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   Chapter 261 Look at the Large Screen

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It was already past twelve o'clock. In the hall on the ground floor, the family members of Lien Clan were getting very anxious. It was the right time for the wedding ceremony to start, but the bridegroom hadn't shown up yet.

On top of that, his mobile was switched off. No one could contact him.

Then five minutes past twelve, a woman with a strong aura appeared among the crowd.

Marcella's face instantly darkened when she saw Sophia Lo among the guests. But when she realized that it was her daughter's wedding day, she put on a pretentious smile and greeted her, "Miss Lo! Are you also attending my daughter and son-in-law's wedding ceremony?"

'Today is Dorothy's important day. Damn you Sophia Lo! Why are you dressed so well?' Thought Marcella.

Sophia's face was still flushed from what she had done with Colin. She smiled graciously and said, "It's such an important day and as Colin's ex-wife, I should be here!"

Finishing her words, Sophia entered the hotel without waiting for a reply. The woman's arrogant manner made Marcella so furious that she wanted to punch her.

"Look! Isn't that Sophia Lo? Colin's ex-wife. Why is she here?"

"That's her! She's so well dressed! Has she come to stir up trouble?"

"When did Sophia Lo become such a strong woman?"

"She must have come here on purpose. Does she want to upstage the bride?"


A lot of people started gossiping about Sophia. Hearing such comments around her, Marcella really wanted to go and drag Sophia outside. But she saw Janet Shao pull Sophia to her side.

At ten past twelve, the bridegroom finally showed up.

A wave of relief passed through the assembled crowd. But, if they carefully looked at him, they would see that Colin was emanating the aura of... after... having made love with a woman.

Since the bridegroom was here, the wedding ceremony started.

A wedding host began to read the lines on the stage, while the stereos played a wedding song. A feeling of love and romance soon filled the well-decorated wedding hall.

Sophia stared at the man standing on the stage, and thought to herself, 'Colin, I'm sorry. I have to carry out my plan.'

Suddenly, someone held her legs. Sophia lowered her head and saw that Ambrose was hugging her.

Her heart softened. She picked up Ambrose and made him sit in her lap. She then asked, "Brody, why did you run up here?"

Janet patted Ambrose's little head and said, "Wimpy kid, don't run about anywhere. There're too many people here today."

Only one of the Si family members had come to attend the ceremony today. That was Janet.

Sophia felt quite perplexed. None of the elders from the greatest families in C Country, such as the Shao Clan, the Bo Clan and the Si Clan, had come for the ceremony.

Normally speaking, the elders, like Harry and Chuck, would come to attend Colin's wedding ceremony. However no one was here today. What's more, as Colin's aunt, even Lola hadn't shown up.

Selina Bo was here on behalf of the Bo Clan; Angela Si represented the Si Clan; and Janet Shao was here on behalf of both the Si Clan and Shao Clan.

Ambrose suddenly pointed at Colin who was on the stage, and said angrily, "Daddy is the ugliest one today! Aunt Sophia, why didn't you marry my father? Waah...waah..."

This time, Ambrose really broke into tears. He felt heartbroken that Sophia still couldn't become his mother.

Sophia held the crying child in her arms. She felt so sorry for him. She wiped his tears and tried to comfort him, "Brody, please don't cry. You are a man, right?"

Ambrose sobbed and nodded. He didn't say anything more and just hugged Sophia tightly.

On the opposite side of the stage, dressed in a long wedding dress, Dorothy was standing under a flower pavilion. If she hadn't seen what had happened on the third floor earlier, her expression would have been of pure joy at this moment. But now, besides happiness, she also felt bitter. She quietly looked at the man whom she was going to marry standing at the other end of the stage.

As the host introduced Dorothy, Gregary brought her to the stage, and handed her to Colin.

Sophia gripped Ambr

ose's clothes. She was very anxious. 'Where are the people I've arranged? Why haven't they arrived?' She thought to herself.

There were some rounds of enthusiastic applause from the guests near the stage. Just when Sophia's anxiety was about to break her down, the assembled crowd suddenly burst into a roar, and then screamed out.

Sophia was still looking at the door, when Janet hastily pulled her sleeve and yelled, "Sophia! Look at the large screen..."

Sophia turned around and raised her eyes to look toward the screen on the stage. Shocked instantly, she covered her mouth.

The large screen was supposed to be playing the video of the wedding so that the guests at the back could see what was happening. But now, it was playing a video of a woman making love to four men...

It seemed to be happening in an office. Sophia remembered Colin's phone call last time. He had asked someone to sleep with Dorothy. So, she understood that it was Gregary's office.

'Why is this video playing? It has immoral content. Who played this video?' wondered Sophia.

The image of the woman on the video was pixelated. But not knowing the exact reason, her mouth was covered in a straight line.

Only the man behind it knew the real reason. It was to cover the tape on Dorothy's mouth.

Gregary was the first one to regain his senses. "Turn off the screen!" he shouted. He immediately ordered someone to go to the projector room and stop the video from playing further.

But as soon as Gregary's men reached the projector room, they were taken away by some other people.

The hall was noisy and in total chaos. Everybody was appalled and discussing the video.

Sophia tightly held Ambrose in her arms to stop him from watching the screen. She said, "Brody, don't look at the screen, don't..."

Then the video on the large screen suddenly switched. It showed the result of a B-type ultrasonography check. The name on the report was that of Dorothy Lien.

The result showed that Dorothy was seven weeks pregnant. If anyone had noticed, they would observe that her conception time was around the time as in the video. This meant that the woman in the video was Dorothy.

Marcella was startled by what was happening. She was stupefied. Her brain had blanked out totally when she saw the screen. She hadn't even realized that the woman on the video was her daughter.

There were screaming voices everywhere. At the dinner table of the Lien family, Dorothy's grandfather, who hadn't concerned himself with family matters since long, now covered his chest and fell to the ground with a loud thump! Gregary was so confounded and zonked that he forgot to call the ambulance.

After the B-type ultrasonography result, another video started playing on the screen. This time also the woman was Dorothy, but the man was pixelated. Judging from his figure and hairstyle, the man absolutely wasn't Colin!

The wedding host on the stage was dumbfounded. Dorothy leaned her body against a large flower basket next to her. Her face became paler by each passing moment. She wanted to shout that it wasn't her. But she had nothing to defend herself with, because the evidence on the video was so clear.

During the whole process, Colin kept looking at the screen, devoid of any emotion on his face. It seemed that he was also seeing the videos for the first time. Finally, the videos finished and the screen went blank. Colin turned to look at Dorothy with a disappointed look in his eyes.

Dorothy couldn't stand on her feet anymore. She knelt on the ground and burst into tears saying, "No... Colin... Please listen to... my explanation."

All the people in the hall looked at Dorothy with disgust. They had started despising the bride! But they all felt sorry and sympathetic toward Colin.

Sophia kept her eyes on Colin. She saw the shocked and disappointed look in his eyes.

She thought, 'Isn't it Colin's plan? Why is he so disappointed?'

"I could have never imagined that the daughter of the Lien Clan could be such a shameless woman!" One of the guests said.

"This bitch wanted to marry Colin? Ha! What a joke!" Another said.

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