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   Chapter 263 Everything was Temporarily Settled

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One of the policemen snapped a pair of handcuffs around Dorothy's wrists. She was still in a haze, and next to her, Marcella was crying hysterically.

All of a sudden Aaron dragged Sophia to the stage, and she was immediately put in the spotlight.

"Look over there! That's Colin's ex-wife, Sophia Lo!"

"What a poor woman! Her happiness was ruined by Dorothy!"

But then, someone in the crowd cried, "Mr. Li! She's a good woman, don't lose your chance! Please, restore your marriage! Remarry her!"

The crowd of people then echoed, "Remarry her! Remarry her!"


Shocked, Sophia looked at the several shouting people. They were Herring, Wade, and some other acquaintances of theirs.

Dorothy took a long look at Sophia, and at her khaki colored coat, and black high-heeled shoes... "That woman! Sophia!"

When she saw her, because of the huge rage and shock, Dorothy coughed a mouthful of blood. The blood dripped down on her white wedding dress, and made it look like spring blooming plum blossoms...

Because all the stage lights were focused on Sophia, no one noticed Dorothy's ill condition except her screaming mother.

It took Colin a while to realize what to do next. He walked up to Sophia on the stage, knelt down on one of his knees, and then took out a small velvet box out of his pocket.

Sophia held her breath. Her legs became weak, and she nearly fell down, but Aaron held her just in time.

"Sophia, I've misunderstood you in the past, and I didn't cherish you enough... Please, forgive me! Sophia, will you remarry me?"

Her mind was already blank from the moment Colin revealed the diamond ring in front of her. She still couldn't fully take in what Colin was saying to her, and what was happening around her. But, without any time to have any further thought, she heard Colin say again, "Sophia, I'm sorry! Please, forgive my ignorance! Give me another chance, let me make it up to you, please!"

Herring cried, "Sophia, accept his proposal! Say yes!"

Another person echoed, "Say yes, Sophia! What are you waiting for?"

"Sophia, promise Colin! Say yes!"

The hall was now filled with excitement, and many people cheered her.

Finally, Colin grasped Sophia's hand, and straightaway put the diamond ring on her finger.

He then held the flabbergasted woman in his arms, and whispered in her ear, "Sophia, I'll never give up on you! I swear!"


When she saw what was happening, Dorothy f

hat was exactly what he wanted!"

When she heard him, Sophia felt relieved. "So who called the prosecutors?"

"Colin had someone secretly investigate the Lien Clan and Pei Clan's crimes. He was the one controlling the whole event behind the curtain. When I returned, he asked me to take over the investigation, and I discovered a lot of evidence to prove their crimes, and even without finding the chip, the evidence we had was already enough to destroy both the Lien, and the Pei Group! I've handed all the evidence I found to the prosecutors."

Sophia sighed, and said, "I've offered you no help in this, and in the end, it was you and Colin who defeated the Lien Clan."

She felt quite frustrated at the thought of her unusefulness.

"Sister, please, don't blame yourself. I told you, you don't need to be concerned about them. I'm the Lo Clan's unique son, and it's my responsibility. You just need to live happily with my brother-in-law!"

Frustrated, Sophia curled her lips, and said, "Okay, I have to admit that I didn't have a better strategy than you and Colin did!"

Aaron stood up from the sofa, and said, "I'm going to pick up my brother-in-law. You'll discuss all the other things with him later. I have something more important to deal with."

Sophia was worried, and reminded him to be careful. "What's that? Aaron, please remember to put safety first!"

He patted her shoulder, and said, "Okay, don't worry." Just before he left, he also told her a secret.

"You should also know that grandpa is still alive!" After this, Aaron left the Redbud Mansion, and left Sophia in a complete state of shock.

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