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   Chapter 262 That's the Chicken Soup from My Fiancee

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"It's so disgusting. It's unbelievable that Dorothy Lien would behave like this! Oh, I'm going to vomit!" Another guest said.


The yelling, abusing and insulting became louder and louder. Sophia covered Ambrose's ears. Levi came up to her and took Ambrose from her arms. "I'm taking Brody back home first, " he said hugging the child tightly to himself.

"Okay, thank you." Sophia nodded. She was still in a daze.

The hall was in a state of disorder. Nobody seemed to be able to control it, except Colin. Only the bridegroom could control the situation.

The videos had ended. When Dorothy wanted to approach Colin, a man appeared at the door. He walked toward the stage with his back straight.

He grabbed the mike from the wedding host and spoke, "Ladies and gentlemen, I am Sophia Lo's younger brother. Have you heard about Sophia Lo? She's Colin Li's ex-wife. This woman, Dorothy Lien, framed my sister some years ago. She claimed that my sister had done something disloyal to Colin during their marriage, and also said that she was carrying another man's baby... Whereas, in fact, all these things had been fabricated by Dorothy."

There was a huge uproar in the hall again. There was a confused chatter everywhere in the hall. What a good show!

Confused, Dorothy shouted, "It's all nonsense! Your sister is a bitch herself! I didn't frame her..." However, her voice was soon lost in the mayhem.

It seemed that they had rehearsed well. Another woman was now going up to the stage.

The woman was very thin and looked emancipated. Initially, it seemed that her eyes were absent, but when she saw Dorothy, her eyes instantly started burning with rage.

Dorothy nearly fainted when she saw the woman in front of her.

Aaron said, "This woman is called Cora. She has come to tell everybody what Dorothy had done to my sister and brother-in-law." Aaron passed the mike to Cora.

The hall instantly became silent. Cora took a deep breath and said, "Hello, everyone. I am Cora. I was the woman who Dorothy had paid to frame Sophia. Three years ago, she gave me one million dollars to get a face lift done. She asked me to change my face to match Sophia's. I can show my operation record as a proof."

Aaron then gave a USB disk to a worker in the projector room. Soon enough, the large screen displayed Cora's operation record. She indeed resembled Sophia very much after the face lift.

A collective gasp went around those assembled. Everybody was astounded.

Dorothy went mad with fury. She jumped toward Cora and yelled, "You're telling a lie! I didn't do that! How dare you!"

Two bodyguards ran up to the stage and restrained Dorothy. Cora was frightened and stepped backwards, while she continued to speak, "After I had changed my face to look like Sophia's, Dorothy asked me to lure her ex-husband, Payne Tai. She ordered me to make a video when we slept together. Dorothy then sent the video to Colin. She also took a lot of my photos and posted them on the internet. She had arranged for some netizens to comment that Sophia was disloyal and was having an affair.

Colin saw the video and mistook me to be Sophia, resulting in their divorce. I swear, I am the one who had sex with Payne Tai. If I have told any lies today, my life would have a wretched end!"


Sophia had already started crying. She now understood what had happened.

'It's Colin who has planned this... He led Dorothy to the marriage day on purpose, ' thought Sophia in her mind.

Aaron took the mike from Cora's hands and continued to reveal the truth, "Later on, Jonas Pei and Gregary Lien kidnapped our father to threaten my sister, in order to ensure that she would divorce Colin. My sister was pregnant at that time, but she had to endure all these accusations, hurt and humiliation and divorce her husband."

The plot

of the story was progressing very fast. Instantly, Sophia became the innocent one, deserving everyone's sympathy.

Janet Shao gripped Sophia's hand and whispered in her ear, "Now, do you know why I'm here attending this ceremony? Because I want to see a good show! Heh heh...Are you moved? I'm deeply moved!"

Sophia nodded, 'Colin...' She covered her mouth and broke into tears again.

Finally, Marcella recovered from the shock. Ignoring all manners, she ran up to the stage. She dragged her daughter into her arms and screamed at Aaron, "Aaron Lo! Sophia Lo! You bastards! Why are you slandering my daughter like this?"

Aaron didn't get angry. Looking at them despicably, he lifted the mike and said, "This mother and daughter worked together to drug Colin's chicken soup. They did this so that Colin would have sex with Dorothy. What an insolent mother-daughter duo!"

Marcella's angry red face became pale all of a sudden. She stammered, "What...evidence... do you have?"

Aaron sneered and gestured to a worker. Immediately, another video started playing on the large screen.

In this video, Arvin Gu was feeling the pulse in Colin's wrist. After checking his pulse, Arvin said, "You have been poisoned. It's a kind of Chinese medicine that cannot be detected by western medical equipment. It was given to you mixed in chicken soup. Then you smelt the aroma of daffodil flowers, which triggered the effects of the drug, which are the same as that of an aphrodisiac!"

Colin thought for a while and said, "Yes, that's the chicken soup from my fiancee. I had it thrice."

Arvin nodded, "I'm sure of it now. This Chinese medicine must be drunk three times, then with the help of the aroma of daffodil flowers, its effect can be initiated."

... It was very clear that Colin had been drugged.

Marcella and Dorothy couldn't defend themselves. Suddenly, Dorothy got rid of Marcella's arms and ran toward Sophia.

But when she reached the side of the stage, she saw her grandfather being moved to an ambulance, strapped to a stretcher. "Grandpa! Grandpa..." she screamed as she ran to him.

She didn't get any response from her grandfather, but did receive everyone's contemptuous looks.

When the ambulance left, the police arrived.

The trouble did not seem to end. The hall broke out in a fresh uproar. The arrival of the police meant that there was more to come!

Five policemen walked up to the stage, stood in front of Dorothy, and showed their police identity cards to her. "Dorothy Lien, you are the prime suspect in a case involving intentional wounding and killing of a baby. Please come with us to the police station!" said one of them while another moved forward to hold her.

"No, no, I didn't..." Dorothy felt like falling into an icy-cold pond. She kept shaking her head to deny the accusation.

The policeman didn't care about her reaction and shouted at a person standing at the door, "Bring the witness up here!"

The witness was Sandy Zhou.

As soon as Sandy Zhou appeared, Sophia saw that Dorothy fainted.

"Dorothy!" Marcella awkwardly ran to her daughter with tears pouring down her face. A nurse ran up the stage and pressed Dorothy's philtrum, saving her life.

Staring at Dorothy lying on the floor, Sandy began to say, "I am Sandy Zhou. I was a housekeeper at the Lien family a few years ago. Dorothy Lien stabbed me with a dagger, then framed Sophia with the crime. She bribed some people through inner contacts, and got a five-year imprisonment sentence for Sophia..."

Some people near the stage couldn't control their anger anymore. They grabbed some dishes from the table, and threw them toward Marcella and Dorothy. "What a bitch! Go to hell!" They cursed.

"Right! Dorothy Lien, go to hell! Marcella Mu, go to hell!"

More and more dishes were thrown toward the stage!

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