and said, "No, this is not enough!"

Sophia was astonished. She looked at him, and said, "Bu

t you have no grudge with Dorothy. Why?" The person who truly hated Dorothy was her.

"If she hurts my wife, then she's my enemy!"

Sophia was moved by his words, and held Colin tightly. "...Colin, I love you! I really love you!"

"Sophia, I love you even more!"


Jonas escaped!

Sophia didn't know that Jonas had escaped with a shell company left behind him until the next day she went to the company.

Hugh had to come back from America to clear up all the mess.

And Sophia lost her job!

Colin then seized the chance to let Wade call Sophia in order to hire her as the chief designer of the SL Group.

He was annoyed, because it turned out that Sophia refused his kindness.

A week later, Lien Group declared it's bankruptcy, and Marcella sold everything valuable and pleaded with June to get Gregary out.

She wanted to save Dorothy, but that was too difficult for her. She decided to save her husband first, thinking that together they would find a way to also save their daughter.

Two weeks later, Dorothy was released from prison. Because of lack of evidence, she had been temporarily discharged from prison.

It was Colin who broke Sophia the news. "Why? Why wasn't she sentenced after the truth was revealed?"

In order to pacify Sophia, Colin said, "No, no, no. Listen, I was the one that told them to release Dorothy." Sophia was confused.

Colin continued to explain to her, "She'll definitely be sentenced, but before that, I want her to suffer some more for what she did."

"Oh!" She was relieved.

Dorothy's grandfather died of an heart attack just before the New Year, and his family had held a simple funeral for him.

Before New Year, Sophia and Aaron made a formal visit to the elders in Colin's family.

Aaron had been there once before, but Mr. and Mrs. Harold weren't at home at the time, and Sophia brought him to Colin's family again.

The following day, they visited Mr. and Mrs. Patrick.

On December 23rd in lunar calendar, after refusing a lot of offers, Sophia stayed at home to design clothes for Ambrose. To her astonishment, Aaron came back home at noon, and he laid on the sofa.

Sophia kicked his feet, and said, "What are you doing? Have you finished your work?"

Aaron seemed to be serious and resigned, and said, "Nothing. Leave me alone!"

"Have you been dismissed by Colin?"

Aaron gave her a glance, and said, "Do you think that's even possible?"

Sophia shook her head, but when she was just about to say something, she heard someone knocking at the door.

She wanted to open the door, but Aaron immediately stopped her. She looked at him confused. "What's going on?" she asked. Who is out there?"

"I don't know!"

Sophia was speechless. She pushed Aaron away, and opened the door.

There was a girl standing outside the door. She was well-dressed, and seemed to be a rich family's daughter.

When the girl saw Sophia, her face turned pale. "Is this Aaron's home?" she said.

Sophia nodded, and asked, "Who are you?"

Aaron suddenly stood up from the sofa, and coldly asked, "Why do you come here?"

When Gloria saw Aaron, she wanted to cry. She pointed towards Sophia, and asked, "She's the reason why you refused me, isn't she?"

Aaron was a little annoyed and was about to throw Gloria outside, but when Sophia saw what he was about to do, she stopped him, and said, "Aaron, why are you acting so rude with the girl? Calm down and let's talk about this."

Acting hostile, the girl said, "It's none of your business!"

Sophia wanted to find out what was happening. She told her, "You misunderstood me, I'm his sister!"

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