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   Chapter 260 He Was the Bridegroom Today

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Josh Qiao held Aaron's hand and stopped him, "No, Aaron. Just take me away secretly. Thankfully, her father had spared me a room that day, otherwise I would have been wandering around the streets."

Aaron gritted his teeth. He called back his men and left peacefully.

He led Josh to the roadside. A couple of bodyguards came over and greeted them with respect, "Boss Lo! Mr. Josh!"

Josh was shocked. He wondered if all these men were Aaron's bodyguards.

"Hello, everyone!" Josh smiled as he returned their greeting.

One of the men opened the car door and Josh got in. Aaron followed and sat in the car.

For Josh, this Audi car was a luxury car. Many years ago, he used to drive this kind of a car, but no longer.

He scanned this latest Audi model and asked Aaron, "Aaron, what's your job now?"

"I'm working for my brother-in-law. And I'm busy with some other things in my spare time, " said Aaron. He opened a bottle of water and handed it to his grandfather.

Josh sipped the water and asked further, "What does your brother-in-law do? What about your sister? Are they still in A Country? And where's your father?"

Seeing that his grandfather was genuinely interested in knowing about the family's whereabouts, Aaron patiently answered all his questions.


Time steadily went by. According to many people's expectation, Colin and Dorothy's wedding day finally came, no matter how much Sophia wanted to desist it.

Everyone seemed to be quite busy that day, except for Sophia, who was still sleeping.

Sophia had already asked for a leave from work. She of course, would attend the ceremony.

She woke up at half past nine in the morning, washed her face and had her breakfast. Then at ten minutes past ten, she sat in front of her dressing table, took out all her cosmetics and applied her makeup.

At twenty to eleven, Sophia started from her house and arrived at the hotel, where the wedding was to be held, at eleven o'clock.

A lot of people had already arrived at the hotel's door. A large poster with Colin and Dorothy's photo was placed in front of the door. Sophia stood in front of the photo and looked carefully at Colin's emotionless face. If her plan didn't succeed, this man would belong to another woman after today...

Colin wasn't at the hotel's door. He had already arranged for Wade, Gregary and his wife to welcome the guests there. Sophia raised her head and took a look at the sun in the sky. She grinned and dialed Colin's number.

"Are you busy?" she asked. What a stupid question she was asking. Of course, he was busy. He was the bridegroom; he was the busiest of all!

Unexpectedly, she heard Colin reply, "No, I'm not. I'm just missing you right now."

"Where are you?" asked Sophia.

"At Redbud Mansion, " said Colin.

Sophia was perplexed. He was the bridegroom. Shouldn't he be arriving at the hotel with the bride right now? Thinking of something, she then asked in a stammer, "Have you already brought...Dorothy... to the Redbud Mansion?"

"No, I'm smoking alone, " replied Colin as he smiled inwardly. Indeed, Colin was casually leaning on the sofa, and smoking a cigarette at the Redbud Mansion.

Hearing him, Sophia was dumbfounded. She thought, 'What on earth is in this man's mind?' After a while, she smiled and asked, "Mr. Li, I'll be waiting for you in a private room, on the third floor of this hotel. Do you dare come?"

Colin tittered, "Send the room number to me. I'm reaching there in ten minutes!"

He stubbed out his cigarette, stood up from the sofa, grabbed the box in front of him and put it into his pocket.

He then strode out of the mansion, got into his new Bentley and drove at full speed toward the hotel.

Steering clear of the Lien family members, Sophia discreetly went to a room on the third floor.

In less than ten minutes, the room's door opened and a man came in. He was the bridegroom today.

Sophia's bright red lips curved up in a smile. She said, "Mr. Li, you're exactly on time!" But she also felt disappointed, because he wasn't dressed in the western suit that she had customized for him.

Didn't he like it?

Colin pulled the woman from the sofa into his arms, and said, "How dare you wear this coat today!"

Sophia was wea

ring the khaki colored overcoat that Colin had bought for her at WY shop a few days ago.

Hearing him, Sophia was confused. 'What did he mean? Did he mean to ask me not to irritate Dorothy?' she wondered.

Looking at her confused face, Colin whispered in her ear, "Do you know that whenever I see you dressed in this coat, I want to have you there and then."

"Hahahaha..." Lowering her head, Sophia burst out laughing. She understood his meaning now. She put her fingers on his chest and unfastened the top button of his shirt. She looked up at him through her lashes and said, "Colin, I'm giving you the chance to have me right now."

With an affectionate look in his eyes, Colin stared at the woman. She looked outstandingly beautiful today. Without uttering another word, he lowered his head and passionately kissed her red lips.

Sophia took off his tie and threw it aside, then started unbuttoning his shirt...

Soon enough, the room was filled with love.

On the floor below, as the bride today, Dorothy was staying in the bride's lounge room. Wearing a darkened expression, she was pondering on a lot of doubts she still had about her marriage with Colin. Why didn't Colin come to her house and escort her to the hotel himself, rather than sending some other men to do that?

And she still hadn't gotten her dowry. What was going on?

"Ding!" Her phone suddenly rang. She picked up the phone and saw that it was a message. She clicked on it and saw that it was from a strange phone number. The message read, "Room 301, the third floor. A good show is on!"

'Who's that? Is this some kind of a joke?' wondered Dorothy.

But since she was in the same hotel and the floor was just above her, she decided to go and have a look. Hitching up her wedding dress, she walked out of the bride's lounge room. Nobody was in the corridor of the second floor. She got into the elevator and went up to the third floor.

310, 309... She found room 301 at the end of the corridor.

As she approached room 301, the uneasy feeling in the pit of stomach became stronger with every step she took.

"Colin... Um...Colin! I really love you!" Dorothy could hear a woman's voice from the room. As she reached closer, she saw that the door to the room was not completely closed. Hearing the words, Dorothy's face turned pale.

She had clearly heard the woman call Colin's name. And she also knew what was going on inside the room, judging from the sounds that came...

Dorothy held her breath. She leaned her body toward the wall and slowly moved a few more steps forward. Peeking from the gap in the door, she saw a man and a woman on the sofa.

Looking at the man's back, she wasn't sure whether the man was Colin or not. But just then she heard the man speak. "Why are you so passionate, today?" Questioned the man lovingly. Dorothy's whole body began to tremble.

The voice was exactly Colin's! The bridegroom was pressing on some other woman...

Dorothy tried hard to control her bitterness and anger. She wanted to see the woman's face, but Colin had totally covered the woman. She could only see a khaki colored coat and a pair of black high-heeled shoes...

Dorothy was so angry that she dug her fingernails into her body. But she didn't feel even a bit of pain. 'Who's this woman? I must kill her!

How dare she treat me like this on my wedding day!' Cursed Dorothy.

She kept the khaki colored coat and black high-heeled shoes in her mind. She would find out who the woman was sooner or later...

She had seen enough. Dorothy left.

Inside the room, Colin had already understood the situation. He stroked Sophia's cheek and said, "My dear! I love you even more with each passing day! What should I do?"

When Dorothy had stood at the door, Colin had heard her footsteps. Sophia had also heard the footsteps, and that's why she had suddenly become so passionate.

Sophia thought that Colin didn't know about her trick. She curled her red lips and came up with a bold idea. She smiled coyly and said, "How about I take you away from your wedding? What do you think?"

"No, I can't go yet!" Replied Colin. His answer really disappointed her! He looked at the woman still in his arms and said, "I can't go, and neither can you..."

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