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   Chapter 259 Grandfather

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"Why? Is there something wrong?" Colin studied Sophia's distressed face.

Sophia reigned in her emotions and shook head. "No, I'm just curious. Go on and take a bath."

"Okay. Wait for me." After Colin went into the bathroom, Sophia contemplated on her recent discovery.

Apparently, the little girl named Nana was Colin and Maeve's daughter.

She recalled the morning when Colin said he liked daughters.

He must love Nana a lot. Otherwise, he wouldn't protect her so much. Even though she was with him often, she didn't know that he had a daughter.

Sophia was already lying in bed when Colin returned to the bedroom. Getting into bed, he hugged her from behind and kissed her hair.

Sophia was forced to turn around to accept his passion and kisses.

She was a little aloof that night. To arouse her lust, Colin made love to her enthusiastically.

The next morning, Sophia decided to go to the hospital when she exited the bathroom. She was bleeding, although not much.

At a Village in D City

Three black Audi cars stopped at an intersection. A young man in black leather jacket, black trousers, and sunglasses got out of the car. He looked at an old man not far away from him.

The old man dressed in a worn black jacket picked up an empty bottle from the garbage bin. Several primary students coming home from school passed by him. They stopped and one of the boys threw his unfinished beverage bottle to the old man. Then the boy made a face at him and shouted, "Old man, smelly dirty old man!"

Following his lead, the other boys picked up stones and threw them to the grey-haired man. "Old man, smelly dirty old man!"

The old man didn't reply and smiled ruefully at them.

Witnessing the scene, the man dressed in black said coolly to his men, "Find their families and have their parents teach them a lesson."

"Yes, Boss Lo!"

Three of the bodyguards left. Aaron tucked his hands in his jacket pockets and followed the old man.

The old man rummaged through seven garbage bins and found four empty bottles. A middle-aged man selling rice noodles stopped the old man as he passed by. Packing a bowl of rice noodles, he kindly gave it to the old man.

When the old man left, Aaron said to the bodyguards behind him, "Find people to renovate his restaurant. And if he wants, get him a bigger restaurant in A Country."

"Yes, Boss Lo!" A bodyguard replied and went into the small restaurant.

Aaron continued following the old man until they arrived at an address he had already discovered beforehand. He stopped at the door of the run-down building and listened to a woman hurling abuse at the old man. "Damn you! I must've been out of my mind to rent out a room to you! Look how dirty you've made it! You stupid old man!"

When the old man crouched down to pick up the bottles that the woman had thrown to the ground, Aaron saw her kick him harshly.

He walked into the building with two bodyguards, startling the landlady to stammer, "Who... Who are you? What do you want?"

She shuddered when Aaron glared at her through his sunglasses.

"How much does he owe you?"

Aaron's voice drew the old man's attention. The old man stood up and looked at

him curiously. The young man seemed familiar.

"Over a thousand! Do you want to pay for this fool?" The landlady yelled.

Aaron took out a stack of money and threw it right into her face. "If you keep treating old people like this, I'll kill you!"

Eyes gleaming with greed, the landlady nodded and immediately knelt down to gather the scattered money.

The old man looked at Aaron and asked warily, "Young man, who are you?"

"Grandfather, It's me." Aaron took off his sunglasses to let the old man have a good look at him.

Josh's hands shook with excitement and the bowl of rice noodles fell to the floor. The landlady wanted to punish him for the mess, but she immediately stopped at the sight of Aaron.

"Aaron! Is it really you?" Josh walked closer and reached out his hands to touch Aaron's face.

Remembering that his hands were dirty, he withdrew his hands.

"Grandfather, where's your room?" Aaron took Josh's hands and made him lead the way.

Josh pointed to a room. "Over there. But don't go in."

But Aaron insisted on entering the room. The door was old and unlocked. He pushed it open and the sight nearly made him break into tears.

It was a small room under the stairs. There was only a messy bed filled with empty bottles and used cartons.

The room had no windows, let alone a bathroom or a kitchen.

He blinked back his tears and closed the door to block the view from the others.

Josh restrained his excitement and asked in a trembling voice, "Aaron, how did you find me?"

All these years, he faked his death and hid in this inconspicuous village, fumbling through the garbage. He didn't dare go back to A Country.

"My brother-in-law and I found the address. I'm sorry you had to suffer so much, grandfather." Aaron hugged his grandfather.

Josh wiped his tears. "Your sister got married? How about you?"

He hadn't watched any news on TV during these years. He only read newspapers when he was able to get his hands on some.

"No, I'm not married yet. Grandfather, have you been living there?" Aaron gently wiped Josh's tears away.

"Yes. Aaron, go home. Don't worry about me. I'll get you into trouble." Josh replied, taking a few steps back.

"Grandfather. I'm here to take you back home." Aaron looked fondly at the old man who used to give him piggyback rides.

Josh shook his head. "Aaron, I want to go with you, but I can't..."

It was enough for him to live a poor life. Seeing his grandson now, he felt fortunate and happy.

"Grandfather, trust me. I'll take you to a safe place with dad. Will you come with me?" Aaron asked anxiously.

After contemplating for a while, Josh decided to give in for his grandson and granddaughter. "Okay."

Aaron gripped Josh's hand tightly and turned to the bodyguards.

"This woman has been maltreating my grandfather for years. Drive out all her tenants and don't allow anyone to rent her house from now on."

"Yes, Boss Lo." The two bodyguards left to drive away the tenants.

The landlady felt like it was the end of the world. Her whole family relied on the rent to live. If Aaron did this, they would be all finished. She shouted, "No! Please don't! Or I'll call the police!"

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